Chapter 146. Stranger

'Air Slash!'

Although it was larger and more powerful than the average player's, it was definitely an Air Slash. 


Gold Horn strode towards Kang Oh.

Although it had taken a Tempest Tiger head-on, it appeared only slightly wounded. 

Kang Oh didn't move, and just waited for it to approach.

As soon as it got within striking distance, Gold Horn swung its double-bladed axe without an ounce of hesitation.

Kang Oh retreated slightly in order to avoid the attack, and drew a Gladion's Dagger.


He firmly gripped the dagger in his right hand.

Ready, aim, fire!


The blade, which was shaped like a beast's horn, flew through the air. Eventually, it pierced Gold Horn's right shin.


The dagger then emitted dark blue sparks. This was one of its special abilities, Lightning Tingle. Upon impact, the dagger would electrify his opponent! 

Gold Horn limped on its right leg.

Kang Oh then rushed towards it.


It swung its axe as if it were saying 'Get away from me!'.

Kang Oh narrowly avoided the axe's edge, and aimed for its wounded right leg.

Swish, slash!

His demon sword cleaved through its leg!

Red shards of light burst from the wound like a beautiful, blooming flower.

'One more!'

It's like they always say, keep taking advantage of one's weakness!

Kang Oh quickly withdrew his sword and landed another hit on the minotaur. 

However, he couldn’t continue any further. 

Once its right leg was no longer paralyzed, Gold Horn pulled back while protecting itself with its axe!

Kang Oh retreated for now, as he couldn't find any weak spots. 


"We're doing good. Gold Horn has about 90% of its HP remaining, while Silver Horn has about 89% left," Sephiro yelled.

Kang Oh's attack power far exceeded Eder's.

However, Kang Oh had struggled against it, whereas Eder and Sephiro took on Silver Horn together. Thus, the two had managed to deal a similar amount of damage despite the disparity between Kang Oh and Eder's strength.

"Then let's keep at it without switching!" Kang Oh shouted.


After that, Kang Oh continued to fight against Gold Horn, while Eder and Sephiro dealt with Silver Horn.

The fierce battle continued!

Being reckless for even the slightest moment would spell danger for them.

After all, the Minotaur brothers' attacks were so powerful that each and every one of them was like a one hit K.O.


At the same time, their attack patterns were too simple. 

Normally, they’d just swing their axes around and use Air/Earth Slash on occasion. 

Thus, Kang Oh's party was able to gradually cut down their HP. 

'It probably won't end like this.'

Kang Oh closely watched Gold Horn whilst fighting it, so that he wouldn't miss when it changed its attack pattern! 

"Silver Horn's remaining HP: 69%!" Sephiro yelled.

A short while later...

"Gold Horn's remaining HP: 70%!" he shouted once more.


Gold Horn and Silver Horn's eyes blazed.

"It's the second phase! Get ready. They're going to attack differently now!"

* * *

Kang Oh, Eder, and Sephiro halted their assault, and assessed the situation.


Gold Horn and Silver Horn simultaneously shrieked. Then, their bodies glimmered with blue energy.

'They're increasing their strength by screaming.'

It was obvious that they'd possess that ability. After all, the normal minotaurs that roamed throughout the labyrinth could use it, so why wouldn't the Minotaur brothers be able to do the same?

'I wish that would be the end of it.'

That’d be wishful thinking. There was no way that that was it!

As expected, their screams were just the start, a signal that the second phase had started. Playtime was over.  

Gold Horn started first.

It widened its stance like a sumo wrestler. Then, it raised one of its legs up high and quickly stomped onto the floor.

Foot Stomp!


The floor shook all of a sudden. It was an earthquake!

Kang Oh, Eder, and Sephiro laid on the ground, hoping that the earthquake would stop.

But then...!

Silver Horn swung its axe in a downwards motion.

It was like a sailor standing in a ship that was beset by raging waves. Although the ground was shaking, Silver Horn didn't lose its bearings and stood firm.

Silver Horn struck the floor, and out came a gigantic wave. 

Earth Slash!

"Damn it!"

Kang Oh furrowed his brow.

He'd expected something like this to happen; this was their combination attack.

One of the brothers would cause an earthquake, preventing their prey from escaping, while the other brother used a wave attack!


The wave came rushing at Eder, who was responsible for Silver Horn. The Earth Slash was akin to a man-eating shark that swam against a strong current.

"Mr. Kang Oh!" Eder yelled desperately.

'Help me!', he seemed to say.

"Summon Eder!"

Eder reappeared right next to him. Kang Oh's summoning had saved him from death.

"Thank you."


Silver Horn launched a second Earth Slash. Its target: Sephiro!


Though the earthquake was still ongoing, Sephiro somehow managed to keep his balance and threw his body out of the way as if saying, 'Eh, whatever!'.

A short while later, the wave crashed through the area where he'd once been. Sephiro had come out unscathed.


Silver Horn used a third Earth Slash. This time, it came for Kang Oh!


The ground shook less than before, so Kang Oh kept his balance and kicked off the floor.

Eder did the same!

They jumped to either side, and the Earth Slash passed between them.

After that, the ground stopped shaking, and Silver Horn stopped using Earth Slash.

"Hoo, hoo."

"Haa, haa."

Eder and Sephiro breathed haggardly, a sign that they'd survived.

Kang Oh continued to examine Gold Horn and Silver Horn.

'Looks like it can't do anything else if it uses Foot Stomp.'

If Gold Horn had, like Silver Horn, unleashed wave attacks while the earthquake was ongoing, then Kang Oh's party would've been in big trouble.

Fortunately, it seemed to be set up so that it couldn't attack after using Foot Stomp.

'I have to deal as much damage as I can right now while it's not using Foot Stomp!' he thought briefly, and acted quickly. 

"We have to attack before it uses Foot Stomp again."


Perhaps it was because they'd just used a combination attack, but the Minotaur brothers weren’t moving. 

"Let's go!"

Kang Oh rushed towards Gold Horn, while Eder and Sephjro dealt with Silver Horn.

3 minutes later...

Silver Horn got ready for a Foot Stomp. 

Gold Horn wasn't responsible for every single one; instead, the two brothers alternated.

"They'll use another combination attack soon. Get ready!" Kang Oh yelled.

Silver Horn raised its leg high into the air!


The ground shook fiercely.

Kang Oh, Eder, and Sephiro couldn't remain standing, so they laid onto the floor once more.

Then, Gold Horn swung its axe, unleashing a wave attack.

Air Slash!

The mighty attack came flying at Kang Oh like a runaway train!


In order to live, Kang Oh threw himself out of the way.



Kang Oh tripped over a rock, preventing him from completely evading the attack. 


Right when he was about to be hit, Baramut's set radiated light.

[The Baramut set's special ability, Wind Shield, has activated.]

[A fatal attack has been nullified.]

[Remaining Cooldown: 60 minutes.]

'Thanks a lot, Baramut!'

Kang Oh survived.

However, Gold Horn wasn't done. It shot another Air Slash at Eder.

"Summon is still on cooldown!" Kang Oh immediately yelled.

He was basically saying, 'You're on your own!'.

"Uaaahk!" Eder screamed, and threw himself out of the way. 

Fortunately, he'd gotten out of the way in time.

Finally, Gold Horn unleashed its last Air Slash at Sephiro.

The ground wasn’t shaking as much as before, so he was able to dodge the attack without much difficulty.

Now they had 3 precious minutes to attack Gold Horn and Silver Horn. 

Eder and Sephiro instinctively rushed towards Silver Horn.

"Stop!" Kang Oh yelled.

'We can't keep doing this!'

At this rate, they'd be killed by the Air/Earth Slashs before they defeated the minotaurs.

If that's the case, then...

'We'll have to try that method.'

Kang Oh's eyes gleamed.

"What is it?"

"What's the matter?"

Sephiro and Eder stared at Kang Oh while remaining on guard.

"Let's use that."

He was going to try the method he'd used in Warlord that allowed him to defeat the Ricardo brothers all by himself. 

"You're not really thinking of using that, are you?" Eder asked.


Sephiro wanted the details.

"When they use Foot Stomp, one of us has to be in between the two brothers. Fortunately, we know that they don't move in the 2nd phase, so getting in the right position won't be a problem," Kang Oh said.

"Ah, so that's what you want to do."

Once he heard his plan, Sephiro realized what his intentions were.


Eder likewise understood what he wanted.

Perhaps it was because he had explained the plan to them prior, but they understood what he wanted to do.

"Alright. Begin the operation!"

* * *

Gold Horn raised its foot and then stomped on the floor!

An earthquake occurred. 

As expected, Silver Horn struck the ground with its silver axe.

Its first Earth Slash violently cleaved through the ground, rushing towards Eder.

Eder gritted his teeth and threw himself away from the attack. 


Its attack passed through where he'd once been! However, Eder's original position was quite... interesting.

He had been between Gold Horn and Silver Horn, and the wave was going straight for Gold Horn!

As a result, the Earth Slash struck the immobile Gold Horn.


Countless shards of light spilled from its body.

"The plan worked!" Eder yelled.

"The next wave is coming!" Kang Oh shouted.

Silver Horn unleashed its second Earth Slash at Sephiro.

He was on standby, near the space between the two brothers. Once the first Earth Slash had passed him, he threw himself in between the two.


In order to avoid the second Earth Slash, he threw himself out of the way.


The second wave struck Gold Horn too. 

Even though this was happening, Silver Horn stupidly unleashed its third Earth Slash at Kang Oh.

The result was much the same. Once the second Earth Slash had landed, Kang Oh threw himself in between Gold Horn and Silver Horn. 

The third Earth Slash struck Gold Horn once more.

Soon, the earthquake ceased.

As a result of Silver Horn's three Earth Slashes, Gold Horn's body was riddled with wounds.

Despite that, it didn't react any differently. Silver Horn stayed in place as well.

3 minutes later...

Silver Horn raised its foot.

"Let's do it again."


Kang Oh, Eder, and Sephiro used the exact same strategy.

They used Gold Horn's Air Slash against them, causing it to strike its brother, Silver Horn. As a result, Silver Horn was struck by three Air Slashes.

"This is amazing. Their HP has gone down quite a bit," Sephiro, who'd checked their remaining HP, yelled enthusiastically.

"Keep using this strategy until they react differently!" Kang Oh said. 


They continued using this strategy until both Gold Horn and Silver Horn's HP dropped below 30%. With it, the second phase had ended.

Now, they would progress into the third phase.

The minotaurs no longer used Foot Stomp. Of course, they didn't stand in place either.



They violently kicked off the floor and ran like mad bulls. 


They weren't rushing towards Kang Oh's party.

The Minotaur brothers dashed towards each other, and began fighting amongst themselves.

"Ah, to think that this strategy would actually work."

Eder looked in complete disbelief.

"Hoo, hoo. When a familial relationship goes bad, then their relationship becomes worse than strangers," Kang Oh laughed.

Just as planned!

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