Chapter 175. Sacrifice Trambo (2)

"Let's start the show now, shall we?"

Kang Oh planned on ripping the Great Tsunami scroll, activating Devil Trigger, and then flying onto the altar. 


"Bring the offering!" Trambo said.

Then, four Evil God Worshippers appeared from the large passageway.

They lifted their arms to the ceiling, carrying a young girl that didn't even seem 20 years old yet.

"Please let me go! Please!"

Her hands and feet were tied, but she wasn't gagged, so she continuously pleaded for them to let her live. 



"I can hear how pleased Lord Jaila is!"

"Lord Jaila!"

The Evil God Worshippers relished in her suffering and despair. 

'I'm glad this is just a game.'

What if he'd seen this in real life? He'd either be pissed, or he'd shiver in fear.

However, he was within a game right now.

It was similar to reality, but it wasn't actually real.

'If I use Tsunami here, then she'll get caught in it too.' Kang Oh lowered the scroll and kept observing. He wanted to save her if he could.

'If I can't, then there's no helping it.'

He had absolutely no interest in being a hero. The same went for being Guardian of the Continent. 

But if he could save someone, then he'd do so. That's all there was to it.

In any case, the girl continued to wail, while the Evil God Worshippers paid her no heed and continued to carry her.

Ultimately, the girl was brought to the top of the altar against her will.

Kang Oh assumed that Jaila's sacred treasure was sealed within the coffin. There was a stone dais in front of the coffin; the girl was forced to lay on top of it and was tied down.

But they still didn't gag her. They must want to hear more of her screams.

"The one true god, the great Jaila!" Trambo stood before the dais, raising his hands into the air.

"Jaila, Jaila!"

The fanatics continued to yell Jaila's name louder and louder.

"Please let me go! Please!"

The girl's cries were buried underneath the screams of Jaila's followers.

Trambo stretched out a hand, and the Evil God Worshipper beside him presented him with something.

It was a bronze dagger.

It was clear what he was going to do. He would stab the girl with the dagger.

"I will first offer you the blood of a virgin." Trombo raised the dagger up high with both hands.



Kang Oh ripped the Great Tsunami scroll, causing powerful blue light to radiate from it. 


If it worked as Grano had explained, then a ton of water would soon fill all the passageways and sweep away everyone here.

Kang Oh immediately left the passageway and used Baramut's Roar.


A tiger's roar resounded throughout the sanctum!



All of the Evil God Worshippers looked for the source of the noise. Naturally, their eyes locked onto Kang Oh.

"Hey." Kang Oh grinned and waved his hand.

"Who are you?" Trambo furiously looked down at Kang Oh.

'We're performing a ritual in service of Lord Jaila! How dare you interfere!?' Trambo thought.

"I'm just a guy doing something that I'm not cut out for," Kang Oh muttered.

Then, Trambo mercilessly yelled, "Kill him!"


"For Jaila!"

The Evil God Worshippers began transforming into werewolves. Though they assumed the face of a beast, none of their faces were completely identical.

In an instant, the rally of humans had turned into a rally of beasts.



The beasts roared and rushed at Kang Oh. At the same time, the hidden sanctum began to shake.

It was a sign that the tsunami was coming!

With Blood in hand, Kang Oh activated Devil Trigger. He was engulfed in blood and giant red bat wings protruded from his back.

The advent of the Red Demon!

"Tasha, could you please fly me to the top of that altar?"

"No thanks," Tasha's voice echoed in his mind. 

"Um, I have to save that girl. They're trying to sacrifice her, so please help me."


His wings began flapping forcefully, and Kang Oh's body rose into the air.

"Guaahk, he's flying!"

"Do whatever you can to get him down!"

The Evil God Worshippers yelled, and leapt off their four legs.

However, Kang Oh was much faster.

In the end, Kang Oh flew to the ceiling. He descended with his wings outstretched and got on top of the altar.

Trambo and two Evil God Worshippers, who were helping with the ritual, stood before him.

"Thanks," Kang Oh said to Tasha, who'd controlled his wings for him.


As always, Tasha just went 'hmph' and disregarded him.

Kang Oh released Devil Trigger and stared at Trambo.

"Hmm. You're uglier than I expected."

"Get up here and rip him to pieces!" Trombo yelled.


"Jaila, Jaila!"

The Evil God Worshippers began climbing up the altar.



"That's impossible!"

Water flooded through every passageway and instantly swept away the Evil God Worshippers.

"I can't get out!"



The Evil God Worshippers, who were swept away by the deluge of water, desperately struggled to survive.

'Oh, this is amazing!'

Now he could understand why the Tower didn't give magic scrolls to just anyone. This wasn't magic; it was more akin to a disaster.

"Grr. Is this your doing?" Trambo gritted his teeth.

"Nope," Kang Oh played dumb.

It only made Trambo angrier. 

"How dare you!?"

Trambo's eyes blazed with demon fire, and fur covered his swelling body.

Kang Oh was sick of it; it was the same beast transformation that the other Evil God Worshippers had used.

'Well, he is one of Jaila's disciples, so he should have something else up his sleeve.'

After finishing his transformation, Trambo said, "Kuu, I'll kill you!" 


Trambo had a goat head. Of course, it wasn't some cute goat, but an old, scruffy, and wicked goat!

He'd gained two more arms too. As if it wasn't obvious enough that he loved bronze, Trambo wielded a bronze chakram in each hand.

'Tarnatose Prison's boss, Rondark, had four arms too. I guess all of the Evil God's disciples have four arms.'

Jaila was a four-armed god. So when his disciples enter combat, they gain four arms like the god they serve.

Of course, Kang Oh wasn't aware of any of this.

"Die!" Trambo yelled.

Trambo spun his chakrams and attacked Kang Oh.

'Hmm. Chakrams, huh...'

In the east, or the desert region, there are people there that use peculiar weapons like chakrams.

Considering the fact that Trambo wore a turban and used chakrams, he must be from the desert region.

This was his first time fighting against a chakram user in Arth.

'Well, I'm sure it'll work out.'

The chakrams came flying at him from every direction, which was definitely annoying, but he didn't feel like it was that difficult to deal with.

Even if it came flying at him when he couldn't see it, his Hyper Intuition would warn him about it beforehand!

"Haahp!" Kang Oh swung Demon Sword Blood at the first chakram that came flying at him.


The first chakram was pushed away, but then, a second chakram came at him. Kang Oh easily deflected that one too.

However, dealing with the third and fourth chakrams was a different story; they came flying at his upper and lower body simultaneously, which was a pain in the ass.

"Haahp! Hahp!" Kang Oh jumped, avoiding the chakram coming for his lower body, and deflecting the other chakram from midair.

Then, all four chakrams came at him simultaneously.

'As expected.' Kang Oh rolled forward.

The chakrams, which had lost their target, spun and then came flying at Kang Oh once more.

'This'll never end at this rate.' Kang Oh charged at the goat headed Trambo.

But the two Evil God Worshippers, who had been assisting him with the ritual, had already transformed and were blocking his way.


There were two Evil God Worshippers in front of him, and four chakrams that came flying at him from behind! 

Not only that, but Great Tsunami had ended, and the water began to recede.

'Some of them must've lived through that.'

Great Tsunami was a powerful spell. However, it was slightly underwhelming in terms of pure power.

Anyway, the conclusion he came to was...

'No time to be stingy.' Kang Oh quickly removed the Frozen Raksha's Spear from his inventory. Then, he switched Blood with Ubist.


The jet-black energy, which erupted from his sword and body, spread everywhere.

[Demon Sword Ubist has consumed the Frozen Raksha's Spear.]

[It is an S-rank item.]

[Entering Gluttony mode.]

[For 25 minutes, the demon sword and your character's abilities triple.]

[You may use up to two of the consumed item's abilities.]

[The Frozen Raksha's Spear only possesses one ability.]

[You may now use Frozen Earth.]

His body overflowed with power.


Kang Oh easily avoided the Evil God Worshippers' fists, leapt into the air, and dodged the chakrams that tried shredding him to pieces.

Clang, clang, clang!

Once he landed, Kang Oh deflected the four chakrams that came flying at him.

At that moment...

He had just a tiny bit of free time.


Frozen Earth!


A blue circle appeared beneath his feet and spread everywhere.

"Haa, haa."

The temperature in the room dropped sharply. It was so cold that Kang Oh and the Evil God Worshippers could see their own breath.

"I-It's cold!" the young girl suddenly remarked. She shivered upon the dais.

'Shit. I didn't think of this!'

Kang Oh deflected a chakram, approached the girl, and draped his bronze robe over her.

"If you want to live, then you need to form a party with me!" Kang Oh yelled.

"Alright..." she barely said. 

[You have formed a party with the Village Girl, Lynn.]

Once he formed a party with her, Lynn's expression improved.

Fortunately, Frozen Earth could differentiate between friend and foe. Now, she'd feel slightly cold, but she wouldn't freeze to death.

Kang Oh took a look around.

Frozen Earth was tremendous, especially because he'd used it after Great Tsunami.

The Evil God Worshippers that had been swept away were frozen solid.

[You have defeated a Batiyu Ruin's Evil God Worshipper.]

[You have defeated a Batiyu Ruin's Evil God Worshipper.]


[You have leveled up.]

[You have leveled up.]

'Nice! Just as planned.'

He'd managed to kill them all in one fell swoop! With it, he'd gone up to level 206.



The Evil God Worshippers that accompanied Trambo were affected as well; their movements noticeably slowed and they were shivering.

However, it didn't seem like it affected Trambo in the least. He didn't seem sensitive to the cold, nor did his movements slow. He wasn't one of the Evil God's disciples for nothing.

'But now, all that's left is Trambo and the two Evil God Worshippers that are guarding him!' Kang Oh thought, and grinned.

"You heathen!" Trambo leapt into the air. It was as though his chakrams reflected how he was feeling; the four bronze chakrams came flying at him, and almost seemed to 'snarl'. 

Clang, clang.

Gluttony was active, so all of his abilities were tripled! Thus, it wasn't hard for him to approach Trambo whilst deflecting the chakrams.



The two Evil God Worshippers still hadn't adjusted to the cold.

Swish, slash!

Kang Oh mercilessly swung his sword and cleaved through the two. Then, he charged at Trambo.

"Die, you heathen!"

Kang Oh swung his demon sword!

"Lord Jaila! Please punish this disrespectful cur!" Trambo yelled and swung one of his four arms.

However, his arm ignited with fire.

'Is this Jaila's power, Hellfire?'

Kang Oh wasn't intimidated in the least and followed through.


Trambo's flaming fist and Kang Oh's blade met.

Neither of the two held an advantage.

Then, Trambo swung another one of his arms. As expected, the fist was blazing with fire! At the same time, the bronze chakrams came flying at him.

'Tch.' Kang Oh retreated, as he couldn't deal with all of those attacks at once.

Trambo pursed Kang Oh and attacked even more fiercely than before.

If he dodged Trambo's fist, then the chakrams would come flying at him, and if he deflected the chakrams, then Trambo would punch him again. Trambo's fierce barrage of attacks wouldn't even give Kang Oh the opportunity to catch his breath!

'This is a pain in the ass!'

Ultimately, Kang Oh was pushed back by Trambo's assault, and was forced to use his trump card.

Intermediate Rank Devil Trigger!

Kang Oh was completely engulfed by the darkness that erupted from his sword. 

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