Chapter 188. Obtaining the Treasures of the Sea

Kang Oh went inside the Adventurer Guild. There, he saw a crowd of players, as well as veteran adventurers that were speaking to them. 

'It's been a while.' Kang looked around. He couldn't find Jayce anywhere. 

"Excuse me." Kang Oh grabbed a passing veteran adventurer.

"What is it?"

"Do you know where Mr. Jayce is?"

"Jayce? Jayce should be downstairs."

"Thank you." Kang Oh went down downstairs. It was a rest area for adventurers, complete with comfy sofas and tables.  

'He's over there.' Kang Oh found him immediately. He was relaxing and drinking tea. 

"Hello, Mr. Jayce," Kang Oh approached him and said.

"Oh, it's you. It's been a long time." Jayce beamed.

"Yes, it really has." Kang Oh smiled politely.

"Sit down."

"Thank you."

"Would you like some tea?"

"No thank you." Kang Oh shook his hands.

"You told me last time that you were looking for a new demon sword. Did you find it?" Jayce asked curiously. 

Kang Oh removed the sword from his inventory and placed it on the table. The snow-white blade emanated a wicked red energy; this was Demon Sword Blood!

"Ooh, it's both mysterious and ominous! It's exactly as I've heard. Could you tell me how you got this?" Jayce asked, his eyes glimmering.

Kang Oh told him about his adventure through the Parmarl Underground Labyrinth, his fight with Blood, and meeting the ghost of Grande Loxia.

"You met Lord Grande Loxia, huh. It's quite the honor." Jayce admired.

"That's my story. Now it's your turn, Mr. Jayce."

"Huh? What are you talking about?"

"You said that you'd have some information for me after I obtained the demon sword. I clearly remember you saying that!"

In the past, Jayce had told him that he had some information that he wanted to convey. However, he wanted Kang Oh to focus on finding the demon sword first. Jayce had promised to give him the information once he had completed his task. 

Now it was time to hear what that information was.

"Ah, that's right. I did."

"What kind of information is it?" Kang Oh's voice was filled with anticipation. Jayce always gave him good information.

"Have you ever been to the western part of the continent?"

"I've only heard about it. I've never actually gone there before."

The west was a grassland area; there were rivers, forests, mountains, hills, and small deserts there. Various natural environments could be found there, and yet, the land wasn't fertile. 

It was also something akin to paradise for non-human species like elves, orcs, trolls, etc.

"Several powerful monsters and non-human species live there. However, the top predator there is the wyvern."


A wyvern was basically a reptile with wings. They were formidable monsters, and were known for their ferocity, their aggressiveness, and their proficiency in flying!

"The wyverns gather in a place called Bernice Canyon. However, I've heard rumors that a special wyvern has appeared there."

"What makes it special?"

"First, its size. When it spreads its wings, it's about as big as two wyverns put together."

"What else?"

"It has a horn, it's dark red, and has an unusual pattern."

"Do you think it's the boss monster?"

"If it was, it wouldn't have a horn. It also wouldn't be so much larger than a normal wyvern, and would be the same color as the rest."

"Then you're right; it must be a special wyvern," Kang Oh said. 'Is it a unique monster?'

If it's that special, then it was definitely a unique monster. Only one of them would exist on the continent.

"Wouldn't taming or hunting it be exciting?" Jayce grinned.

"A wyvern's no joke."

Even a baby wyvern was a powerful monster. While a baby wyvern would be around level 300, a fully grown wyvern would be over level 350. 

"Yeah, they're dangerous. That's why I'm only telling this to people that are strong and trustworthy."

"How many people have you told already?"

"About five?"

"I can't do it right away."

In his current condition, he wouldn't stand a chance against the wyverns. 

"I know. Wyverns... they're quite formidable. I'm telling you now so you can train up and try when you're ready."

"I understand. Ah, by the way, do you mind if I ask you something?" Kang Oh recalled why he'd come to see Jayce. He was trying to find the treasures of the sea.

"Mm. What about?"

"I have some items that I'm looking for: Sillion Cloth, Veraris Liquor, and Calodia Clam. Have you ever heard of these before?"

"The treasures of the sea."

"You do know of them!"

"They're extremely rare items. I've felt Sillion Cloth just once. It was so soft that I could never forget the feel of it."

"Where is that cloth now?"

"I don't know. It's been too long."

"Do you know how to get the other treasures?"

"Sorry. I can't think of a way to help you." Jayce scratched his head.

"That's ok," Kang Oh said. 'If nothing works, then I'll have to go back to Lupenia again. But that'll be my last resort.'

Kang Oh was pretty close with the Lupenia Tribe. Thus, he may be able to use his connection with them to acquire the other treasures.

However, Lupenia was far, and there was no guarantee that they'd actually get the items for him just because he asked.

Even if they did, they'd make him do something that'd be a huge pain in the ass in exchange. Thus, this truly was his last resort if nothing else worked out.

"Then, I'll get going." Kang Oh stood up.

"You're leaving already?" Jayce looked disappointed.

"I'll come back later."

"Mm, you better."

"Yes." Kang Oh left the Adventurer Guild and headed for the Jurento Bar.

* * *


Kang Oh opened the door and left. 

"Tch. What a waste of time." He clicked his tongue.

The drunkard, Tino, didn't know anything, so he'd ultimately come for nothing.

"Mm. Next is..." Kang Oh opened his message window.

- Soo Ah.

- Yes?

- What are you doing right now?

- I'm trying to catch up to you, so I'm going out to hunt. Why?

- When you have the time, could you ask your guildmaster something for me?

Soo Ah was part of the Witch's Forest Guild. Not only was her guildmaster one of the Numbers, but she was also the most powerful mage in the game (aside from NPCs); she was the Blood Witch, Helena!

Thus, she might know something about the treasures of the sea, or even have one of them.

- What do you want me to ask her?

- Ask Ms. Helena if she knows anyone who owns Sillion Cloth, Veraris Liquor, and Calodia Clam, or if she happens to have one of them herself.

- What are they?

- They're called the treasures of the sea. I need them for something.

- Ok. I'll ask her after I'm done hunting.

- Ok, thanks so much. 

Kang Oh closed the message window and began making his way towards the soaring tower. 

The Mage's Cradle, the Tower.

A short while later...

Kang Oh met with Grano at the Tower's 2nd floor cafe. 

"Hello, Mr. Kang Oh." Grano looked quite tired.

"Hello. You look exhausted. Have you been busy lately?"

"A little bit."

"Is your family doing well?"

"My daughters are so tomboyish that it's pure chaos when I go home." Grano beamed, despite how tired he looked.

"I used the magic scroll you gave me."

"Where did you use it?"

"I used it to take out some garbage." Kang Oh grinned.

He'd taken great pleasure in watching all of the Evil God Worshippers get swept away by the Great Tsunami.

"Were they like Modune and his compatriots?"

"Comparing the two makes Modune look like a good guy."

If villains had ranks, then Modune would be a D, while the Evil God Worshippers would be an A. 

"Phew. That bad, huh?"

"Yes. But thanks to you, I was able to resolve the situation. Thank you again." Kang Oh bowed his head.

"It was nothing," Grano said humbly. "Anyway, what did you want to talk to me about?"

"I wanted to ask if you knew what Sillion Cloth, Veraris Liquor, and Calodia Clam are," Kang Oh said. 

"I've never heard of them before." Grano tilted his head.

"Mr. Grano. Do you remember when you, me, and Eder met the Lupenia Tribe?"

"Of course."

"Once everything was finished with, the Lupenia Queen gave you a rainbow crystal. Do you remember that too?"

"I do."

"That rainbow crystal, and other items that I just mentioned, are considered treasures of the sea."

"Hoh. It was that valuable?"

"Yes. I realized its true value just a little while ago."

If he'd known about it, then he'd have taken the rainbow crystal over the equipment.

"I see."

"What did you do with the rainbow crystal?"

"I gave it to my wife as a present."

"Ahem. I see."

Kang Oh gave up on his plan. Yes, he was a bastard, but he wasn't low enough to ask a loving husband to give up a gift that he'd given his wife. 

"I can't give it to you. I can't sell it either. It's not mine anymore, after all," Grano said, guessing what Kang Oh was thinking.

"Yes, I completely understand. And it's alright, since Eder has one as well."

"Instead, I'll ask the mages here about the other three items that you're looking for.  Please come find me in about three days."

The Tower had a huge store of valuable materials, and several of the mages here possessed valuable materials too.

So there was a chance that either the Tower owned the items but had put them in storage, or a mage here owned one of them.

"Thank you very much."

This is exactly what he'd come to ask Grano about. He was grateful that Grano was willing to do it without him even asking.

"Hoo, hoo."

After that, Kang Oh and Grano exchanged idle chatter and then parted ways.

* * *

There wasn't much progress in procuring the treasures of the sea.

Sephiro, who'd left with such confidence, had come back empty-handed.

"Ugh. I know someone who owns Sillion Cloth, but the amount of gold they wanted in exchange for it was outrageous," Sephiro said.

"How much did they want?"

Sephiro whispered the amount in his ear, and Kang Oh widened his eyes.

"Jeez, is he crazy?"

Sephiro was right; the amount he was requesting was ridiculous.

"Do you really think he'd sell it at that price? He probably just made the price that high so no one would bother him."

"So you came back empty-handed."

"What about you, Mr. Kang Oh?'

"I met with Mr. Grano. Apparently, the Tower does have them."

"Oh, is that so?"

"However, they only have one each, so they can't sell them under any circumstances."

"What about the auction house?"

"They're not up for sale."

"The community sites?"

"Nothing there either."

"Have you tried anything else?"

"I asked a really famous player, but they didn't have it."

This 'really famous' player that he was referring to was the Blood Witch, Helena.

"Then what do we do now?"

"I have no choice. I have to go meet the Lupenia Tribe again."

That was his only option.

"Alright, take care." Sephiro waved.

"You're coming with me."

"What? Me?"


He was sure to get involved in something troublesome there, so he couldn't just leave Sephiro here.

"I understand."

'I have no choice but to leave Eder behind.'

At the moment, Eder had power over him because he owned the rainbow crystal. Thus, he couldn't force him to come with him.

"Let's go." 

Kang Oh and Sephiro traveled to the harbor city, Citin, via the intercity transfer gate. 

Then, they got on a boat that would take them to the uninhabited island. That was where the passageway, which led to the Lupenia Tribe, was located. 


Asu suddenly sent him a message.

- Oppa!

- What is it?

- I got it!

- What?

- I got that thing you wanted. What were they called again? Treasures of the sea? I got it, the Veraris Liquor!

- Really?

- Yes!

- Wow, amazing!

Sometimes, life would throw some good things your way.

Like right now! 

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