Chapter 196. Mercenary Kang Oh (2)

Highly talented people would inevitably catch people's eye.

Kang Oh was one such person.

Thus, he drew Kiker's attention. He was one of the Black Dog's best eight warriors, otherwise known as the 'Eight Warriors'.

"You're pretty strong," Kiker said, walking in front of Kang Oh.

Kiker's face resembled a Siberian Husky, or a dog that more closely resembled a wolf. His tail was covered with thick fur, and he was equipped so sparsely that it was almost unbelievable that he'd set foot on the battlefield.

"Who are you?" Kang Oh said defiantly.

"I'm Kiker. I'm one of the Black Dog's Eight Warriors," Kiker shouted confidently.

"Really? So you're pretty strong then."

"Of course."

"Good of you to come. Let's have a go, you stupid mutt!" Kang Oh launched a surprise attack. His demon sword cut through the air!

"I guess I shouldn't have expected anything else from a mercenary under the White Cat's employ." Kiker snarled and kicked with his left leg.

Kiker's class, Kicker, was a martial arts class that focused on kicks!

Befitting a Kicker, Kiker's metal boots were studded with sharp cleats.


Demon sword and metal boots clashed, resounding with a metallic 'clang'.

"Yap!" Kiker softly leapt into the air and kicked! His kicks were both quick and powerful.

'As expected.' Kang Oh felt as though dodging wouldn't be a good idea, so he raised Blood instead.


Blood's blade blocked Kiker's kick!

Once he landed onto the ground, Kiker kicked low, as if he were sweeping the ground.

Kang Oh retreated, and Kiker's metal boot swept through where he'd once been.

"Mm, you move pretty well," Kiker said without giving chase.

"Can't say the same about you," Kang Oh mocked.

"Here I go again!" Kiker kicked off the floor. He shot at Kang Oh like a bullet. 

He repeatedly launched fierce, quick kicks that'd either send him to heaven or hell. 

Kang Oh couldn't fight back against the continuous sequence of kicks, and was slowly pushed back.  

* * *

'He's strong.'

Kiker wasn't all talk.

He was as strong as the Nedav Chieftain, Aman.

Kiker had both speed and power, varied up his attacks, and was plenty experienced in the art of battle, as he wouldn't let go of an advantage once he got it.

Kang Oh deliberately left himself open at times, and even laid some traps, but none of it worked.

In other words, Kiker was really good at fighting.

Thus, Kang Oh didn't get the opportunity to counterattack, and was forced to block, dodge, and then block again.

Kiker paused his assault and briefly caught his breath. "You endure well."

"Those are some sharp attacks. Though it won't be enough to beat me," Kang Oh said.

"I'm taking things seriously this time."

"Then I'll take it up a notch too."

"You're all talk," Kiker mocked.

Kang Oh didn't waste his words on him.

'Now's not the time to be saving it.'

Instead, Baramut's Roar came out of his mouth. 


The silhouette of a tiger briefly appeared behind him, and just as quickly disappeared.

That wasn't all.

Devil Trigger!

Demon Sword Blood's scarlet energy wrapped around him, and his silhouette was dyed dark red.

[Intermediate Rank Devil Trigger allows you to use more of Blood's power than before.]

[Life Steal has been strengthened considerably. The more you life steal, the more your abilities improve.]

[You may now use Blood Spike, Blood Spear, and Bat Metamorphosis.]

[Intermediate Rank Devil Trigger has allowed you to use the more powerful Fresh Blood Wave, replacing Blood Aura.]

[The blood element is added to all of your skills, and also expends some of your HP.]

[You have been infused with Blood's deep hatred and resentment. Enemies will now fear you.]

[Intermediate Rank Devil Trigger has reinforced your flight ability. You have gained large, powerful wings, as well as smaller, supportive wings.]

[You may fly for 2 minutes.]

[You may converse with Blood.]

The descent of the Red Demon!

Intermediate Rank Devil Trigger had changed his appearance.

There were now two small, supportive wings underneath his original bat wings.

'I'll save Gluttony for now.' Kang Oh decided to save Gluttony until he needed it.

"Hoh, I'm suddenly facing a monster."

Even after seeing his new form, Kiker wasn't surprised at all. 

"You like it?"

"Yeah. Let's fight for real."

"Let's go!"

Kang Oh and Kiker clashed head-on.

* * *

"Die!" Kang Oh swung his sword.

Fresh Blood Wave.

He unleashed a Fresh Blood Wave, which was thicker and more powerful than Blood Aura, from Blood.

"No thanks!" Kiker front kicked the incoming wave. 

Emperor's Kick!

Golden energy came out of his foot, manifesting as a giant leg.

That giant leg easily cut through the Fresh Blood Wave, and came straight for Kang Oh. 

"Tch." Kang Oh clicked his tongue and threw his body to the side. The golden energy just barely nicked his side. 

Kang Oh rolled onto the floor. But in a flash, Kiker had closed in and kicked downwards with his heel. 

Emperor's Kick!

Red spikes burst from Kang Oh's back.

"Grr." Kiker quickly halted his attack, and this time, he was the one who flung his body away.

Now it was Kang Oh's turn.


Blood softly cut through the sky, a white line following its path.

Kiker hadn't managed to steady himself just yet, so Kang Oh was sure that his attack would land. 

However, Kiker wouldn't be beaten that easily.


Demon Sword Blood stabbed Kiker's shoulder joint, but Kiker responded by kicking Kang Oh's side.


Large shards of light exploded from both of their bodies. The amount of damage that they had sustained was considerable. 

"You punk." Kang Oh snarled.

"You bastard!"

The relaxed look on Kiker's face had completely disappeared.

Kang Oh and Kiker simultaneously kicked off the floor.

They clashed once more!

* * *

Kiker was a martial artist that focused on one hit KO's. Thus, he knew several destructive skills. 

As a testament to that, Emperor's Kick easily cut through Kang Oh's Fresh Blood Wave, which was the upgraded version of Blood Aura!

On top of that, he used Thunder God Strike, which parted the ground as if there'd been an earthquake, Crimson Front Kick, Hell Head Kick, Mace Strike, etc.

In terms of destructiveness, Kang Oh wasn't lacking at all.

He had Darkness Strike, Blood Bomb, Fresh Blood Wave, and Tempest Tiger!

Not only that, but he wasn't even at full power yet. He wasn't using Ubist, which was more powerful than Blood, and hadn't used Gluttony either.

Of course, Kiker still had something up his sleeve too.

Anyhow, the two were even in strength; the two continuously clashed, their fight both fierce and explosive.

Despite their efforts, neither side could obtain victory, as both sides were no worse for wear.  

The two distanced themselves and analyzed each other's every move. While doing so, they had the same thought.

'Tch. I guess I'll have to use it.'

Kang Oh fiddled with the idea of using Gluttony. 'Should I use it?'

Similarly, Kiker was wondering whether he should use Emperor mode or not. 

However, something happened that stopped the two from deciding their fight.

"Lord Kiker! The Eight Cats have shown up. We need you over there," a Black Dog came out of nowhere and yelled. 

"Tch, why did they have to show up now?" Kiker looked disappointed.

Eight Cats.

They were the White Cat's elites, comparable to the Black Dog's Eight Warriors.

The only ones that could deal with them were the Eight Warriors.

If Kiker remained here and kept fighting Kang Oh, then the Eight Warriors would be at a disadvantage and it may even cost them the battle.

"Grr, I'll see you later." Kiker gritted his teeth. He was furious that he was unable to determine the victor.

"I didn't say you could leave." Kang Oh glared at him. 'The second you move, I'm attacking!'


"Stop him," Kiker yelled at the nearby Black Dogs, who'd been watching their fight.

"Yes sir!"

They couldn't dare defy an order from one of the great Eight Warriors.

The Black Dog Warriors rushed at Kang Oh. Kiker turned around and ran away.

"Tch." Kang Oh clicked his tongue and began annihilating the warriors. They weren't even good enough to be a substitute for Kiker.

* * *

The battle between the Black Dogs and White Cats.

The first day ended in a draw.

The Black Dog's Eight Warriors and the White Cat's Eight Cats clashed, both sides engaged in reconnaissance. Once they realized that there was nothing to be gained, both sides retreated. 

Meanwhile, Kang Oh, who'd fought against Kicker one-on-one, had gained a huge boost in fame and reputation.

On the second day...

Kang Oh looked around for Kiker in order to finish their battle, but he couldn't find him.

The other Eight Warriors, as well as the Eight Cats, didn't show up either.

Instead, he was stopped by a party of silver rank mercenaries.

The Black Dogs couldn't leave Kang Oh unaccounted for, as he'd done quite a bit of damage on the first day. Thus, the Black Dog Leader had ordered some of his men to take care of him. 

"Are you the one who fought Kiker yesterday?"

"He fits the description."

"He really does look strong."

The entire party said their piece. 

Kang Oh said only two words. "Let's go."

Kang Oh and the mercenary party engaged each other.

His individual skill far outstripped each individual party member's skill, but the party had great teamwork and they had plenty of experience too.

Thus, they lasted quite a long time against him.

Of course...

"Ugh. He's too strong."


"We're not strong enough to beat him."

They couldn't stand against him till the very end. 

He killed some of them, while the rest ran away.

"Bring someone stronger!" Kang Oh yelled.

However, there was no one who could match him.

None of the elites had joined the fight today. 

Kang Oh killed all of the small fry, but couldn't stifle his disappointment.

* * *

The third day...

The top brass of both the Black Dogs and White Cats believed that today was 'the day of reckoning!'. It was time to settle things.

Both sides ate plentifully, and confronted each other from the top and bottom of the mountain. Now all that was left was to fight and for one side to come out victorious.

Harun Mountain was filled with uneasiness. The crows sensed the anxiety, and fearfully soared into the air. 

"All forces, attack!"


The Black Dog Leader and White Cat Leader simultaneously yelled.


Both sides' cries rang out, and then engaged each other in their final battle.

'I hope I get to fight the Eight Warriors today.'

Even if he didn't get a chance to fight Kiker, he wanted to be able to fight someone strong.


The heavens granted him his request.

Someone leisurely walked towards him, as if he were just strolling around in the living room of his house.

The person was baby-faced.

"You're...!?" Kang Oh's eyes widened.

The man in front of him was... It was his first time meeting them, but he'd seen their face before. After all, they were incredibly famous.

"Hello, I'm Gold Mercenary, Bart. It's a pleasure to meet you. You sure have been going up the ranks lately, Mr. Oga!"

Crazy High Schooler, Bart!

He was facing one of the Numbers. 

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