Chapter 121. Challenge Accepted

Soo Ah shook her head. 

"I can't do that."

"Why not?"

"What if we lose?"

If they lost, she’d have to kneel in front of Yoon Se Hwa and apologize. She really didn’t want to do that. 

Not only that, but...

"It's even worse for you."

Jae Woo would also be forced to join the Jairus Guild for a year. 

"There's no guarantee that she'll keep her promise even if we win."

Soo Ah didn't trust Yoon Se Hwa at all. 

"If we compete in an escape game, then we'll win 100%," Jae Woo said with certainty.

"Why is that?"

"Because it's you and me."

"I'm sorry?"

'What are you talking about?'

"If I use everything under my belt, then we'll win no matter what," Jae Woo asserted confidently.

He wasn't underestimating Park Tae Gyu.

Park Tae Gyu wasn't unskilled. Not only that, but he could receive assistance from his guild as well.

'That's why he was in such a hurry to challenge us. I'm not in a guild, while he is. He's probably confident in his skills too.'

Assistance from a large guild was not to be underestimated.

A guild could offer its members weapons, armor, healing/buffing potions, and information. They would also share whatever information they had on conquering the Tarnatose Prison. 

'It doesn't matter. If I use my full strength, then we'll win no matter what.'

His longtime experience as a gamer was telling him that. Tae Gyu wasn't a match for him.

"Plus, you're a better player than Yoon Se Hwa."

He'd seen Yoon Se Hwa play a few times via Dungeon Conquering Man, and based on that footage he came to the conclusion that...

Yoon Se Hwa was a celebrity, not a gamer; which meant that she played the game for TV, not because she liked the game.

Whereas Soo Ah was both a celebrity and a gamer. She knew how to enjoy a game, and played seriously.

In a 2 versus 2, Jae Woo would beat Tae Gyu, and Soo Ah would beat Se Hwa.

Not only that, but...!

"We have much better chemistry."

Their teamwork was fantastic.

Yoon Se Hwa was like Tae Gyu's sidekick, who just followed him around and made him do the heavy lifting, whereas Soo Ah was a full-fledged teammate.

"Are you sure we can win no matter what?"

"Yep. Absolutely sure."


Soo Ah thought it over. 

She trusted Jae Woo, but what if they lost?

Jae Woo knew what she was worried about and said, "We'll adjust the terms of the agreement."


"In terms of you and Yoon Se Hwa, the loser will have to kneel before the winner and say they're sorry. After that, the losing side promises that they won’t stir up trouble."

If Soo Ah won, then Yoon Se Hwa would be forced to kneel before her and apologize!

"What about you?"

"If I lose, then I'll give Tae Gyu information on the adamantium ore rather than joining the Jairus Guild. In exchange, if I win, then I get the information I want from him."

If he could, then he would've added 'You're my slave for a year.'.

But if he did, then he felt like Soo Ah wouldn't accept the challenge. 

"What if they don't honor the bet?"

"We have to write a contract. And it'll be broadcasted, so we'll know who won for sure."

"Oppa, is this really the right call?"

"Yeah, it is," Jae Woo said with surety.


In the end, Soo Ah made up her mind. She would accept the challenge. 

A short while later...

Jae Woo, Soo Ah, Tae Gyu, and Se Hwa gathered in one place.

"Let's change the terms of the agreement," Jae Woo said.

"How?" Tae Gyu asked.

"If Soo Ah or your partner loses, then they have to kneel and say they're sorry. Of course, the loser also has to promise not to stir up trouble thereafter."


Yoon Se Hwa scowled. 'She wants someone else to bow in front of her, but she's unwilling to do the same.'

"If you don't want to, then that's fine too."

Jae Woo shrugged his shoulders. It didn't matter whether they accepted the new terms or not.

"Ms. Se Hwa, you said you wanted to win. All we have to do is win," Tae Gyu whispered into her ear.


Ultimately, Se Hwa accepted the new terms.

"What else?" Tae Gyu asked.

"We remove the 1 year clause," Jae Woo said. 

"Understood," Tae Gyu replied immediately.

"If I lose, then I'll give you detailed information on how to obtain the adamantium ore. That's what you want, right?"


"But if I win, then I want some information too."

"What kind of information?"

"Information on the Master Miners. The Jairus Guild is searching for the best ore, so you must have information on the Master Miners as well."

Jae Woo would use this opportunity to find a Master Miner, and use them to mine the adamantium beneath the Holiseum.

"Mm. Master Miners, huh... Why do you need that kind of information? Is it related to...?"

Tae Gyu wanted to ask whether it was related to the adamantium ore or not, but Jae Woo interrupted him.

"I don't need to tell you that. Can you provide me the information or not?"

"Understood. If you win, then I will provide you information regarding the Master Miners," Tae Gyu replied.

"Alright. Then let's write up a contract so that no one changes their mind later."

Jae Woo and Tae Gyu sat on opposite sides of the table, and began writing the contract.

"How about a 100 million won ($100,000 USD) penalty for breach of contract?" Jae Woo asked.

"1-100 million?"

Yoon Se Hwa widened her eyes.

"You just need to follow the contract. Isn't that right?" 

Jae Woo stared at Tae Gyu.

"Indeed. You just need to follow the contract."

They were finished writing up the contract after adding in the penalty clause.

The four sifted through the contract and then signed next to their names.

They were now in between a rock and a hard place.

Tae Gyu and Se Hwa picked up their contracts and stood up.

"I hope you come prepared."

"Get your knees ready."

After the two had left, Kang Oh and Soo Ah stared at each other.

"Soo Ah."


"Let's win no matter what."

Jae Woo was confident in their chances. Still, he couldn't afford to be careless.

'I'll use everything at my disposal!'

His eyes glinted.

"Yes, let's win for sure!"

Soo Ah clenched her fists.

* * *

Kang Oh was in the middle of hunting bandits with Sephiro and Eder when he received a message from Asu.

- Oppa, I logged in.

- How's your schedule?

- I'm finished for today.

- You're in Altein, right?

- Yes.

- I'll be there in a minute. Wait right there.

Kang Oh closed the message window and said, "We'll stop here for today."

"Excuse me?"


Their expressions seemed to say, 'I can't believe this.'.

Kang Oh wasn't the type of person to end things early. This was Kang Oh they were talking about.

"I have some matters to attend to."

"What matters?" Eder asked.

"A date," Kang Oh said with a triumphant expression.

"With a guy?" Eder asked impishly.

"Haha," Sephiro laughed.

"A girl," Kang Oh said clearly.

"Sure, sure."

Sephiro and Eder didn't believe him.

"Whatever. I'm leaving."

Kang Oh waved his hand with a 'swish', took out a return scroll, and used it to return to Altein.

Silver powder glowed, and Kang Oh's body began to fade. Soon, he completely disappeared.

"He used a return scroll? Do you think... he actually has a date with a girl?" Eder asked.

"That's not possible," Sephiro firmly said.

"There's no woman who'd fall for someone like him..."

Sephiro suddenly thought of something.

'W-Wait a sec. That guy's on the same show as Ms. Triple Lower. They looked pretty close... No way. He's not going to meet Ms. Soo Ah, is he?'

"What's wrong?" Eder asked, as Sephiro had stopped talking and began thinking.

"Eh, no way."

Sephiro shook his head.

"What's wrong?" Eder asked once more. 

"It's nothing, Brother."

Eder and Sephiro finished up and headed for the nearest town.

* * *

The 1st floor of the Vyoom Inn was a bar, while the 2nd and 3rd floors were accommodations. 

In the past, Kang Oh had signed an unfair contract with Sephiro here.

Kang Oh opened the door and entered the inn. He took a quick look around, and found Asu waiting for him at a table.

"I'm here."

Kang Oh approached her.

"You came quick," she greeted.

"There's nothing else in your schedule today, right?"


"What about tomorrow?"

"I have to go to the shop at daybreak. My schedule is packed tomorrow."

"Hmm. Then I shouldn't keep you for too long today."

Kang Oh had told Eder and Sephiro that he was going on a date, but that wasn't actually so.

They were going to undergo some special training in order to best Park Tae Gyu and Yoon Se Hwa in the escape game.

"I can go late into the night! I can just sleep in the car!" she said ardently.

"Ok. What level are you?"

"Level 85!"

"Alright. Then let's get you up to level 100 before the next episode."

"Is that possible?"

The next shoot was in a week. Was it even possible to level up that much by then?

"Yeah, it is. Leveling up to 100 is pretty easy."

It wouldn't be hard to level her up.

"Let's get you some better equipment once you hit 100. I'll help you find the right items."

"Um, Oppa."

Asu raised her hand.

"Yeah, what is it?"

"The guildmaster gave me some items already. She told me to equip them once I hit level 100. I think I can just use those."

"Ah, the person who gave you your necklace gave you other items too?"

"Yes. Would you like to take a look at them?"


Asu took out a sword, a full armor set, and a ring out of her inventory and placed them atop the table.

Kang Oh eyes widened as he examined the items.

"This... is a True Knight armor set. The sword's S-rank too."

Each and every one of them was a masterpiece.

"You got these as a present?"


"That friend of yours is either really rich, or is a really high level player."

"She said that she was a famous player. Anyway, these items are good enough, right?"

"They're more than enough. Next up... Let's spar in our free time," Kang Oh said.


"Yeah. It'd be more beneficial to spar with me than hunting most monsters."

"I won't go easy on you!" Asu said, her eyes glinting.

"That's my line... Anyway, I'll give you some info on the Tarnatose Prison, so make sure you memorize it. The day before the shoot, let's go to the Tarnatose Prison and do a rehearsal."

Asu nodded her head.

"Good. Then, shall we go hunting?"

"Where are we going?"

Kang Oh grinned.

"The jungle."

* * *

The Lakern Mountain...

Kang Oh and Asu entered the Cave Hidden by the Wind.

"We're here," Kang Oh said, pointing at the wind symbol at the end of the cave.

"Didn't you say we were going to a jungle?" Asu said.

"Yeah. We are going to a jungle."

As soon as he finished, Kang Oh swung his demon sword and used Tempest Tiger.


The Tempest Tiger struck the wall, followed by raging winds. Then, an oval-shaped portal appeared.

"Wow. What is this?"

Asu widened her eyes.

At that moment, she saw a system message.

[You have discovered the Quiet Lavero Jungle.]

"The Quiet Lavero Jungle..." she said, emphasizing the word 'jungle'.

"Welcome to the jungle."

Kang Oh bowed at the waist like an English gentleman.

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