Chapter 199. Platinum Violf

Kang Oh stared at the oval portal. "Hmm. So this is how it's set up."

If you cleared a dungeon within a certain time, then a secret room would appear. This was something he had never experienced in any of the other dungeons. 

"Let's see who's waiting for me on the other side." Kang Oh grinned and entered the portal.

[You have discovered the hidden dungeon, Lion's Room.]

[You are the first to discover it.]

The Lion's Room looked exactly like the previous room. 

However, there was a giant lion with shimmering silver fur here, not an ogre. 

[You have discovered Platinum Violf.]

[You are the first to discover it.]

The lion suddenly opened its eyes and roared. 


[You have heard Violf's overwhelmingly majestic roar.]

[Due to your high Mental and Indomitable stats, you do not shrink away in fear.]

"I'm the Platinum Lion, Violf. I exist to protect this dungeon! Are you qualified to be the master of this dungeon!?" Violf yelled.

Kang Oh's eyes gleamed. 

'Wait, this is a soul dungeon?' He hadn't expected this at all. Of course, it was quite a welcome surprise.

"What do I need to do to become this dungeon's master?" Kang Oh asked. 'Do I need to bring you some treasure or something?'

"I'd like to serve an honorable man."


"I want someone with noble blood, with the dignity and charisma to match."


Which meant that you had to be part of a famous family, and have high Dignity and Charisma stats.

"How do I look?"

"You possess both dignity and charisma, but they're lower than I expected. You're not of noble descent either." In other words, he wasn't qualified.

"Then there's only one other method." Kang Oh pointed Demon Sword Ubist at Violf. "Let's go!"

* * *

Violf opened its mouth.


It shot a beam of light at him.

Danger, danger!

Hyper Intuition sent him a warning. His entire body felt cold, so he'd be dead if he got hit by that!

Kang Oh threw himself out of the way. 


Fortunately, the ray of light hit the ground. However, the resulting 'boom' made it clear how powerful it was. 

'I can't let myself get hit by that.' Kang Oh kept telling himself 'Be careful of the beam!' and charged at Violf.

If he got in close and swung his sword, then it wouldn't be able to use the beam!

However, Violf wouldn't let him do that.


It roared once more.

The roar was different from this time; it was an omnidirectional shockwave. 

"Ugh." Kang Oh had no choice but to guard himself with Ubist.


By guarding himself, he didn't take any damage, but the shockwave pushed him back. Thus, he'd returned to his original position.


Violf shot another beam at him. Kang Oh jumped out of the way once more. 


The ground screamed. It was as though it were saying 'Stop hurting me!'.

'This won't work.'

The beam was definitely an issue, but the shockwave preventing his approach was a bigger issue. 

Kang Oh used Devil Trigger. Demon Sword Ubist's darkness wrapped around Kang Oh's body. 

But it didn't just sit there and watch him transform. It roared again!


A shockwave came rushing at him. 

However, his transformation ended a second before the shockwave hit him. He unhesitatingly used that 1 second to his advantage and used Abyss Transfer. 

Kang Oh disappeared into the shadows!

The shockwave just passed through the air. 

"Where did you go!?" Violf looked around and yelled.

Then... Kang Oh reappeared behind Violf. "Surprise!" 

He was right behind it, so this next attack of his would surely hit! If that's the case, then he'd use his most powerful attack!

Tempest Tiger!

A tiger-shaped golden aura pounced on Violf!

However, Violf's body turned into platinum. 


The Tempest Tiger was deflected right back at Kang Oh!

"Shit!" Kang Oh quickly used Abyss Shield, and the surrounding darkness formed into a jet-black barrier. 

However, Tempest Tiger was a powerful skill. It ripped right through the Abyss Shield and hit Kang Oh dead on. 


The Baramut set shined. 

Wind Shield.

When his life was in danger, Wind Shield would activate, nullifying any fatal damage. 

Kang Oh lived because of it. 

But wasting such a precious ability this early on wasn't good news. 

'You bastard! You sure have an annoying move up your sleeve!'

Violf had the Deflect ability! Which meant that he could return his opponent's attack right back at them.

'First, I have to figure out how its ability works.' He needed more information if he wanted to beat it. 'Let's see here...' Kang Oh swung Demon Sword Ubist.

Abyss Claw!

A three-lined, black aura came flying towards it. However, Violf turned into platinum again. 


It did the same thing again. The Abyss Claw was reflected just like the Tempest Tiger was.

Kang Oh was ready for it this time, so he was able to dodge the Abyss Claw.

'It can deflect all auras it seems.'

He underwent his next test. Kang Oh drew Gladion's Dagger.

But before he could throw it, Violf's giant front paw came flying at him. Was this what it felt like to see an avalanche falling towards you?

He moved to the side and threw his dagger. 


Violf left a paw mark in the ground.

Swoosh, swoosh.

His dagger spun in the air, flying towards Violf.

Violf turned its body into platinum once more.


The dagger didn't respond much differently from his aura attacks. It was reflected right back at him.

Kang Oh caught the dagger. 

'It can deflect projectile attacks. How about melee attacks?' Kang Oh charged.


Violf unleashed another shockwave, as if saying 'Don't come any closer!'.

Kang Oh used Abyss Transfer, avoiding the shockwave, and then closed in. 

"Huahp!" He swung downwards with Demon Sword Ubist.


His sword cleaved through Violf's body! It hadn't changed its body into platinum this time.

'Melee attacks do work on it!'

It must not be able to reflect melee attacks back at its enemies. As expected, there was no monster in this world that couldn't be defeated.

Kang Oh grinned.

He was confident in melee combat!

* * *

Platinum Violf.

It had more up its sleeve than simply staying far away and unleashing beams, shockwaves, and all sorts of ranged attacks/spells.


It tried to bite him, rip him to shreds, and tackle him as well! It was quick, despite what its giant body would suggest.


Kang Oh had no choice but to retreat. 

'It's good at melee combat too!'

Now that he thought about it, it was a lion. It was the king of beasts. In other words, an apex predator. It should be fairly obvious that its combat abilities were high.


As soon as Kang Oh widened the distance between them, Violf shot another beam at him.

Kang Oh rolled onto the floor. 

'This is really tough.'

No ranged attacks would work on it due to its Deflect ability. Plus, its ranged attacks, the beam and shockwave, were extremely powerful. It wasn't weak in melee combat either.

But it wasn't unbeatable.

He could either use a long-range attack that far surpassed its deflection ability, or beat it in melee combat!

Kang Oh chose the latter.

He kicked off the floor and rushed at Violf once more.

Violf attacked him like a raging storm. It repeatedly swung its giant front paws at him. 

But Kang Oh endured it well.

His concentration steadily increased, and he began getting used to Violf's continuous, wave-like attacks. 

Soon enough...!

He managed to land a counter!


Demon Sword Ubist cleaved through its leg, and shards of light flew into the air. 

"You're strong," Violf said, halting his assault.

"You too."

No more talk.

Kang Oh and Violf clashed once more.

* * *

Kang Oh was at a disadvantage.

It was because Violf had cowardly called for its subordinates!

They were just regular size lions, but there were three of them. 

They were powerful and quick, and were also covered in platinum, so no ranged attacks would work on them.

However, danger often leads to opportunity.

Violf's minions taught him how to defeat Violf.

'If they turn into platinum, then melee attacks become a critical hit.' That's what he'd figured out after fighting the lions.

This 'platinum mode' would deflect all ranged attacks, whether it be magic or skills, but it would cause the lions to take additional damage from melee attacks.

And unlike Violf, the lions couldn't move during platinum mode. . 

Kang Oh made a plan using this information. 

'I have to bait it into using platinum mode, and then attack it from close up!'

He would take full advantage of Violf's weakness!

"Huahp!" Kang Oh tightly gripped his sword with both hands and swung in a wide arc, pushing away all of Violf's minions.

Then, he rushed towards Violf.

Abyss Claw!

The jet-black aura cleaved through the air.

Violf turned into platinum!


Right when the Abyss Claw was deflected...!

'Now.' Kang Oh used Abyss Transfer, appeared in front of it, and then attacked!

The white line that divided the world into two!


Kang Oh cleaved through it, causing huge shards of light to burst from its body. 


Violf wailed at the sudden pain.


Kang Oh tried attacking again, but he was stopped by Violf's minions. 

He changed targets and attacked the lions instead.

Meanwhile, Violf, who'd gotten a hold of itself, attacked him.

The Jet-Black Demon, Kang Oh, the Platinum Lion, Violf, and its minions, were caught up in an intense, bloody battle.

* * *

Kang Oh managed to kill one of the lions. However, he only had 50% of his HP left.

'Alright, I'm betting it all on this.' Kang Oh pulled out one of his mass production BB-rank swords from his inventory and used Gluttony.

He got a message, stating that all of his abilities would be doubled for the next ten minutes, and darkness spewed out of his body.

Had it sensed his power boost?

Violf remained on the defensive, choosing not to attack him. Its two surviving minions did the same.

"If you're not coming, then I'll come to you!" Kang Oh rushed forward at twice the speed!

He instantaneously passed by the two lions, and launched another Abyss Claw at Violf.

Of course, this was just bait. He would bait it into transforming and then land a critical hit!

As expected, Violf turned into platinum.

'Nice.' Kang Oh then used Abyss Transfer.

He believed that all he needed to do was attack the moment that Abyss Claw was deflected.


Violf turned off its platinum mode, and faced Abyss Claw head-on.

Kang Oh, who'd looked ahead, widened his eyes as he reappeared in front of it.

Violf raised its paw, as if unwilling to fall for the same trick twice.

"You punk!" Kang Oh gritted his teeth. It was too late to dodge.


Violf's paw slammed into him.  

Wind Shield didn't activate this time. It was still on cooldown.

Kang Oh flew through the air, as if he were a baseball hit by a baseball bat! A short while later, he plummeted to the ground and began rolling on the floor, all the while leaving a huge mark on the ground.

He took a huge amount of damage. It was enough to deplete his remaining 50% HP.

That should've been game over. 


He immediately pressed the continue button.

Kang Oh's face was pressed into the ground, yet giant bird wings spread from his back.

The Phoenix Egg Devouring Cassio Ring had activated its special ability: Resurrection!

Kang Oh stood up.

[You have been revived.]

[HP and MP have been completely restored.]

[For 10 minutes, all abilities increase by 20%, and all damage taken is cut in half.]

[Cooldown: 30 days]

"Sorry for underestimating you. Now... that won't happen!" Kang Oh forcefully charged at Violf!

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