Chapter 204. Unbelievable Move

Apparently, the trolls' 90,000 troops won an overwhelming victory against the elves.

"Lord Doran has retreated to the 2nd barricade, and has sent word to send reinforcements ASAP," Vanessa said.

"Mm. They sent 90,000 troops? They sure are determined to see this through. That means that the Ingrit Trolls are throwing everything they have at Nigel Forest... How much longer can you last?" Balduk asked.

"It'd be difficult to last three days without reinforcements. They far outnumber us." Vanessa's expression was dark. It made sense. Her race's future was at stake after all.

"Three days... We don't have time. We need to call our mercenaries and form a squad. We'll send them as reinforcements," Balduk said to his right-hand man. 

"I'll get on it immediately."


"Yes, sir." The worker left the room.

'Hmm.' Kang Oh calmly assessed the situation. 'The Ingrit Trolls. They made a bold move. However, there's a risk associated with this.'

They'd blitzed the elves with their entire force.

To him, it was foolish, not bold. 

'Using this stupid strategy is like telling people 'Hey, I'm open over here!'. If you strike at that weak point, then it's over for them. Are the orcs smart enough to even consider that?'

Kang Oh raised his hand. "I have a question."

"What is it?" Balduk asked.

"What are the orcs doing?"

"The orcs have already sent reinforcements. I heard from a Ruman Orc that was sent here," Vanessa answered.

The orcs couldn't allow the elves to fall. If they were to fall, then they would be next.

So when they heard that the trolls were attacking the elves, they immediately sent reinforcements.

'That's not a good idea.'

Sending reinforcements meant that they were overly focused on the trolls' numbers. However, they'd already sent the reinforcements, so there was nothing he could do about that.

'If that's the case, then...'

"President," Kang Oh said.

"Go ahead."

"We can't send the mercenary squad to the elves."

"What are you talking about!?"

"What did you say?"

Cetion and Vanessa replied in a fit of rage.

Balduk furrowed his brow. However, his expression quickly returned to normal, and he calmed the elves down. 

"Let's all calm down... Explain so that we can all understand."

"We're going to attack their home base."

"What?" Vanessa looked shocked.

"By attacking the elves with everything they have, the trolls have left their home base open to attack. Attacking that would be our best option."

"Mm." Balduk and the other mercenaries looked astonished. It sounded like quite a good idea.

"Based on their actions thus far, the trolls seem completely focused on destroying the elves. An ambush, a large-scale attack, and all-out war. They have two goals. First, finish off the elves before the other tribes can join forces. Second, hide their weakness."

"So that weakness of theirs is their main base, Ankaro Fortress?"

"Yes. If they could mobilize 100,000 soldiers, yet still have enough troops to protect their main base, then they would've conquered the west a long time ago."

"That's true." Balduk stroked his beard. He continuously muttered, 'Indeed'. The more he thought about it, the better it sounded.

"Are you planning on abandoning the elves?" Vanessa said sharply. Things had taken a strange turn. 

After all, striking at the trolls' headquarters was essentially saying that they were abandoning the elves to their fate.

"Mm." Balduk looked to be at his wit's end.

Then, Kang Oh said, "There's a way to send reinforcements without actually sending them."

"What is it?" Balduk looked interested all of a sudden.

"We spread rumors that we're attacking their main base. The trolls won't know what to do."

"Hoh, what an unbelievable move." Balduk slapped his knee and then gave Kang Oh an astonished look.

"How did you come up with that?"

"It may be because I'm not a native of this land. I have no personal attachments here, so I can calmly assess the situation."

After all, it wouldn't be a big problem for him if the elves met their demise, and the trolls conquered the western area.

He could just move to another area. Thus, he could calmly assess the situation without any personal bias.

Whereas the non-human species here couldn't give up this place, which was known as a paradise for non-humans, to the trolls.

If they traveled to a different area, then they may be mistaken for monsters and attacked, or may be ostracized for being non-human.

But if they stayed here, then they'd be forced to live as slaves under the Ingrit Trolls.

Thus, the elves, the orcs, Balduk, and the non-human mercenaries were afraid once they heard that the 'elves were in huge danger'.

If the elves fell, then the orcs would soon follow. After that, the trolls would conquer the entire west.

Ultimately, they could think of nothing but saving the elves from their plight.

"I see. It's like you're someone watching a chess match, not one of the players."

"Yes, that's right."

"Is there anyone that disagrees with the gold rank mercenary, Kang Oh?" Balduk took a look around.

The mercenaries thought it was a good idea and gave him a thumbs up, while the two elves looked anxious.

After all, they couldn't trade the trolls' home base for their village.

"You don't have to worry too much. You said the orcs have sent reinforcements already, so the elves won't fall easily," Kang Oh looked at the two elves and said.

"He's right," Balduk reinforced.

"Understood." Vanessa tiredly nodded her head. Cetion let out a quiet sigh.

"When we've finished forming the mercenary squad, we'll attack the trolls' main base, Ankaro Fortress... Everyone get ready. Meeting adjourned."

The meeting between the leading members of the Mercenary Association and the gold rank mercenaries ended.

Kang Oh left the room.

'Anyhow, why are they using such an extreme method?' He couldn't understand what the trolls' leaders were thinking.

It was like they were being hunted by something, so they were trying to finish things up as quickly as possible.

If that's the case, then what exactly was hunting and/or pressuring the trolls' leaders that made them make such a rash decision?

He couldn't know as of yet.

* * *

The second barricade was destroyed rather quickly.

Razul's great army was like an irresistible force that pushed towards the elven village, Schubelion.

The elves' commander and chief, Doran, had set up the final barricade, and was ready to fight to the death.

"What about our reinforcements?" Doran asked.

"The orcs will be here soon."

"What about the Mercenary Association?"

"We haven't gotten any word from them yet."


A cute Elvish Warrior, Cabri, entered Doran's room. "Lord Doran." He was carrying a communication crystal.

"What is it?"

"Vanessa has some important news for you."

"Give it here." Doran took the communication bead. The bead was showing Vanessa's face. "It's me. What's going on? Did the mercenary squad depart already?"

"The mercenary squad will be formed soon."

"Mm. Tell them to send reinforcements ASAP."

"About that... It's been decided that the mercenary squad won't help the elves."

"What are you talking about?" Despite having all the reason to lose his cool, Doran remained calm.

"The mercenary squad will attack the trolls' main base. And they've decided to spread rumors that they're attacking it too."

"Attacking the trolls' main base?"

"Yes. During the meeting, one of the mercenaries stated that the enemy's main base would be empty, and that attacking it would be more beneficial than reinforcing the elves. They decided to go with that suggestion."

Doran's keen eyes lit up. "Attacking their home base! It's a good idea."

"My apologies. I should've insisted that they send you reinforcements." Vanessa looked like she'd cry any minute now.

She knew that Kang Oh's idea was a good one, but even so, she had wanted to send her people some reinforcements. Vanessa had wanted to save even one more of her people.

"No, striking at their main base is a much better idea. Don't worry about us. The orcs will be here soon." 

Doran's decision-making was astounding.

"I believe in you. Please keep our people safe."

"Of course," Doran said confidently.

This conversation had given him hope that they could win.

That was the end of the conversation.

'Striking at their home base... I was completely focused on stopping the trolls that I hadn't even thought of that. The orcs will come to reinforce us, while the mercenaries attack the trolls' main headquarters. Things are going well.'

It'd been a long time since Doran had smiled.

But it seemed like  Kuyol, who was right beside him, had a different opinion on the matter.

"At this rate, aren't we the only ones suffering?" In other words, the elves would sacrifice the most while others benefitted.

"We have to make it so that doesn't happen. We have to join with the orcs and form a front line ASAP. If we maintain this final defensive line, then we'll soon get a chance to counterattack. That's when we'll pay them back."



The elves' future was still as bleak as ever.

After all, Razul wouldn't just sit there and let the orcs join up with the elves.

* * *

The orcs had a strong ability to reproduce, so they were the second largest tribe after the Ingrit Trolls.

Obviously, they possessed a ton of warriors that could participate in battle too. They had 70,000 of them at that.

Of course, an orc's combat ability couldn't match that of a troll's.

However, they had an incredibly fighting spirit and were willing to take any risk, so they were more powerful in battle than their original abilities would suggest.

Anyhow, 50,000 orcs were sent to reinforce the elves. That's just how much they feared the elves' destruction.

"All forces, halt."

The Orc Commander, Mumugul, led the orcs' 50,000 troops. He was the right-hand man of the Orc Great Chieftain, Asuka. He essentially had the 2nd highest authority over the orcs.

Mumugul slammed his giant axe onto the ground. "Trolls are here."

50,000 orcs were blocked by 30,000 trolls. 

The giant bodied troll, Ursac, stepped forward. "Haha, this'll be your grave, you lowly, stupid pigs."

"Are you sure? It looks more like your grave to me. Do you really think you can stop us with that paltry number of troops?" Mumugul countered. 

50,000 versus 30,000. The orcs had a clear numerical advantage.

"If you're so confident, then come and get us!" Ursac yelled.

"Do you think I'm scared!? Orcs, listen up. We'll kill those trolls and then save the elves!"

"Woo! Woo! Woo! Woo!" The orcs' rough breathes served as their reply.

"Attack!" Mumugal roared. 

50,000 orcs simultaneously charged at the 30,000 trolls.

"Bring out our secret weapon!" Ursac yelled.

The trolls moved quickly. 

Dozens of warthogs, the size of bears, pulled a wagon forward. 

The trolls pulled off the cloth covering it, revealing a giant cage. Inside of that was...


There was an ogre inside, which was about two to three times the size of an orc or troll.

"Shamans, control the ogre!" Ursac yelled.

Jingle jangle.

The Troll Shamans waved their bell staffs around. A peculiar sound, one akin to the sound of a rattlesnake, rang out. 

"Honsuwarubar! Honsuwarubar!" They added in a bizarre chant as well.


The door to the cage opened.

Thud! Thud!

The orcs were shocked by the ogre.

"It's an ogre!"

"An ogre has appeared!"

Ogres had a nickname: Slaughterer. 

They were much stronger than orcs, so when a group of orcs encountered one, they would be massacred. This happened several times before. Thus, the orcs had no choice but to fear them.

But now, an ogre had suddenly appeared in a battle between orcs and trolls!

This was Razul's secret weapon against the orcs. 

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