Chapter 178. Kaylus's Request

The lightning transformed into a man; the man, who introduced himself as Kaylus, was incredibly handsome.

'Kaylus, huh...'

Kang Oh remembered what Eder had told him. A long time ago, a party, which included one of Batiyu's priests, had destroyed Jaila's temple. 

"Are you the priest that destroyed the Evil God's temple?" Kang Oh asked.

"I am indeed." Kaylus nodded his head. "Back then, the tyranny and brutality of Jaila's followers was at its peak." 

The Evil God, Jaila, and his followers showed up out of nowhere and spread throughout the continent like a dried grassland on fire.

Because Jaila's followers rejected other gods and religions, most of the churches worked together to fight against the Evil God Worshippers.

That's why this period was called the War of Faith. It seemed like Kaylus had lived during this tumultuous time.

"My comrades and I assaulted Jaila's Temple in order to weaken his followers. We somehow managed to destroy the temple and steal Jaila's sacred treasures. One of those sacred treasures was hidden here, in the hidden sanctum."

Kaylus began telling his life story.

"I see," Kang Oh chimed in.

"Not long after we destroyed the temple, Jaila's followers mounted a huge counterattack. They invaded the Batiyu Temple with a huge army of monsters. My brothers and I desperately fought back, but we weren't strong enough."

This was the reason the Batiyu Temple had become the Batiyu Ruins.

"If they regained Jaila's sacred treasure, then countless people would suffer. So we gave up our lives to place the Evil God's sacred treasure into a coffin and sealed it as best as we could."

"So are you something akin to this coffin's guardian?" Kang Oh asked.

"Something like that. Anyway, the seal I placed was so powerful that Jaila's followers couldn't easily break through it. At the time, several groups arose that came to vanquish the Evil God's followers. Without their sacred treasures, Jaila's followers slowly lost strength and were ultimately defeated. After that, peace reigned for some time."

"But the Evil God's followers have returned."

Kang Oh thought back to Sacrifice Trambo. He was Jaila's sixth disciple. Perhaps there were five disciples left. 

"Exactly. The Evil God's disciple offered sacrifices to the Evil God, which gradually weakened the seal."

"That's when I appeared and killed all of them."

"Yes. Once again, I offer you my thanks, Righteous One." Kaylus politely bowed his head.

"It was nothing."

"I have something to ask of you."

"What is it?"

"My seal has weakened significantly. If nothing is done, then other Evil God Worshippers will come and steal the sacred treasure."

Sacrifice Trambo had already sacrificed several people, significantly weakening the seal over the coffin.

As a result, Kaylus no longer had the power to safeguard the sacred treasure.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Please give the sacred treasure to another church; one powerful enough that they don't have to fear it being stolen."

Then, a quest popped up. 

[Transport Jaila's Sacred Treasure]

Kaylus, a servant of Batiyu, has fulfilled his duty. Now, someone else must succeed him! 

Choose a suitable church and give them the sacred treasure. 

If you keep the sacred treasure, then the Evil God's followers will attack you.

Difficulty: Unknown.

Minimum Requirements: None.

Reward: None.

Failure: If the Evil God's followers retake the sacred treasure, then they will immediately return to full strength. 

'Mm, give the sacred treasure to a church...'

To other churches, Jaila's sacred treasure was akin to an object of calamity.

After all, the Evil God's followers would do anything to retake the sacred treasure.

The church had to be powerful enough to repel any such attempts, so...

'I have a church in mind...'

There was no guarantee that the church in question would accept the sacred treasure. But it's not like he could just leave it here; if he did, then the Evil God's followers might find it again. 

If that happened, then he'd probably be forced to retake it again. Making him do something like that was easily within Valan's power. 

'No thanks!'

He wouldn't do something so unprofitable!

Ultimately, Kang Oh nodded his head. "Understood. I'll pass the sacred treasure off for sure."

[You have accepted the quest, Transport Jaila's Sacred Treasure.]

"Thank you." Kaylus bowed his head again. 

"Please give me the sacred treasure." Kang Oh extended his hand.


The lid of the tightly shut coffin opened. Kang Oh pulled out the human skull that lay within it. There was a huge diamond embedded in its forehead. 

[Jaila's First Disciple, Nemeth's Skull]

This is the skull of Nemeth, the Evil God, Jaila's first disciple. Jaila left behind this sacred treasure for his followers. The skull contains Jaila's power, as well as enough power to enact miracles.

Rank: Unknown.

Abilities: Unknown.

Minimum Requirements: Evil God's disciple.

Kang Oh placed the skull into his inventory.

"What will you do, Mr. Kaylus?"

"My duty has come to an end." Kaylus closed his eyes. Then, his body began to fade into countless particles of light. 

"Please be well..." 

He could hear Kaylus's parting words through the air. 

Then, Kang Oh turned around. There was something else he had to do here. 

He had to find Lynn, the girl who was hiding somewhere here, and take her home safely.

* * *

"Mom, dad!"

"Oh, my little Lynn!"

Lynn, who was meant to be a sacrifice to the Evil God, had safely returned to her family's arms.

"Thank you."

"Thank you so much."

"How can I ever repay you..."

Lynn's family repeatedly bowed their heads at him.

"It's fine. I was able to save her, so that's what I did." Kang Oh scratched his neck in embarrassment. To think that hearing someone's thanks would be this awkward!

"Thank you, Oppa."

Her eyes glistened with tears.

"It may be hard, but keep on living. Then, if you'll excuse me."

Kang Oh gave her one piece of advice and then left in a hurry. 

Then, a system message popped up. 

[Doing the right thing is easy, but can also be difficult. However, you saved a person's life. Your actions were truly righteous.] 

[The side stat, Righteousness, has been created.]

[The higher the Righteousness stat, the more powerful you become when facing wicked foes.]

'The more stats you have, the better.'

After all, all he had were levels and stats!

As a reward for saving Lynn, Kang Oh had received a side stat. Satisfied, Kang Oh returned to Altein.

After exiting the intercity transfer gate, Kang Oh headed straight for the Holiseum. 

Knock, knock.

Kang Oh knocked on Burkan's door, but he didn't get a response. 

He quietly opened the door and looked inside.

'Where did he go?'

Kang Oh looked around the underground arena, but there wasn't a sign of Burkan in sight.

In the end, he approached Darion, who was training within the gladiatorial arena.

"Hey, Darion."

"Yes?" Darion replied as politely as possible.

"Where did Burkan go?"

"Master? Is he not home?"


"Hmm, maybe he went out for a drink. There's a bar nearby called the Krangbel Bar. Try going there," Darion said, staying as polite as possible. 

He wouldn't let Kang Oh get the better of him. 

"Got it."

"Take care."

"Ah, by the way... What level are you?" Kang Oh asked.

He was his first slave, someone he could easily take advantage of!

"I'm a bit over 150."

"That's it?"

"I'm really lacking."

"Tch, try harder man." He'd be useless to him at that level. Kang Oh disappointedly clicked his tongue. 

"Yes, I'll do my best," Darion said, assuming a rigid posture. 

"I'm leaving."

Kang Oh left the Holiseum and headed to the Krangbel Bar. 

Burkan was actually there.

He was merrily drinking with what appeared to be other gladiators.

Kang Oh immediately approached him.


"Oh, Little Brother!" Burkan greeted as always.

"I've completed Master Valan's quest."

"Mm, did you bring anything as proof?"

Kang Oh removed the Bronze Goat Statue from his inventory. 

Burkan looked it over and said, "Mm. It's definitely an item that an Evil God Worshipper would carry around. Good job."

[You have completed the quest, Trial to Become Valan's Successor 1.]

"Hoo." Kang Oh let out a deep breath.

He'd completed his first test; if he'd have failed, then he would've lost the demon sword and the adamantium. 

"The next trial..." Burkan began.

"Another one?"

'Do I have to start the second trial immediately!?'

"Will be given to you by Master Valan when he returns." Burkan grinned.

"And now?"

"You're free for the time being."

"That's a relief. I realized that this really isn't profitable."

Kang Oh didn't want to do things that didn't make him money.

"Now then, if you're finished, then let's have a drink." Burkan passed him a glass of alcohol.

"Ah, I have to tell you something before that," Kang Oh said, not accepting the glass.

"Mm, what is it?"

"Do you know anyone high up in the Valan Church?" 

Long ago, the Altein Empire conquered the entire continent.

The empire fought countless battles of conquest, and one of the gods they revered was the God of War and Victory, Rakan.

After the empire was toppled by the people's revolution, the Rakan Church's power waned, but it was still a church that possessed countless followers across the continent.

Rakan was the God of Victory, so most gladiators worshipped him.

Of course, the Invincible Gladiator, Burkan, was no exception.

"I do, since I worship Rakan as well."

As expected, Burkan had a close relationship with the Rakan Church.

"But why do you ask?"


Kang Oh explained how he'd defeated the Evil God's disciple and obtained Jaila's sacred treasure, as well as his plan to pass the sacred treasure over to the Rakan Church. 

'The Rakan Church is perfect.'

As said, Rakan was the God of War and Victory.

Thus, the Rakan Church's priests and paladins were far stronger than the other churches'. 

In terms of combat strength, the Rakan Church was the most powerful church!

"Hmm. Doesn't look like we can put this off." Burkan stood up.

The Evil God's sacred treasure. It was an incredibly dangerous object, so he needed to put it somewhere safe as quickly as possible.

"Let's head to the Rakan Temple."


* * *

You could reach the Rakan Temple by going through Altein's northern gate and travelling across the road. The Rakan Temple was located at the very top of the hill.

Several players sought the Rakan Temple in order to become one of their powerful priests or paladins.

However, way more people came here to pray or perform religious tasks. 

Of course, meeting the high ranking members of the Rakan Church like the High Priest, the Saintess, the leader of the paladin order, etc. was difficult. 

However, Burkan had the authority to meet such figures.

"We've come to see the High Priest," Burkan said firmly.

"Lord Burkan."

"It's Lord Burkan!"

The paladins that protected the temple immediately recognized him.

"It's the Invincible Gladiator, Burkan."

"Wow, it's Lord Burkan. Look over here."

People began stretching their hands towards him. After all, he was a superstar, one beloved by all of the Altein's citizens. 

"Did he say Burkan?"

"The Holiseum's Burkan?"

Burkan had appeared out of the blue, so the players couldn't look away. 

"Please come in." The paladin led Burkan inside. 

"Him too. He's my little brother." Burkan pointed at Kang Oh.

"Who is he?"

"He looks like a player."

"Is there some sort of event going on?"

The players curiously looked at Kang Oh and Burkan.

"This way." The paladin guided them. 

"Let's go." Burkan walked imposingly.

"Ok." Kang Oh calmly followed behind him. 

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