Chapter 165. Stone Monkey Hideout (1)

The Ungar Swamp didn't really have a particular entrance or exit.

Escaping the misty swamp was essentially the same as clearing the dungeon. Conversely, entering the mist was the equivalent of entering the dungeon. 

Only Monster Crocodiles appeared in this dungeon. 

Like the innkeeper had said, there were indeed old ruins here.

Large rocks were etched with humanlike faces much like moai statues.

He was carefully examining the ruins at the moment. After all, his Hyper Intuition could go off at any moment and lead him to a hidden dungeon.

"Do you sense anything?" Eder asked.


Kang Oh shook his head.

"That Hyper Intuition skill of yours isn't real, is it?"

Sephiro stared at him suspiciously.

In order to explain his actions, Kang Oh had explained that Hyper Intuition was a special skill.

However, they'd explored three dungeons here to no avail, so Sephiro was starting to get suspicious.

"It's definitely real," Kang Oh said.

"He's telling the truth. Mr. Kang Oh finds things really well," Eder supported him from the side.

It was only natural. Kang Oh had discovered so many hidden dungeons thus far!


Despite that, Sephiro remained distrustful.

"You'll see soon enough."

They'd explored several dungeons already, so they were sure to find a hidden dungeon eventually. 

When the time came, Sephiro wouldn't look so distrustful anymore. Probably. 

Kang Oh's party searched every nook and cranny of the Ungar Swamp, killing Monster Crocodiles along the way.

How much time had passed?

Kang Oh suddenly stopped and clenched his fists.

"I feel something."

The feeling that something was suspicious and that there was more to it! It'd been a really long time since he'd felt this sensation.

"Oh, you finally got something?"

Eder's eyes gleamed.

"What are you talking about? I only see trees here."

There weren't any ruins here. All they could see here was muddy ground, giant Agrashi trees, and grass. 'There's no way a hidden dungeon is here!'

Kang Oh smirked. 'Why wouldn't there be?'

"Over there."

He pointed at an Agrashi tree, which was renowned for eternal growth. Upon seeing it, his Hyper Intuition flared.

"What about this tree?"

"There's something to this tree. I'm sure of it," Kang Oh said firmly.

"Then let's take a look."

Eder approached the tree. The tree was so big and thick that it was work even examining it.

"I'm not so sure."

Sephiro looked skeptical, but looked over the tree nonetheless.

Kang Oh stroked the tree bark with both hands. He was checking to see if any place felt different, or if there was a hidden device somewhere that would be difficult to identify with the naked eye. 

The three men patted the tree for some time, moaning and groaning in the process. However, they didn't find anything.

"There isn't anything here!" Sephiro said, his expression saying, 'See!?'.

"This is weird..."

Eder studied Kang Oh's face. 'This doesn't make any sense...'


Kang Oh stroked his chin.

'If it's not under, then... it must be above.'

He raised his head.

However, he couldn't even begin to estimate the height of the tree. The thick mist was obscuring the upper area of the tree.

'No choice but to go up there myself and check.'

"Let's climb up," Kang Oh said.

"Why would we do that?"

"Let's do as he asks. There'll be something up there, I promise."

Kang Oh pointed at the upper portion of the tree, which was shrouded by the mist.

"Is there really something there?" Sephiro asked.

"There is."

"Please try trusting Mr. Kang Oh."

Eder patted Sephiro's shoulder.

"You better hope there's something up there."

Sephiro began scaling the tree first.

"You stay here," Kang Oh said to Eder.

He didn't really need to climb the tree, as Kang Oh could just summon him if they found something.


"I'm going."

Kang Oh rubbed his hands together a few times and then began climbing the tree.

It was much easier than climbing up to Cassio's head.

After all, his gloves' hooks went in easily, and there were things he could hang onto halfway up too.

Sephiro and Kang Oh quickly climbed up the tree. Soon, their forms were completely obscured by the mist.

* * *

[You have discovered the hidden dungeon, Stone Monkey Hideout.]

[You are the first to discover it.]

"No way."

Sephiro widened his eyes.

"See, what did I tell you?"

Kang Oh grinned.

Sometime after they'd climbed the tree, they found a round hole like one made by a woodpecker.

Once they entered the hole, they received a system messaging informing them that it was a hidden dungeon.


Sephiro turned his head away from Kang Oh, as if he were embarrassed of his previous suspicion.

"Now do you believe me when I say I have the Hyper Intuition skill?"

Sephiro didn't even bother replying. Instead, he gave him a thumbs up.


Seeing that, Kang Oh grinned. 'So why did you doubt me in the first place!?'.

They'd found the hidden dungeon, so Kang Oh summoned Eder.

"Summon Eder."

Eder, who appeared right in front of Kang Oh, took a look around and smiled.

"Oh, it truly is a hidden dungeon. I believed in you, Mr. Kang Oh."

Eder started treating Kang Oh better than before, ever since he procured some better gear for him. 

He'd occasionally kiss his ass sometimes too.

"Of course. Who do you think I am!?"

Kang Oh raised his nose.

"That... Hyper Intuition skill of yours. How do you get it?" Sephiro asked.

"You have to get hit by a truck."

'And you have to be in a coma for about 2 years. After that, you have to wake up miraculously and then 'boom', you'll have Hyper Intuition.'


"It's a joke. I helped a passing fortune teller and they taught me the skill," Kang Oh lied.


"If you see a fortune teller, make sure you treat them well. Who knows? They might teach you the Hyper Intuition skill."

Kang Oh smiled mischievously.

"Tch. If you don't want to tell me, then just say so."

"I'm telling you the truth though."

"I don't believe you."

"Hoo, hoo."

* * *

The hidden dungeon was called Stone Monkey Hideout.

Since it was a dungeon within an Agrashi Tree, it led upwards to the top of the tree.

However, they couldn't simply walk up to the peak.

They had to jump across footholds, climb a thick, long vine, and hang from thick sticks that were everywhere.  

How best to describe it? It was a dungeon that gave the feeling of a training ground with all the obstacles and such.

"There doesn't appear to be any traps."

Sephiro's eyes glinted sharply, and he looked all over the place.

There were already a ton of obstacles here, so if they had to add traps into the equation, then it'd be a nightmare.

For example, what if arrows sprung out when one was jumping across the footholds? It would be extremely dangerous.

"Let's take it slow," Kang Oh said.


Kang Oh's party made their way up by leaping across the footholds, climbing up the vine, and hanging from the sticks.

Soon enough...

Kii-kii, kii-kii!

Several monkeys appeared and screamed. It was as if they were telling them, the intruders, to leave.

Of course, they didn't just shriek at Kang Oh's party.

Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!

The monkeys began throwing rocks, fruit, etc. at them.


Eder quickly raised his shield. Kang Oh and Sephiro twisted their bodies around and avoided the barrage.

In an instant, their surroundings were matted with crushed fruit. However, the fruit let out a disgusting stench.

"Ugh. These are durians!" Sephiro pinched his nose and yelled.

To think they were throwing durians, which smelled like rotten onions, at them. These crazy ass monkeys!

Kang Oh automatically scowled upon smelling the fruit.

"Counterattack with your arrows! Eder and I will get closer!" Kang Oh shouted.

Sephiro notched an arrow while holding his breath.

Aim, fire!

Triple Shot!

The three arrows struck a monkey that was about to throw rocks from either hand.


The monkey shrieked.

It seemed as though that only served to enrage them further, as the monkeys began to throw rocks and fruit even more fiercely than before.

Sephiro continued to unleash arrow after arrow whilst avoiding the rocks. Arrows, fruit, and rocks indiscriminately flew through the air.

It was chaos!

"Let's go, Eder."


Kang Oh and Eder kicked off the floor, leaping to another foothold. Then, they climbed up the vine towards the monkeys.

Rocks and fruits came flying at them.

Eder raised his shield, keeping the damage to a minimum. Sephiro supported them from the rear as well.



The monkeys wailed uproariously.


Monkeys with large right arms appeared.

With their nimble movements, which were as light as a feather, and their prehensile tails, they got through the sticks, the footholds, and vine, and instantly reached Kang Oh and Eder.

"Head towards that foothold over there."

Kang Oh pointed at the foothold to his side. They would be at a disadvantage if they were to fight the monkeys while climbing the vine. 

Eder was of the same mind. The two quickly leaped from the vine to the foothold. 

A short while later...



Four monkeys with large right arms dropped onto Kang Oh and Eder.

Kang Oh swung Blood. Using a one-handed sword would be preferable to his greatsword against such nimble opponents.



The monkey avoided his attack by wrapping its tail around a stick and moving around like an acrobat. 

At that moment, another monkey punched at Kang Oh's side, its fist as thick as a log.

However, the fist quickly turned into gray stone.

'That's why they're called Stone Monkeys!'

It seemed as though they could turn their bodies to stone.

Kang Oh tilted his body backwards.


The monkey's fist, which was thick as a temple pillar, passed through where his head had once been.

Kang Oh quickly regained his balance and swung his sword horizontally.


His demon sword cleaved through the monkey's side! As a result, shards of light spurt from its body.

Kang Oh didn't let up and kept attacking.

One, two, three.

Three red stars instantaneously lit up on his snow-white sword.


One of the monkeys attacked Kang Oh from behind.

His Hyper Intuition, which sensed danger, warned him. Kang Oh quickly turned around and swung downwards.

Darkness Strike!

The snow-white blade unleashed a red wave as thick as blood. 

However, the monkey instantly turned its entire body into stone.


Its body was rocked by the immense force of his attack. But it soon returned back to its original form unscathed! Turning its body into stone must've saved it.

"Not bad!"

Kang Oh smirked.


Eder, who was also engaging the monkeys, approached him and put his back against Kang Oh's.

Kang Oh and Eder began fighting the monkeys back-to-back.



Meanwhile, the four monkeys surrounded them, wailing as they jumped from place to place!

* * *

Though he'd clashed with them several times, Kang Oh hadn't made much progress. 

Even though the monkeys weren't really all that special if you disregarded their ability to turn to stone.

'That ability of theirs is really annoying.'

The ability to freely turn any part of one's body into stone was tremendous. After all, it could be used for offense and defense.

'But that doesn't mean it doesn't have any weaknesses either.'

He'd been watching them closely as they fought and eventually found a way to defeat them.


Kang Oh swung his sword vertically.


In order to block his attack, the monkey turned to stone.

Right at that moment...

Kang Oh smirked! His sword stopped midway.

A feint!


The monkey had already turned its entire body to stone, so it couldn't move.

'And they can't maintain that full body stone form for very long.'

Once its body changed back, Kang Oh struck.



Large shards of light burst from the monkey's body.

"Act like you're going to attack, and then attack when it turns back. They're completely defenseless then!" Kang Oh quickly explained his method.


Eder immediately followed his instructions.

As expected, it was quite effective.


Eder's Hellfire Mace gave off a refreshing 'whack' as he struck the monkey's head.

Then, he continued to attack repeatedly without rest.



The monkeys wailed and began dying one or two at a time.

[You have defeated a King Fist Stone Monkey.]

Kang Oh and Eder, who'd finished off the last remaining King Fist Stone Monkey, didn't waste any time and climbed up the vine towards the monkeys that were throwing rocks and fruit at them.



The monkeys threw rocks and fruit at them a few more times, but they must've realized that it was hopeless as they ran away soon after.

They ran away so quickly and bizarrely. The two couldn't catch them at all.

"It doesn't matter where you run."

They were inside of an Agrashi tree.

If Kang Oh's party chased after them, they'd catch them eventually. After all, it's not like the monkeys had wings or anything.

"Let's go!"

Kang Oh's party leapt across the footholds once more and headed for the top.  

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