Chapter 133. I Still Got It

Bam! Bam! Bam!

Admon’s roll was on a completely different level. 

The speed and power behind it was tremendous. It reminded him of a trolley coming right at him.

Blocking its attack wasn’t an option. 

"Dodge!" Kang Oh yelled.

"I already knowww!"

Admon rolled towards the nearest target, so Eder began to run like mad. 

Sephiro shot a test arrow. However, Admon was fully covered by its tough shell, making the arrow largely meaningless. 

"We'll have to hold out until it's finished rolling," Sephiro said to Kang Oh.

Kang Oh, who'd wondered whether it was worth trying a Tempest Tiger, nodded his head.

Admon rolled faster than Eder could run, so it ultimately caught up with him. 


Right before he was flattened like a dried filefish filet…

He wanted to live no matter what, so he threw himself into a crater formed by Admon's headbutt.

"Summon Eder!" Kang Oh shouted.


Admon swept through the area where Eder had once been, leaving behind tire track-like marks wherever it rolled. Of course, its spikes left behind circular marks as well. 

"Jeez, that was kind of close," Eder said, reappearing right in front of him.

"If you have to, abandon your body and return to being a ghost."

Kang Oh couldn't always bail him out.

"Do you have any idea what I went through to get this body!? I can't do that."

Eder stroked his body with both arms. How long had he spent in a fleshless, skeleton body!?

He would cherish this functional body of his until the day that he could return to his original body. 

"Ugh. Fine, do what you want."

Kang Oh stared at him as if he were hopeless.

"We should stop with the idle chatter," Sephiro said.


Admon's rolling attack hadn't ended yet.

"Spread out!"

Kang Oh, Eder, and Sephiro ran in different directions.

Admon chased after Kang Oh.

"Why me!?"

Kang Oh scowled and forcefully kicked off the floor.

He ran much faster than Eder. Not only that, but his speed was comparable to Admon's rolling speed. Thus, he was able to maintain a distance between them.

Sephiro and Eder stopped running, and just vacantly watched the sight.

"Man, you sure are good at running!" Sephiro said. 

"Run, run!" Eder yelled, cupping his hands around his mouth. 

Their voices were filled with joy and ridicule.

'Those idiots!'

Kang Oh ran at full speed after dodging Admon’s attack. Then, he raised his eyebrows. 

He had suddenly thought of a good idea. 

Kang Oh quickly turned around and ran towards Sephiro.  

Sephiro was taken aback.

"What the heck are you doing!?"

"Get out of the way!" Kang Oh yelled roughly, running as fast as he could. 

Behind him, of course, was the rolling Admon.


Sephiro dodged both Kang Oh and Admon, and crazily ran to the side.

Kang Oh passed Sephiro’s original position, and Admon soon followed. 

However, Kang Oh couldn't run forward anymore; a wall was in the way. He turned his back to the wall and stopped.


Admon rushed at him.


Kang Oh threw himself to the side, using his demon sword to protect himself as much as possible.


Admon struck the wall and Kang Oh simultaneously.

Because he'd thrown himself out of the way, he didn’t take the brunt of Admon’s attack. He'd also shielded himself with his sword. 

That's why he was safe.

Even if he had taken the attack head on, his Baramut set’s Wind Shield would’ve protected him, preventing his death. 

Admon couldn't pull itself out of the wall as its spikes, which numbered in the dozens, were deeply embedded in the wall.

'This is my chance!'

Kang Oh had planned for this.

"Now's our chance; attack!"



Kang Oh's party one-sidedly bombarded Admon with attacks. 

Heavy Blow, Shield Bash!

Spinning Arrow, Homing Arrow, Triple Shot!

Slash, cut, Darkness Strike!



Kang Oh unleashed his final attack.

Intermediate Tempest Tiger!

The improved Tempest Tiger pounced onto Admon, who'd become nothing more than a giant sandbag at this point. 



The whirlwind rose into the air, completely engulfing Admon. Then, it dissipated into the air, leaving behind a very dead Admon. 

[You have defeated the Great King Gubara, Admon.]

"It dropped some equipment."

Admon had dropped studded black metal gloves.

Kang Oh immediately appraised the item.

[Admon's Black Spike Gloves]

Metal gloves crafted from the Great King Gubara's tough shell.

There are spikes on the surface of the gloves, which seems effective for attacking. 

+ Iron Fist: When equipped, you will deal additional damage when punching. There is a fixed chance that your attack will decrease your enemy's defense by 5% as well. 

Rank: BB

Abilities: Defense +180, Physical +30, Sense +32

Minimum Requirements: Level 180, Physical 200

'Oh, it's a BB-rank item.'

It was tough to find BB-rank or higher item drops from named monsters, since the drop rate was so low.

But he was lucky to find one here. 

'What a good find. I didn't have any items that I could use for Gluttony.'

Kang Oh was glad that he wouldn't have to buy fodder for Gluttony from the auction house, and placed the gloves into his inventory.

Then, Sephiro approached him.

"Mr. Kang Oh."


"Please, let's take a break," Sephiro said, looking extremely worn down.

They hadn't rested ever since entering the abandoned mine, and had just taken down a named monster as well.

Now it was time to take a break.

The problem was... the person he was asking was an evil employer...

That's why he had kept asking again and again to rest.

"They say that even machines have to rest from time to time... So what about humans..."


"Alright," Kang Oh readily agreed.

He was in a good mood, since he found a BB-rank item.


Sephiro momentarily sported a vacant expression. 'What was going on?'.

"I said let's rest."


"You don't have to if you don't want to."

"I want to rest. I definitely want to rest!" Eder, who'd been listening beside them, raised his hand and yelled.

"Alright, let's take a 10 minute break and then get going."


* * *

Two days later...

Kang Oh's party had defeated 200 Steel Gubaras and had returned to the Balturon Inn.

"I'll stay outside. All of us don't need to go in, right? It reeked last time we went in there," Sephiro said.

"Then I'll wait out here too," Eder said.

He didn't want to go into a bar filled with men.

"Do what you want."

Kang Oh opened the door and entered the bar. As always, the bar stunk of sweat and alcohol.

'He's over there.'

The Master Miner, Bower, was drinking in the same seat as last time.

Kang Oh approached him.

"Mr. Bower."


"We defeated 200 Steel Gubaras."


Bower looked a little surprised.

"I'm pretty fast."

Kang Oh grinned.

"Tch. If I'd known you would finish this fast, then I would've told you to kill 300 or 400 of them."

"Now it's time for you to return the favor."

"I got it."

[You have completed the quest, Kill the Steel Gubaras.]

Bower stood up, placing the pickaxe he'd left to the side onto his shoulder.

"Where is the ore?"

"It's in Altein."

Kang Oh replied as soon as Bower asked.

"Altein? Ore as precious as adamantium exists within such a large city?"

"Yes. There's a cave underneath the Holiseum. That's where the adamantium is kept."

"Underneath the Holiseum, huh... What good timing. I was thinking of paying Burkan a visit."

"Then, shall we go?"

Kang Oh wanted Bower to mine the adamantium ASAP.

"If we're heading for Altein, then we'll have to use a gate."

"Yes, that's correct," Kang Oh said affably, as Bower had something he wanted.

'He's a Master Miner! There's nothing wrong with getting close to him.'

He planned on flattering him a ton on their way to Altein.

"Let's go."

Bower strode forward.

Kang Oh smiled politely and followed him.

* * *

On their way to Altein, Kang oh stuck to Bower like glue, chatting about various matters.

When the time was right, Kang Oh began flattering him. 

"Mr. Bower, your eyebrows are quite thick."

He started off slow.

"That must be why you look so manly."

"I am pretty good looking."

Bower smiled happily and nodded his head.

"With that face and body, you must be popular with the ladies."

Kang Oh looked him over and then gave him a double thumbs up.

"I was, so much so that it was kind of troublesome."

"Have you gotten married? No, that's not it; you must've gotten married to a beautiful woman by now," Kang Oh asked with sparkling eyes.

"Not yet."

"That's good! I know this rich, beautiful, and kind woman..."


"I'll try to put in a good word for you."

"Hehehe," Bower laughed.

[Closeness with the Master Miner, Bower, has increased significantly.]

[Closeness with the Master Miner, Bower, has increased significantly.]

After looking over the system messages, Kang Oh smirked.

'I still got it!'

After that...

Kang Oh laid it on thick. 

He'd be speaking about something normal, but would then 'unintentionally' say things that would make Bower feel good about himself.


By the time they reached the intercity transfer gate, Bower had been completely fooled by Kang Oh's scheme; Bower's smile wouldn't leave his face. 

"I like you. Let's have a drink together next time."

Bower tapped his shoulder.

"It's an honor."

"Give me a holler if you need my help with something or you're having a tough time."


Kang Oh's eyes gleamed.


With this, he'd formed another personal connection!

Sephiro and Eder, who'd witnessed this sequence of events, said...

"If you want to flatter someone, then do it like Mr. Kang Oh!"

"Someone who'll say anything to survive!"

In any case, Kang Oh's party safely reached Altein with Bower in tow.

"You guys can go," Kang Oh said to Eder and Sephiro.

"Then I'll get going."

As soon as Kang Oh was finished speaking, Sephiro left.

"I'll see you later."

Eder pocketed his wage and disappeared into the crowd.

"Let us go."


Kang Oh led Bower to the Holiseum.

* * *

Kang Oh went down the stairs, which led to the Holiseum's underground arena.

However, there was someone coming up the stairs. Once the man saw Kang Oh's face, he quickly turned around, trying to go back the way he came.

Kang Oh called him, forcing him to stop. 

"Hey, Darion!"

Tap, tap, tap, tap.

The man sped up.

"If you don't stop right there, then I'll make sure you regret it."


Darion turned around, forcing himself to smile.  

"It's been a long time, Mr. Kang Oh."

"Yeah, it has. Have you been well? No, you've definitely been well. Considering how you ran without a second thought upon seeing me."

"I wasn't running from you; I was going back to pick up something I forgot."

Darion spoke at length in an attempt to justify himself.

"What did you leave behind?" Kang Oh asked.


Darion didn’t know what to say. After all, he hadn't actually forgotten anything.


Kang Oh didn't question him anymore, as Bower was with him.

"Lead me to Burkan."

It was clearly an order.

"Ahem. Please follow me."

As always, Darion was the 'lesser' of the two.

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