Chapter 140. Kang Oh vs. Aman

Kang Oh swung his sword, aiming for Aman's side.


Aman quickly withdrew his greatsword, and easily blocked Kang Oh's strike.

Then, he counterattacked, thrusting his sword at Kang Oh’s upper body. 

'It feels like a tree trunk is flying at me.'

None of Aman's attacks were 'light'.

In order to avoid Aman’s attack, Kang Oh tilted his body. 


All of a sudden, Aman turned his sword midswing, switching from a stab to a slash. 


Kang Oh hadn't expected the attack; it felt like the hairs on his body bristled.

He barely managed to protect himself with his sword. 


Aman's greatsword fell upon Kang Oh's sword.

The good news? Aman’s attack wasn't as strong as it could've been, as he had switched his attack midway.

The bad news? It was still a heavy, powerful attack. 

Ultimately, Kang Oh managed to block the blow, but fell to the floor in the process. 

He rolled onto the floor twice, his body smeared with dirt. 

"How's the dust taste?" Aman said, smiling impishly.

Kang Oh stood up suddenly and dusted himself off nonchalantly.

'Guess I should power up.'

He let loose a fierce roar.


Baramut's Roar!

A silhouette of a tiger briefly appeared behind him and just as quickly disappeared, filling his body with power. 


Kang Oh kicked off the floor and rushed at Aman.

Both of their swords clashed midair. However, Kang Oh was once again pushed back.

The tiger’s energy had increased his power; as a result, he wasn’t pushed back as much and he had yet to fall. 

'I'm still being pushed back.'

Kang Oh's eyes glinted.

Aman. He truly was a monster. 

"Hoh. Seems like that roar worked."

Aman was as nonchalant as ever. 

'Say whatever you want.'

Kang Oh swung his sword diagonally.


Aman easily blocked Kang Oh’s attack again. 

They continued to clash after. 

He made Kang Oh's life miserable by forcefully switching his attacks midway.

However, Kang Oh wouldn't be defeated so easily. With his Hyper Intuition and evasion, as well as his stubborn will to live, he repeatedly blocked Aman's irregular attacks.

Kang Oh returned the favor, weaving in irregular attacks of his own. 

Like right now.

His sword came for Aman’s neck, forcing Aman to guard his neck with his sword. 

However, Kang Oh’s sword stopped midair. It had been a feint. 

'I see an opening.'

Amon briefly exposed a weak spot on his lower body, and Kang Oh kicked at it without an ounce of hesitation.  


For the first time since their fight began, Kang Oh had managed to land a hit. Of course, it was a kick, so the damage was minimal.


Aman scowled and fiercely swung his greatsword.

The attack was so powerful that Kang Oh decided to retreat, rather than contest it.

"You're pretty good."

Aman dusted off the area where he'd been kicked.

"I guess I should take this more seriously."

Once he was finished, white energy rose from Aman's body like a heat haze.

Strong Body!

The warriors of the Nedav Tribe could use a technique called Strong Body, which would increase their physical abilities in exchange for constant stream of MP.

Not only was Aman’s Strong Body the most powerful amongst his tribe, but he could also maintain it the longest, for 15 minutes. 

'This is dangerous.'

Kang Oh knew that Aman had used Strong Body, as well as the inherent danger he posed from using said technique.

He immediately took out Admon's Black Spike Gloves from his inventory.


[Demon Sword Ubist has consumed Admon's Black Spike Gloves.]

[It is a BB-rank item.]

[Entering Gluttony mode.]

[For 15 minutes, the demon sword and your character's abilities double.]

Kang Oh's body exuded jet-black energy.

"I'll end you!"

Aman rushed at him like a fierce beast. Compared to before, his strength and speed were on a completely different level. 

"That's my line!"

Of course, Kang Oh was completely different too now that he'd used Gluttony.

The two unleashed their attacks, intending on finishing the other off, and then engaged in an intense battle.

* * *

After hearing Kang Oh use Baramut's Roar, the people of the Nedav Tribe crowded around the training hall.

"It's the chief."

"Who is he fighting against?"

People trickled in one or two at a time. Eventually, enough people had gathered to completely surround the arena. 

Eder, Sephiro, and Anracoum were a part of this crowd as well.

"Based on what everyone else is saying, Mr. Kang Oh must be fighting the chieftain," Eder said.

"He's strong," Sephiro said, pointing at Aman.

"The Nedav chieftain has always been the tribe's greatest warrior. And this one is a natural warrior. The fact that he assumed the position at such a young age is proof of his strength," Anracoum said.

"They're fighting over the key, aren't they?" Eder asked.

"They can't be fighting over a woman, so it's 99% likely that they're fighting over the key," Sephiro replied. 

"Mr. Kang Oh needs to beat him to obtain the key... Do you think he can win?"

"He has to win no matter what."

Sephiro wasn't a guide this time; he was a companion.

So if he wanted a return on his investment, then he needed to enter the underground labyrinth. 

"It's close... for now," Anracoum said.

"Indeed. But doesn't it remind you of a tiger versus a lion?" Eder said.

Kang Oh and Aman, both at full power, reminded them of savage beasts.

* * *


Kang Oh cleaved a vertical white line through the air!


Whereas Aman cleaved a horizontal red line!


Demon sword and greatsword clashed head-on.

Neither side was pushed back. Both were evenly matched in strength.

Kang Oh, who was empowered by Gluttony, was no longer lacking in strength.

However, Strong Body prevented Kang Oh from overpowering Aman.


"You first!"

They continued their fight, each aiming at the others' vitals. 

Kang Oh aimed for Aman's heart, while Aman attempted to decapitate him.

But both of them dodged the others' attack by a hair's breadth.

'As expected, normal attacks won't work. If that's the case, then...'

Kang Oh's eyes glinted.

"Haahp!" Kang Oh cried out, and swung diagonally with all his might.

Aman attacked as well.

However, Kang Oh's sword stopped halfway.

A feint!

Aman flinched.

'Got you.'

Kang Oh instantly switched his target, aiming for Aman's thigh instead.

Aman gritted his teeth.

He forcefully gripped his greatsword with both hands, and turned his sword towards Kang Oh's demon sword.


Aman just barely blocked Kang Oh's strike.


Kang Oh clicked his tongue in disappointment. 

"You bastard!"

Aman widened his eyes.

He swung his greatsword in a wide arc, but then turned it midway.

Kang Oh had become somewhat familiar with Aman's attacks, so he was able to dodge it with ease. 

After that, they continued their battle of deceit.

Kang Oh tried to get Aman to expose himself by adding in feints, while Aman turned his sword midair, aiming for Kang Oh's vitals.

Their battle continued; the loser would be determined by whoever failed to read the other. 

How much time had passed?

Kang Oh gradually gained the advantage.

In an even battle, Kang Oh's Hyper Intuition made all the difference, as it would point out his enemy's weaknesses, as well as warn him of danger.

'The problem is Gluttony's duration...'

Kang Oh didn't know how long Aman could maintain Strong Body for, so he believed that he would lose when Gluttony ended.

'Let's do it. It'll be too late later.'

Ultimately, Kang Oh came to a decision.

He exerted pressure into his arms, and forcefully pushed Aman back.


Kang Oh quickly caught his breath and activated Devil Trigger. Jet-black energy erupted from his sword, surrounding his entire body.

"What is this?"

Aman looked shocked. It was only natural. After all, his opponent, who he'd been fighting against so intensely, was suddenly covered in darkness.

A short while later...

Red eyes, a beast mask, a jet-black tail, and the darkness that arose from his body like a heat haze signaled the emergence of Demon Kang Oh.


Shadow Ubist was there as well!

Upon seeing his new appearance, the crowd became uproarious. 

"What is that?"

"It's a monster!"

Only Eder and Sephiro, who already knew about his transformation, looked completely unaffected.

"It's Devil Trigger."


"Devil Trigger?" Anracoum asked.

"I don't know what you did, but c'mon!"

Aman remained undaunted by Kang Oh's transformation.

'I'm ending this now.'

Kang Oh didn't intend on maintaining Devil Trigger for a long time.


He forcefully kicked off the floor and dashed towards Aman, his black tail flying through the air. 


Then, Kang Oh swung his demon sword, unleashing an Abyss Aura. 

Aman exploded in red energy.

Aura of Courage!


The two auras clashed and subsequently exploded.

Kang Oh pushed through the explosion and approached Aman.


A white line trailed behind Kang Oh's downward swing, which fell upon Aman like lightning.


A beast-shaped wave of darkness, Darkness Strike, had activated as well.

Aman quickly shielded himself with his greatsword.


Kang Oh's mighty attack struck the top of Aman's greatsword.


Aman shook from the immense power behind Kang Oh’s attack. 

But that wasn’t all. 

With Shadow Ubist haphazardly biting his calf, Aman had lost Kang Oh.

Kang Oh had used Abyss Transfer to quickly reappear behind Aman.


His sword cleaved through Aman's back.


Aman yelled in agony, and shards of red light spurted from the wound.

"You bastard!" Aman shouted.

He then turned himself all the way around and swung his sword like a windmill.  

Aman thought it’d push Kang Oh back, and prepared a follow up attack. 


Kang Oh hadn't dodged or blocked Aman's attack; he'd used Abyss Shield instead.


Upon contact with the barrier, it felt as though his sword was sinking into a swamp. 


Kang Oh smoothly swung upwards.

An attack that signaled the end, Tempest Tiger!


It hit Aman head-on.

A roaring tiger, which gleamed in golden light, and the resulting whirlwind!

Both of these made it impossible for Aman to regain his bearings and unbeknownst to him, he'd fallen to one knee.

"Ha, ha."

Aman breathed haggardly. His body wasn't listening to him.


The tip of Kang Oh's sword was pointed at Aman's throat.

The winner and loser was made clear.

"I... lost!"

Aman bit his lip and admitted defeat.

Only then did Kang Oh deactivate Devil Trigger and grin.

"It was a good fight."


Was it because the fight had them on the edge of their seats? Although the chieftain of their tribe had been defeated, they screamed in excitement.

'The Nedav Tribe respects strength. I guess those words hold true.'

Kang Oh forcefully raised his arm.


The crowd yelled even louder than before.

* * *

Aman's residence...

Kang Oh stared at Amon; though Kang Oh came out relatively unscathed, Amon was completely covered in bandages. 

"Tch. To think I'd lose."

"You were strong."

'I was still stronger at full power though.'

"Hoo. I, the Nedav Chieftain, approve of you," Aman said.

"Then you'll give me the key?"

"Of course. You'll be able to wield the demon sword competently."

Aman fiddled with the hilt of his sword, causing the end to open up, and out came a bead.

"Take it."

"I'll use it well."

It was a black bead that emanated red light; it was called the Nedav Tribe’s Token. 

'I've finally gotten all of the keys.'

Kang Oh gripped the bead.

Now it was time to open the door to the underground labyrinth and find the demon sword. 

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