Chapter 176. Sacrifice Trambo (3)

Kang Oh was engulfed in Ubist's darkness.

[You may now use the power of the King of Demonic Beasts and Abyss Predator, Ubist, as your own.]

[You may now use Abyss Prison, Abyss Shield, and Abyss Transfer.]

[Devil Trigger has risen to the intermediate rank, and has subsequently increased in strength. You may now use Abyss Claw.]

[You now have complete resistance to the darkness element.]

[If you are in the dark, or even in the shade, HP, MP, and Stamina replenish quickly.]

[Ubist no longer remains within your shadow. Instead, Ubist's full power is focused within the demon sword.]

[The demon sword's attack power has increased significantly.]

[You now possess the full power of predation. Devour your foe!]

With Devil Trigger rising to the intermediate rank, Kang Oh's jet-black demon form had slightly changed as well.

He was still covered in darkness, and he had retained the beast-shaped mask and tail. But now, gleaming black pauldrons covered his shoulders.

'Abyss Claw, huh...'

Abyss Aura, which he'd used quite often, had upgraded into Abyss Claw.

Shadow Ubist, which attacked randomly and wouldn't listen to his orders, was gone too, replaced with a tremendous increase in his demon sword's attack power!

'I got rid of something I couldn't control.'

Although Shadow Ubist did its own thing and was pretty useful to have at his side, it could also be an uncontrollable nuisance.


Four chakrams spun violently through the air, coming for the transformed Kang Oh. 

Kang Oh moved softly, avoiding the chakrams one by one. Then, he charged at the four-armed, goat faced Trambo.


Trambo swung a flaming fist!

'I'm different now!'

A short while ago, Kang Oh couldn't handle the combination of Trambo's flying chakrams and his flaming fists.

'Let me return the favor!' Kang Oh forcefully gripped his sword and swung upwards.

Abyss Claw!

He unleashed a jet-black aura, split into three different lines, at the Trambo. It strongly resembled a tiger's claw.


Abyss Claw and Trambo's flaming fist clashed head-on.

"Ugh." Trambo scowled at the pain in his fist.

Kang Oh kicked off the floor. He soared high into the sky, and then fell with a downwards strike.



The white line cleaved through Trambo's body, leaving behind a lengthy wound.

"Ugh. You heathen!"

'How dare you!' Trambo's eyes began to blaze with even greater intensity.



Trambo attacked simultaneously with his chakrams and flaming fist.

But to no avail. Kang Oh had used Abyss Transfer, teleporting him behind Trambo.

"Taste this!" Kang Oh violently swung Demon Sword Ubist.

Tempest Tiger!

The tiger, which radiated golden light, ferociously pounced on Trambo.


His ears rang from the noise, and dust rose from the area of impact!

"Kuaahk!" Trambo screamed in agony, and fell to his knees.

Kang Oh's necklace had quadrupled Tempest Tiger's power. Moreover, his strength was tripled by Gluttony.

It was definitely fit to be called a one hit K.O.!

Sure, he was one of the Evil God's disciples, but even they wouldn't come out unscathed after taking it head-on. 

'That ain't all.'


A whirlwind violently raged around Trambo!

'This probably won't kill him, but...'

Kang Oh retreated and readied himself to attack once the winds had calmed.


"Pain is a blessing from Lord Jaila!"

Four arms pierced through the whirlwind.

Then, as if he were pushing a damaged door out of the way, Trambo cleaved through the whirlwind and made his way out.

As expected of one of the Evil God's disciples!


'He uses Gigantification too?'

Trambo's size had changed. Normally, he was over 2 meters tall, but after exiting the whirlwind, he was about 4 meters tall. 

His height wasn't the only thing that grew; his body grew along with his height.


His arms, which had doubled in size, flew towards Kang Oh. 

Trambo's size wasn't the only thing that changed; the shape of his body had changed as well. After all, his fist was much faster than before.

"Haahp!" Kang Oh didn't retreat. He simply swung his sword at the incoming fist.


Sword and fist clashed.

'He's gotten stronger too...'

Gigantification seemingly improved all of Trambo's abilities as well.


"I'll win!" Kang Oh yelled.

Then, Kang Oh rushed in at lightning speed, and got right in front of Trambo.

Trambo's increase in size wasn't without its downsides. His size made it easier to strike at his weak points. 


Kang Oh's jet-black sword cleaved through the air! The darkness, which emanated from his blade, extended like a tail.

"Lord Jaila!" Trambo swung his fist downwards. 


Sword and fist clashed once more.


As soon as his attack was blocked, Kang Oh unleashed his next attack.

Not only did Trambo begin swinging his four arms in every which way, but his four chakrams came flying at Kang Oh too.

Swish, slash, swish, slash!

Whoosh, bam, swoosh, whack, bam, bam!

Kang Oh, who'd become a jet-black demon, fought the gigantic Trambo without backing down. 

* * *

Kang Oh and Trambo's movements were desperate, their attacks relentless; both were completely intent on destroying the other.

However, Kang Oh had an overwhelming advantage over Trambo.

Kang Oh's power was tremendous when he used Baramut's Roar, Gluttony, and Devil Trigger simultaneously.

His attack power was so great that whenever he attacked, Trambo's HP would drop significantly.

Like right now, where Kang Oh's Abyss Claw had cleaved through Trambo's body.

Despite that, Trambo didn't back down.

"Kuahk, give me more pain!"

That wasn't all. His body became even larger too.

'As expected.'

The more damage Trambo sustained, the larger he became. Plus, his strength, speed, attack power, defense, etc. would increase.

Trambo would continually get stronger, so Kang Oh had to take him down before Trambo's strength surpassed his own.


A sphere of black fire came out of Trambo's goat head.


Jaila's Flames of Everlasting Suffering!

'Now you're using fire too!?' Kang Oh quickly defended himself with his sword and used Abyss Shield.

The darkness which surrounded his body spread out and formed a wide barrier around him. Then, the fireball crashed into said barrier.

The fireball was too much for Abyss Shield, so it broke through. However, his demon sword absorbed the fireball with ease.

[Ubist has absorbed Jaila's Flames of Everlasting Suffering.]

[Satiation has increased by 0.002%.]

His blade absorbed the spell, and Abyss Blade had activated as well, allowing him to cleave through the immaterial!

Because of that, Kang Oh had come out unscathed.

'My turn!' Kang Oh charged at him, his tail swishing through the air. Then, the chakrams came flying at him like a swarm of bees.

"Get lost!" Kang Oh fiercely swung his sword.

Clang, clang, clang!

The chakrams were helplessly pushed away by his blade. After that, Trambo threw another punch at him.

'Too easy.'


Kang Oh leapt into the air, avoiding the fist, and landed on Trambo's arm. Then, he forcefully leapt once more.

He reached Trambo's goat head! Kang Oh then swung downwards, using gravity to his advantage.


Fang Bearing Blade!

His attack ignored Trambo's defenses! Black shards of light burst from Trambo's face.

"Kuaahk!" Trambo stepped back and retreated. His body enlarged once more.

'I can't keep going like this! I need the sacrifice!' Trambo took a look around.

Jaila had bestowed him his power. There was a reason he was called Sacrifice Trombo!

By sacrificing someone, he could use Jaila's power.

However, he couldn't use any of his subordinates as sacrifices. Kang Oh's Great Tsunami and Frozen Earth had completely annihilated them.

The only ones left were him, the heathen, and...

'The girl we intended to sacrifice!' Trambo's eyes gleamed.

If he sacrificed her, then he'd gain enough power to dispose of this insolent cur.

'Alright. I can't let him notice...'

"Uaaahk!" Trambo rushed at Kang Oh. He was already close to 6 meters tall and the floor shook with every step.


He spewed the great Jaila's flames from his mouth.

Kang Oh had seen this before, so he easily avoided the flames.

Then, Trambo fiercely swung his fists.

Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!

His flaming fists flew through the air!

Kang Oh slightly stepped back. Then, Trambo's lips twisted around. Though he outwardly appeared like a goat, it was clearly a nasty smile!

'Now!' Trambo quickly turned around, headed for the dais, and extended his arm.

If he managed to grab a hold of her, then...

But at that moment...

Kang Oh suddenly arose from the floor and blocked Trambo. He'd used Abyss Transfer to get here in a second.

"I felt like you had some sort of ulterior motive... What a coward. You're going for the girl?" Kang Oh said.

He'd known long ago that Trambo had some sort of ulterior motive. Trambo's attacks and movements had been way too unnatural. 

"Get out of my way!" Trambo charged with his gigantic body.

"Get lost." Kang Oh assumed an iaido stance and then swung his sword.


Tempest Tiger!

The golden aura pounced on Trambo.


It was as though two opposite trains collided with each other!

Trambo couldn't steady himself, and several shards of light spewed from his body.


Ultimately, Trambo fell to one knee.


Once the whirlwind raged, Kang Oh untied the girl's arms and feet.

"This place is too dangerous. Can you move?" Kang Oh asked.

So long as Trambo was aiming for her, she couldn't stay here. The best plan was to get her as far away from here as possible.

Lynn gritted her teeth and nodded her head. Her eyes were filled with the desire to live no matter what.


She, who'd been supported by Kang Oh, began walking on her own.

Lynn wobbled around, but she never stopped walking.

"I won't let you go!" Trambo pierced through the whirlwind once more. He was much larger than before; he was more than 10 meters tall now. 

"Don't look back! Just keep going forward!" Kang Oh yelled, and stood in Trambo's path.

She grimaced with her tearstained face, but continued on.

Abyss Claw!

Kang Oh unleashed the jet-black aura at Trambo.


Trambo crossed his arms and blocked his attack! However, the chakrams flew towards Lynn.

Kang Oh drew all four of his Gladion's Daggers. Then, he threw two daggers with either hand.

Clang, clang, clang, clang!

His throwing skill was superb. He managed to hit every one of the chakrams. 

"Grr!" The enraged Trambo simultaneously swung two of his fists downwards.

Kang Oh retreated and grabbed Lynn. Then, he headed for the passageway as quickly as possible.

"No!" Trambo yelled.


The chakrams came flying at him, but they couldn't pierce through Kang Oh's Abyss Shield.

Once he reached the passageway, he dropped Lynn off.

"You have to go by yourself from here. Please stay hidden so that you're not discovered," Kang Oh quickly said.

"T-Thank you," she forced herself to say.

"Go!" Kang Oh pushed her, quickly turned around, and rushed at Trambo.

Lynn briefly stared at his back, and then turned around and vanished within the passageway. 

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