Chapter 198. Beast's Tower


Kang Oh heard a bright, beautiful ring as he opened the cafe door. 

"Welcome," an employee, who was brewing espresso, politely smiled and said.

At the same time, a man sitting at one of the tables raised his hand.

Over here!


"It's been a while." Jae Woo greeted GBS producer, Park Jin Cheol.

"I enjoyed Warriors of the Great Forest. It was quite the spectacle." Jin Cheol gave him a thumbs up.

"I suppose the editing was top-notch." Jae Woo shrugged his shoulders.

"The editing was excellent, yes, but the footage itself was amazing. That's why... I'm excited to see what you've brought me today, Mr. Jae Woo."

Jae Woo remained in contact with Jin Cheol, even after Dungeon Conquering Man was over. 

He'd sent Jin Cheol a message, stating that he'd like to sell him some footage.

Jin Cheol had messaged him back with, 'Yes, of course.'.

"It should be pretty good." Jae Woo grinned.

"Don't keep me in suspense. Please let me see it."

"Did you bring a tablet?"

"Of course." Jin Cheol removed a tablet from his briefcase. Jae Woo then inserted the chip and played the clip. 

It was footage of Jae Woo's character, Kang Oh, defeating the Evil God Worshippers and the Evil God's Disciple, Trambo.

"Mm, Evil God Worshippers. There's even an Evil God's Disciple here!" Jin Cheol's eyes gleamed.

Evil God Worshippers, fanatics who worshipped the Evil God, Jaila.

In the past, they spread terror and fear throughout the Arth continent, and were extremely notorious to this very day.

Even now, they'd appear at times, causing strange events and stirring up trouble.

However, their leaders, the Evil God's Disciples, had never appeared before. 

Which meant...!

"It's the first of its kind," Jin Cheol said.

A player had defeated one of the Evil God's Disciples for the very first time. Moreover, they were defeated by one of the hottest players lately, Oga!

"Didn't I tell you? That the footage would be pretty good," Jae Woo said, still smiling. 

"It's not at the level of 'pretty good'; this could be huge."

"Do you want it?"


"Unfortunately, you're not the only one who wants it."

"What are you talking about?"

"I showed this footage to TGN producer, Shin Hye Rim, too. She said she'd buy it too."


"So I've been thinking about who to sell it to." He was essentially saying, 'I'll sell it to the highest bidder.'.

"How much did she offer you?" Jin Cheol asked.

"She hasn't given me a concrete offer yet. But she said she'd pay me at least 20 million won ($20,000 USD). After all, I've gotten pretty famous lately." He didn't really care for fame, but now that he'd gotten famous, he'd use it to his advantage.

"At least 20 million won... When you consider Oga's, no, your fame, then it's not expensive." Jin Cheol nodded his head.

"You're aware I see."

"Hmm. I'd need to talk to the higher ups to give you an estimate."

"Go ahead."

Jae Woo and Jin Cheol were busy people. Now that they'd completed their business, they left without wasting any more time.

Several days later...

Both Hye Rim and Jin Cheol gave him their offers.

Hye Rim would pay him 25 million won ($25,000 USD), and a bonus of 5 million won ($5,000 USD) if they hit a certain viewership number. 

Jin Cheol offered 40 million won ($40,000 USD) on the spot.

Thus, Jae Woo sold the footage to Jin Cheol.

* * *

The transfer magic circle radiated light, and Kang Oh found himself in front of a giant monster turtle.

"Welcome, Master," Teynos greeted.

"Thanks. How have you been? Did anyone find the dungeon?" Kang Oh asked.


"You have something to give me, don't you?"


"Give it here."

Teyno's shell split open, and a tentacle dropped a pile of items in front of Kang Oh.

10 shining gold bars, 100 spotted Gnus Skin, and 10 Stone Eater's Cores, which radiated red light.


A medicine bottle!

"Hehe." Kang Oh's lips curled upwards.

It'd already been a month since he'd become the dungeon's master. These items were the dungeon's rewards.

Kang Oh took all of the gold and materials.

Then, he picked up the bottle called 'Potion of Explosive Growth' and appraised it.

[Potion of Explosive Growth]

Drinking this potion increases experience and proficiency gained by 300% for the duration of a week.

However, it cannot be taken once you reach level 300.

"This is something I really need right now."

After fighting Bart, Kang Oh had made an oath that he'd become stronger than anyone.

In order to reach his goal, Kang Oh was pushing himself as hard as possible.

When the western races fought, you can bet he would be a part of that battle. If there weren't any battles to partake in, then he'd be going through dungeons.

He'd be fighting and hunting from day to night. Rinse and repeat.

What if he drank this potion too? His rate of growth would increase, allowing him to become stronger even faster.

'It's a pity that you can't use it once you hit level 300, but...'

He could use it until level 299! Kang Oh could just sell them afterwards. The item was so amazing that he'd be able to sell it at a huge price.

Kang Oh placed the potion into his inventory, and stared at Teynos. "Teynos."

"What is it, Master?"

"Keep the dungeon safe. I'll be coming back even stronger than before."

"Understood. And if you happen to find any precious treasure, then be sure to bring it here."

"Alright. If I find any," Kang Oh said. However, what he said completely contrasted with how he felt. 'If I find any treasure, then I'll sell it. Why would I give it to you!?' he thought.

"Keep an eye on the other guardians too! And make sure you protect the soul stone," Kang Oh said. 

He never wanted to lose the soul dungeon's sweet rewards.

"I got it. Just trust in me, Master."

"Yeah. I'm really going now." Kang Oh returned to Altein.

There, he met with Man Bok.

Kang Oh gave him the Gnus Skins, the Stone Eater's Cores, and any loot he'd acquired from the west that seemed sellable.

"Please take care of it." When he said 'Please take care of it.', he really meant 'Please make me as much as you can.'.

"Of course! And here, these are the items you requested." Man Bok pointed at his wagon. They were filled with mass production BB-rank swords, various potions, and other necessities. 

"Thank you very much. I'll see you next time." Kang Oh retrieved all of the items and said goodbye.

"Yes. I should be able to give you your share of the profits next time."

"How much will it come out to?"

"It's definitely not a small sum."

"I'll be waiting with bated breath."

Once he was finished with his business here, Kang Oh returned to the western grasslands.


Kang Oh frequented dungeons and battlefields, fighting and fighting some more.

* * *

180 days.

That's how much time Valan had given him.

Half of that time had already elapsed. He only had 89 days left. Of course, the past three months hadn't been pointless. 

Kang Oh had become a lot stronger.

He'd already passed level 270. 

His proficiency in Demonic Swordsmanship was at 75%, so high-rank was within his grasp.

Plus, he'd used Gluttony plentifully, allowing him to steal a ton of stats! He'd also managed to raise Demon Sword Blood to level 16.


'It's not enough!' Kang Oh wasn't satisfied in the least.

After all, he still hadn't caught up to rank 1's Dukeram or the Crazy High Schooler, Bart, let alone Burkan and Valan. 

Thus, Kang Oh entered another dungeon with the intent of becoming stronger.

[Entering the dungeon, Beast's Tower.]

There was a tower at the center of the grasslands.

It was a dungeon where various beast-type monsters would appear, such as the Blade Beast.

"Shall we begin?" Kang Oh smiled and dashed forward.



A Horned Beast, with horns just as large and distinct as a reindeer's, charged at Kang Oh. 

Kang Oh moved to the side, avoiding its charge, and got behind it.

Swish, slash, swish, slash.

Then, he mercilessly hacked away at it with Demon Sword Blood. Red shards of light burst from its body unceasingly. 

Kang Oh hadn't only been improving his character's abilities.

He possessed Hyper Intuition, an ability that no one else had.

Kang Oh had further refined his Hyper Intuition.

Now, it could more quickly and precisely spot an opponent's weak spots, and he had trained himself to be able to strike at those weak points at any time, any place.

As a result, if his opponent was weak like the Horned Beast, then every single one of his attacks would be a critical hit.


The Horned Beast was over level 300 and possessed incredible defense, but it couldn't withstand Kang Oh's assault, which was like a raging storm. 

'Next.' Kang Oh picked up the junk items it left behind, and moved on. He didn't have time to rest. If he could kill one more monster and swing his sword one more time, then all the better.

A short while later...

He encountered a Horned Beast, a Blade Beast, as well as a Crow Beast, which possessed a crow's face, black feathers, and a lithe body.

Whoever makes the first move wins.

Kang Oh threw all four of his Gladion's Daggers simultaneously. 


The daggers emitted sparks on impact. However, these beast-type monsters possessed sturdy bodies, so they weren't affected by the electricity.



They shrieked, and the Horned/Blade Beasts charged at him.

Kang Oh avoided the Horned Beast's charge, parried the Blade Beast's scissor hands, and then charged at the Crow Beast.

After all, the Crow Beast used magic.

'It's a basic strategy to aim for the mage first!'

"Nuuk Mahatura!" The Crow Beast let out a bizarre chant, and then unleashed a spell from its hands. 

Nature's Fury!

Green spheres came flying at him.


He quickly swapped Blood for Ubist, and cleaved through the spell with his jet-black sword.

Ubist absorbed the spell!

Kang Oh kept going.


His sword emitted a weighty 'whoosh' as it cut through the air!


Ubist struck the Crow Beast's face. It was a proper hit, with the strength to match. The Crow Beast instantly fell to the floor.

The Blade/Horned Beasts attacked him from behind.


Kang Oh quickly switched to Blood and got in between the two beasts.

Bam, bam, bam!

His attacks were as fast as a ray of light!

Blood gradually accumulated stars on its snow-white blade, and then... Blood Bomb!


Blood red energy exploded, sweeping through the Blade/Horned Beasts. They died instantly.

Kang Oh rushed at the Crow Beast once more. It cast a spell in desperation, but it didn't work.

Once he finished it off, he activated his belt's Automatic Return ability.

Kang Oh immediately drew the daggers, and then threw them at the beasts that were charging at him from afar!

The battle continued.

* * *

An irresistible force.

That was how Kang Oh, who'd passed through the Beast's Tower, looked.

The Beast's Tower was divided into 10 floors, yet Kang Oh hadn't even taken 50 minutes to get to the top.

"Eat him!"

"It's prey!"

There was a Two-Headed Ogre on the top floor. 

It wasn't a boss monster, merely a named monster.

Of course, it wasn't weak. The name 'Ogre' meant that it was an extremely powerful monster.



The Two-Headed Ogre fell to the floor.

He'd fought an intense fight while under the effects of Baramut's Roar and Devil Trigger; in the end, the ogre was no match for the Red Demon.

'This is the end of this dungeon. Which dungeon should I go to next?' Kang Oh deactivated Devil Trigger.

However, something unexpected happened. All of a sudden, a portal appeared that would seemingly lead him somewhere else.

"What is this?"

[You have cleared the Beast's Tower within an hour.]

[You may enter the Beast's Tower's Secret Room.]

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