Chapter 174. Sacrifice Trambo (1)

"Good work." Burkan withdrew his sword and hugged Kang Oh.

"Sparring with you really helped. Thank you so much," Kang Oh said.

It was completely true. 

With Burkan's help, Kang Oh started the trial completely focused.

If he hadn't been in tip-top condition, then he would've been slaughtered by Ubist's random attacks.

"You did good." Burkan patted Kang Oh's back.

"I got something out of it," Kang Oh grinned.

Not only had his assimilation rate dropped to 0%, but his max assimilation rate had risen to 200%. As if that wasn't enough, Devil Trigger had risen to the intermediate rank too! A clear example of three birds with one stone!

"Haha, let's go get a drink to celebrate," Burkan said energetically.

"I'd like to, but I haven't completed Master Valan's quest yet. As you well know, I'm strapped on time and if I fail... Mm, it's terrifying to even think about it."

"Mm. That's true."

"Let's have a drink after I've completed it."

"You got it."

"Then, I'll be going now."

"Take care." Burkan waved his hand and saw him off.

Kang Oh left the Holiseum with a brisk step.

'Now I won't have to worry about using Devil Trigger for a while. Next up is...'

Kang Oh headed for a nearby seamstress's workshop.

"Welcome," the seamstress greeted him, smiling politely.

"Do you have any robes that'll cover my entire body in this color?" Kang Oh pulled out the bronze mirror from his inventory.

"Unfortunately, I don't have any bronze robes in stock, but... I can make one for you."

"Then please make one for me. It has to be this color," Kang Oh emphasized, pointing at the bronze mirror.

"I understand. What kind of fabric would you like?"

"Not too expensive, but not too cheap either."

He was essentially saying, 'It's in your hands.'.

"I understand. Please leave it to me."

"How long will it take?"

"It'll be ready the day after tomorrow."


Kang Oh, who'd left the seamstress's workshop, headed for the auction house next; he needed to buy some equipment to use as fodder for Gluttony.

Although he still had Eder's four color skull shield, it wasn't all that great. Gluttony wouldn't last very long if he used it. 

By overcoming the trial, he'd substantially lengthened the time he could use Devil Trigger, so he couldn't let Gluttony lag behind. It'd be disappointing. Thus...

'Let's not skimp out on this.'

Demon Sword Ubist and the adamantium gemstone were riding on him killing Jaila's disciple.

He couldn't afford to fail! So this wasn't the time to be stingy.

After some deep thought, Kang Oh decided to buy a single piece of equipment.

Frozen Raksha's Spear.

This spear dropped from a boss that resided in the north, the land of ice and illusions.

It was S-rank! Despite that, it only had one effect.

However, that effect was a doozy!

Frozen Earth!

It instantaneously lowered the temperature in a large area and froze one's opponents. This weapon allowed him to use that formidable skill. 

'And if I use Gluttony on this, then I'll be able to use Frozen Earth too.'

If he used Gluttony on an AA-rank item or higher, then he could use the item's abilities.

AA-rank allowed him to use one of the item's abilities, while S-rank allowed him to use two. He didn't have any SS-rank items to waste, so he wasn't certain, but he was pretty sure it'd let him use three of the item's abilities. 

In any case, Raksha's Spear had other redeeming features besides its special ability. It required a player to be over level 300 to equip it. Thus, Gluttony would last even longer due to the hefty level requirements. 

It cost 1,517 gold.

If it had two special abilities rather than one, then it would've easily cost more than 2,000 gold!

This was definitely the most expensive item he'd ever bought at the auction house.

'Ugh. My stomach.'

His stomach ached from spending so much money at once. Moreover, using it for Gluttony would cause it to disappear forever, making it only hurt more.

Still, he couldn't help it. He couldn't afford to fail Valan's quest! Kang Oh obviously needed to prepare the very best.

'Even this might not be enough.'

Trambo, who he believed to be Jaila's disciple, was an unknown; he didn't know how powerful he would be.

He'd have to face dozens of Jaila's followers too. 

Kang Oh would have to deal with them all by himself, without the help of Sephiro and Eder. 

'So I need to prepare as much as I can!'

Kang Oh left the auction house and headed for the Tower.

Then, he called Grano from the 2nd floor cafe.

"What's the matter, Mr. Kang Oh?"

Grano wore a lab coat and thick eyeglasses. Of course, the thick glasses couldn't completely cover his handsome, middle-aged face.

"Have you been well?"

"Yes, I have."

"That's a relief. I'd like to consult you about something."

"What is it?"


Kang Oh explained the situation he was in. He started with meeting Valan, and ended with him being forced to fight off Jaila's followers all by himself.


"So I was wondering if I could procure a magic scroll that contains a powerful spell." Kang Oh explained why he was here.

It'd be troublesome to have to kill Trambo and his followers one by one, so he wanted something that could kill them all in one fell swoop.

Thus, he'd spend a ton of money to buy a spear that enabled him to use Frozen Earth.

If he added a magic scroll that could unleash a powerful spell, then he'd be set.

"As you well know, I am not a Battle Mage."

Grano was a Magic Engineer, someone who created magic tools.

"So any magic scroll I make for you wouldn't be what you're looking for."

"As I thought." Kang Oh nodded his head.

"But I may be able to use my authority to get you one."

This is why you had to listen to someone till the very end. Kang Oh's eyes glinted.


"I can only get you one. If you want another one later on, then you'll have to help the Tower out."

"Thank you very much!" Kang Oh tightly clasped Grano's hands.

'You're a saint!' he seemed to say.

"I'll get permission from the Lord of the Tower, and then get the scroll ready for you, so please come back tomorrow."

"Ok! What kind of spell will be contained within it?"

"A spell that unleashes a giant tsunami."

"A tsunami sounds good!" Kang Oh grinned ear to ear.

"It should be more than powerful enough."


'I should save it if I can.'

Of course, if he had no choice, he'd use it without hesitation.

"Then I'll see you tomorrow." Grano stood up.

"I love you, Mr. Grano." Kang Oh uncharacteristically made a heart with his hands.

'Good. This is perfect.'

Frozen Earth and Tsunami.

With these two skills/spells, he'd be able to annihilate all of Jaila's followers, no matter how many there might be.

'This should be good enough.'

He was fully prepared now.

"I wish that day would come sooner," Kang Oh looked down at the bronze moon, which glimmered with red light in the shape of a half-moon, and muttered. 

* * *

20 days left.

The bronze mirror's red light had finally assumed the figure of a full moon. 

This meant that Jaila's followers would be conducting the ritual today within the hidden sanctum!

Kang Oh placed the bronze robes he'd gotten from the seamstress into his inventory.

He also carefully placed the Frozen Raksha's Spear, as well as the magic scroll he'd gotten from Grano, into his inventory as well.

"Shall we go?"

Kang Oh exited a Brickham inn. The sun had already set. It was a dark night with clouds obscuring the moon from sight.

[You have entered the dungeon, Batiyu Ruins.]

Kang Oh strode towards the pillar engraved with a goat pattern.

Unlike last time, there were two Evil God Worshippers disguised as Medicine Hunters standing nearby.

One of them was standing there absentmindedly, while the other acted like they were picking medicinal herbs.

However, their objective was clear. Stop anyone suspicious from approaching the pattern.

'It'd be all too easy to kill them, but if it gets too noisy, then the others will come and see what's up.'

Kang Oh headed for the other patterns, but it was the same everywhere else too.

'If that's the case, then...' he thought. 'There's always a way out. After all, I've been playing games professionally for how long?'

Kang Oh left the thicket and headed to an empty lot. Then, he swung his sword at a thick tree.

Tempest Tiger!


The radiant, golden aura cracked the tree with a 'boom'. Then, a raging whirlwind appeared!

'I made it really noticeable, so this should draw quite a few of them.'

Kang Oh quickly left the thicket and then quietly walked to the goat pattern.

As expected, one of the 'Medicine Hunters' had left. They must be checking what the ruckus was all about.

There was only one Medicine Hunter left.

Kang Oh yelled at the top of his lungs, "We need reinforcements! Heretics are coming; fools that do not believe in Lord Jaila!"

His voice was filled with desperation. He'd given it his very all.

"What did you say!?"

Ultimately, the remaining Medicine Hunter abandoned his guard duty and headed in the direction of the whirlwind.

'So simple.' Kang Oh grinned.

Then, he headed for the goat pattern and extended his bronze mirror. His body faded and then instantly disappeared.

[You have entered Batiyu's Hidden Sanctum.]

Kang Oh immediately removed the bronze robes from his inventory and draped them over his body. Then, he quickly headed for the altar.

He'd come here once before, so he already knew the right way forward.

'I don't see any Evil God Worshippers.'

Last time he'd been here, there were Evil God Worshippers scattered around, so he had to hide from them, but this time, he couldn't find a single one of them.

'They must be at the altar.'

It was obvious.

Kang Oh headed for the altar room, not a single person getting in his way. 

A short while later...

Light seeped out from the end of the passageway. He sensed a ton of presences from within the room.

Kang Oh hugged the wall and slightly peeked his head inside.


Kang Oh widened his eyes.

He assumed that there would be, at most, dozens of Evil God Worshippers. However, there were more than a hundred of them inside.

'You crazy bastard!' Kang Oh momentarily cursed Valan.

How the hell did he expect him to do this all on his own!?

'If I hadn't brought Frozen Earth and Tsunami, then I would've been in big trouble.'


An old man, who stood atop the altar, yelled, "Lord Jaila!"

"Lord Jaila!" the Evil God Worshippers below the altar yelled simultaneously.

"Lord Jaila!"

"Lord Jaila!"

Kang Oh inspected the old man atop the altar.

[You have seen Jaila's Sixth Disciple, Sacrifice Trambo.]

[Trambo was originally a merchant, but was corrupted by Jaila's whispers. He offered not only his entire fortune, but his family and his body as well.]

[Please be careful. You may become a sacrifice to the Evil God as well.]

The old man was Jaila's sixth disciple, Trambo! In other words, he was Kang Oh's target!

He looked over 2 meters tall. However, he looked like a dried out eggplant during the middle of winter. His torso, arms, and legs were so thin.

His brown skin was cracked, and a turban covered his head. He also possessed a lengthy beard with no shine to it.

Trambo's twig-like hands were covered in rings, which no longer had gems within them. 

"We're going to proceed with the ritual to regain the great Jaila's sacred treasure!" Trombo raised his voice.

"Jaila! Jaila! Jaila!" the Evil God Worshippers shouted passionately.

'Seems like a rally for religious zealots... Oh wait, they are religious zealots. Anyway, you're all dead!'

Kang Oh removed the scroll containing Tsunami from his inventory.

'First, let's see how you like water!' 

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