Chapter 184. Kang Oh vs. Ridgeley

Ridgeley rushed at Kang Oh head-on.

Kang Oh's eyes gleamed. 'I'm taking him down at full power.'

He'd show him the result of messing with him!


Baramut's Roar.

He immediately pulled out a BB-rank piece of equipment from his inventory and activated Gluttony. Jet-black energy spread everywhere, doubling all of his abilities.


Ridgeley had gotten right in front of him, and swung downwards with his halberd.


The halberd's axe head cleaved through the air, falling upon the crown of Kang Oh's head.

Kang Oh didn't just sit there and take it. He immediately countered with Demon Sword Ubist.


Demon sword and halberd clashed in between their wielders.


Neither side was pushed back. Their power was even. 

'I used both Baramut's Roar and Gluttony, yet we're still even. As expected of a high ranker!'

'Mm. To think he'd be as strong as I am! Not bad!'


The two fell back simultaneously and then clashed once more.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

The two repeatedly swung their respective weapons, aiming for the other's vitals.

They continued to unleash a brutal sequence of attacks!

Amidst that, Kang Oh started to gain the upper hand. 

After all, he had Hyper Intuition, which both warned him of danger, and marked his opponent's weaknesses. 

"A-ta-ta-ta!" Kang Oh pressed his offensive, forcing Ridgeley on the defensive and slowly pushing him back.

'I'm being pushed back?' Ridgeley's eyes became wild. "Don't make me laugh!"

Ridgely horizontally swung his halberd, unleashing a multidirectional shockwave. 

Warrior's Strike!

Warrior's Strike was a Warrior class skill; the higher the proficiency, the more powerful the shockwave became.


The shockwave put an end to Kang Oh's assault, and forced him to catch his breath. 

Ridgeley pointed his spear at Kang Oh, and a white haze arose from his body.

Battle Position!

This skill increased one's physical abilities and reflexes. Of course, Battle Position required a constant stream of MP in order to keep it active.


Ridgeley kicked off the floor and rushed at Kang Oh. "Die!" He lunged at Kang Oh with his halberd. 

"No thanks." Kang Oh quickly swung his sword.

Swish, slash.

The spear grazed his cheek, while Kang Oh's blade grazed Ridgeley's throat.

Though only flesh wounds, shards of light as large as a fist burst from both of them. 

That's how formidable both of their weapons were.

"Kuhahp!" Despite that, Ridgeley boldly charged once more. It was as if he was saying, 'I don't give a shit about your attacks!'.


Kang Oh thought the same; he had no intention of retreating. 

Kang Oh vs. Ridgeley.

They continued their bloody fight, unwilling to give the other an inch.

* * *

Kang Oh attacked with Slash, Darkness Strike, and his Gladion's Daggers, while switching between Ubist and Blood depending on the situation.

Of course, Kang Oh's greatest strength lies not in his weapons, but in his Hyper Intuition and his concentration.

Still, Ridgeley was by no means weak. Ridgeley was clearly a high ranker! He was not to be underestimated.

Warrior's Strike, Lightning Spear, Mork Style Charge, Guillotine!

He attacked with these four intermediate rank skills, and would use his equipment's effects at all the right times.

Plus, Ridgeley was an experienced fighter, so he didn't crumble to Kang Oh's precise, yet unpredictable strikes which were aimed at his vitals.

Kang Oh and Ridgeley.

They fought to the death.

This was no ordinary battle, where both sides aimed for the other's vitals and the victor was determined by good skill use.

They predicted the other's next move, prepared for it, tricked the other, and reacted.  

As a result, neither side could obtain a clear advantage over the other, and they couldn't help but acknowledge each other.

'He's strong!' 

'He's tough!'

The two simultaneously widened the distance and caught their breath.

"I guess it's time to go all out," Ridgeley said.

Kang Oh agreed.

He'd tried everything against Ridgeley, but found that nothing had worked.

"Let's finish this," Kang Oh said, and then Demon Sword Ubist's darkness engulfed him.

Devil Trigger!

His body was covered in darkness; his face was hidden behind a beast mask, his shoulders were covered by pauldrons, and a tail jutted out from behind! Kang Oh had instantly become the Jet-Black Demon once more.

'I can't afford to lose.' Ridgeley used his own trump card.

Advent of the Valkyrie!

A winged war maiden, wearing golden armor and wielding a silver sword, appeared behind Ridgeley. 

The valkyrie's blessing had multiplied Ridgeley's power by several times!

For a brief moment, both Kang Oh and Ridgeley stared each other down, in an effort to get an edge. However, they soon realized that it was pointless, and charged at each other head-on.

Abyss Claw!

The Jet-Black Demon, Kang Oh, unleashed a three lined aura that contained the demon's wicked power.

Glory that Brings Victory!

Ridgeley's halberd glowed with golden light. His halberd easily blocked Kang Oh's Abyss Claw.

Then, Kang Oh disappeared via Abyss Transfer. He reappeared behind Ridgeley and launched a surprise attack.


Ridgeley reacted quickly. He turned around and used his halberd's shaft to block Kang Oh's blade.

"Tch." Kang Oh clicked his tongue in disappointment.

Then, Ridgeley swung his halberd, and Kang Oh immediately swung downwards!


Demon sword and halberd crossed, and the two wielders competed in strength.

Neither side was pushed back at all.

However, Kang Oh's face darkened. 'I don't have time.'

Gluttony was winding down.

Thus, Kang Oh made the winning move.

While his blade and the halberd were locked together, he used Tempest Tiger!

The jet-black sword unleashed a golden aura.

Ridgeley reacted immediately, as he felt a powerful, destructive force coming from Kang Oh's demon sword.


His halberd radiated blue light and unleashed a violently spinning aura.

Storm Aura!

As expected, Ridgeley was capable of using an aura attack as well. Like Kang Oh's Tempest Tiger, Ridgeley's aura attack was at the intermediate rank and was wind based as well.

The blue and golden auras entwined.

Then, the two auras blew up, resulting in a giant explosion. 


The giant explosion swept through both Kang Oh and Ridgeley.

Before the explosion had consumed him, Kang Oh had protected himself using Abyss Shield and the Baramut set's Wind Shield, so he was able to survive.

Ridgeley was barely able to survive through the valkyrie's blessing.

But it was Kang Oh who decided to take advantage of the chaos.

Neither side could see anything due to the giant dust cloud.

Even so, Kang Oh pierced through the dust cloud and accurately aimed for one of Ridgeley's vitals. 

He had his Hyper Intuition, and had fought Ubist before without his sight. 

Ultimately, this situation was much more advantageous to Kang Oh than to Ridgeley.


His jet-black blade pierced through Ridgeley's heart.


Kang Oh could hear his death throes.

Ridgeley, who'd taken considerable damage from the explosion, couldn't withstand Kang Oh's attack.

He fell to his knees and his head drooped. The valkyrie that followed behind him could no longer be seen.

[You have defeated the Empire Guild member, Ridgeley.]

[Gluttony is active.]

[Stats have been stolen.]

[Physical +1]

A short while later...

The wind began to clear away the dust cloud.

Every party present could see it as clear as day.

Kang Oh was standing tall, while Ridgeley was on his knees.

It was clear who the winner and loser was.

"Mr. Kang Oh won!"

"You're right!"

Eder and Sephiro beamed and hugged each other.

Whereas the members of the Empire Guild looked in disbelief. 

"Captain Ridgeley lost!"

"That's impossible!"

This was Ridgely they were talking about!

He was a high ranker that led the Empire Guild's Brown Bear Squad! Someone like that had lost to an up-and-comer like Kang Oh?

"Now what do we do?" Korba whispered to Kraal.

"We have to attack right away. He didn't come out unscathed," Kraal said.

Ridgeley's loss was certainly shocking. All the more reason that he had to kill Oga's party right here and now.

Korba nodded his head and stepped forward. "He used a cowardly move to kill Captain Ridgeley!" Korba yelled.



The Assassination Squad members, as well as the Brown Bear Squad's elites, were transfixed by Korba's words.

"That's right. Before the huge explosion happened, I saw him take out something like a magic scroll." Korba pointed at Kang Oh. Of course, he was lying through his teeth. 

However, it didn't matter whether that was the truth or not to the Empire Guild members. What was important was that Kang Oh had won using a cowardly move.

"As I thought!"

"There's no way Captain Ridgeley would lose to someone like him!"

"Mm, let's take revenge!"


The elites of the Brown Bear Squad raised their weapons. Kraal's Assassination Squad did the same.

Kraal smiled wickedly and patted Korba's back as if to say, 'Good job.'.

Then, he raised his arm high into the air. "Members of the Assassination Squad! Brown Bear Squad! Kill those cowardly bastards!"

"Let's go!"

"For Captain Ridgeley!"

More than 100 players came rushing at Kang Oh, Eder, and Sephiro.

Eder and Sephiro quickly came to Kang Oh's side.

"Are you alright?" Eder asked.

"They're coming," Sephiro said.

"I'm fine," Kang Oh said.

"Please call him right away," Sephiro urged.

"I know, so fight them off until he's here."



Sephiro began shooting arrows, and Eder raised his shield.

Kang Oh touched his communication earrings.


The earring beeped and someone picked up.

"Is it time?"

"Yes, it's time."

"I'm going!"

* * *

Kang Oh's battle with Ridgeley had significantly depleted his HP.

'Time to get it back.'


Kang Oh swapped Ubist with Blood because of its Life Steal ability.

He swung Blood at the closest Assassination Squad member.



Blood sucked in the shards of light! A red star appeared on the blade's length, and his HP was very slightly restored.

"How's the fire taste!?" Eder, who was guarding his back, swung his Hellfire Mace.

Sephiro moved all across the battlefield, shooting arrows, swinging his bow, and kicking his foes.

"Ugh, get out of my way!"

"We'll take care of them."

The Brown Bear Squad's elites, who'd arrived late, yelled.

Unlike the Assassination Squad, who wore light armor, the Brown Bear Squad were covered from head to toe in heavy armor, so they arrived much later than their comrades. 

"Assassination Squad, get out of their way!" Kraal yelled.

Like a receding tide, the members of the Assassination Squad retreated. Then, twenty members of the Brown Bear Squad took their place.

"We're taking revenge for our Captain's death!"

"Today's the day you die!"

"If you come back, then we'll kill you again!"

The elites of the Brown Bear Squad exuded a ferocious fighting spirit. 

However, Kang Oh looked beyond the Brown Bear Squad and beamed. 

"You guys are too late. He's here."


At that moment...

"Who's bothering my little brother!?" A manly voice resounded throughout the forest.

The voice belonged to none other than the Invincible Gladiator, Burkan, Kang Oh's trustworthy blood brother!

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