Chapter 113. Ingrit Outpost (1)

In the western region of Arth, there existed grassy and snowy plains, a dense coniferous forest, etc. 

All sorts of anthropomorphs, orcs, trolls, and giants, all of which were hostile towards humans, inhabited that region as well. 

The city of Kuwang was located right in front of the path that led to the western region, otherwise known as the ‘Monster Road’. 

Kuwang was a military city. It was guarded by soldiers so that the west’s non-humans couldn’t enter human territory, the central region. 

Kang Oh, Asu, and the youngest writer headed for Kuwang first. From there, they traversed through the Monster Road. 

A short while later...

"There it is."

Kang Oh pointed at a small far-off quarry.

Crude houses were built atop it; the houses were barricaded with sharpened wood. 

That was the Ingrit Outpost.

"What does Ingrit mean?" Asu asked.

"You know what trolls are, right?"


Trolls possessed green skin, long arms, nimble bodies, large noses, and tusks that protruded out of their mouths.

They were hostile towards humans, and were renowned for their skill in battle. 

"The western trolls are part of one large tribe. That tribe is called Ingrit."

"Then are we going to fight trolls?"

"Yeah, that's right."

Ingrit Outpost was built on the Monster Road in order to monitor for any possible large-scale human invasion. 

"Trolls, huh..."

Asu's eyes glinted with anticipation.

"Stay right next to me. You can't underestimate them."

Asu wasn't unskilled, so Kang Oh wouldn't have to go out of his way to protect her.

However, the trolls they'd face were skilled fighters. They were formidable opponents for someone like her, who hadn’t even hit level 100 yet. 

This time, he planned on safeguarding her as much as possible whilst fighting the trolls.


Asu nodded her head.

A short while later, Kang Oh's party reached the entrance of the outpost.


The writer passed him the contract, which would reduce his abilities by 30%.


Kang Oh signed the contract immediately.

He could only use 70% of his strength, but it didn't really matter.

'I have my new weapon too.'

Kang Oh fiddled with a Gladion's Dagger that hung from his belt.

"Please remember to turn on film mode. I'll be waiting here," the writer said.

"Film," Kang Oh and Asu yelled simultaneously. 

"Let's go, shall we?"


The two headed for the entrance. 

"Good luck."

The writer saw the two of them off.

* * *

[Entering the spatiotemporal intersection point, Ingrit Outpost.]

"It's an enemy!"

As soon as they entered, three trolls dashed towards them.

The trolls wielded javelins, which were half the length of a normal spear, as well as oval-shaped shields. They also bore a sun tattoo at the center of their chests.

Kang Oh and Asu drew their respective weapons.

"Those are Troll Warriors. Fight them like you're fighting another person, not a monster."



Kang Oh used Baramut's Roar. Come forth, tiger's energy!

"...I shall always be honorable," Asu whispered, raising her sword straight up.

The sword radiated light, illuminating her form.

She cast Knight's Vow, which increased both her attack power and defense.

A Troll Warrior got close. 

The troll with the largest tusks thrust its javelin at Kang Oh.


"No thanks!"

Kang Oh swung horizontally, deflecting the spear.

Another troll immediately swung its javelin at Kang Oh. Then, Asu, who was right beside him, joined in. 


Her sword and the troll's javelin clashed.

'My turn.'

Kang Oh attacked while Asu defended. 


His jet-black blade cut through the air with a 'whoosh'.

"Block it!" one of the trolls shouted and raised its shield.

The other trolls raised their tower shields as well.


Though his sword merely grazed the top of their shields, the trolls could still feel the force behind the blow. 

"He's strong!"


After that, the three trolls began moving more systematically.

When two attacked, one would defend. It wouldn't be easy to find a blind spot.

Kang Oh and Asu versus the three trolls.

There was a brief lull in battle after they'd exchanged blows several times.

"They certainly are different from monsters," Asu said whilst observing the trolls.


"Yes. It feels like I'm fighting against an experienced fighter."

Kang Oh's eyes glinted.

'It's about time to finish things up.'

It seemed like Asu was getting used to fighting trolls, so it was time to fight them for real.

"Let's go."


Kang Oh dashed towards the trolls.

"They're coming!"

Two of the trolls thrust their spears at Kang Oh.

Kang Oh moved his body to the left and right, avoiding the spears, and prepared to attack.

The lone troll that hadn't attacked raised its shield.


Kang Oh gripped his sword with both hands, the muscles of his hands straining as he forcefully swung down.


He struck the center of the tower shield.


The troll and his shield fell to the floor.

The other two trolls' eyes widened and shook. They were clearly flustered. 

Kang Oh immediately followed up with another attack.

His target raised its shield, but he pushed it out of his way. 

Then, Asu rushed in and attacked the troll that was laying on its butt. 

Honorable Strike!


Her sword cleaved the disoriented troll.

Feathers flew into the air!

At the same time, the troll felt a cold chill. Asu's necklace had activated its effect.


A dagger came flying through the air, piercing the troll's shoulder. Kang Oh had thrown a Gladion’s Dagger.


The dagger emitted sparks, causing the troll's expression to contort.

After that, Asu used another skill.

Vital Thrust!

Aiming for a vital area was too easy when one's opponent was momentarily stunned.


It exploded in giant orange shards.

Kang Oh swung his sword in a wide arc, pushing two trolls away and striking the third.

Swish, slash, swish!

Kang Oh instantaneously sliced the troll three times.

That marked its end.

[You have defeated a Troll Warrior.]

Kang Oh immediately turned around and rushed towards the two remaining trolls.

The trolls thought Kang Oh resembled an angered tiger.

They weren't able to endure for a long time after that.

Not only had their numbers dwindled, but they weren't skilled enough to deal with the demon sword's might, as well as the daggers that came flying at them at just the right times.

Kang Oh and Asu's first battle ended one-sidedly. They then traversed further into the outpost.

* * *

There were three 2-story buildings in the Ingrit Outpost. The others were all just 1-story wooden buildings.

The three named monsters, which were Kang Oh and Asu's mission objective, resided within these 2-story buildings.

Just now...

A named troll, which was both larger than the others and possessed a complex tattoo on its face, had just fallen face first onto the ground. 

[You have defeated the Troll Warrior, Duka.]

The Troll Warrior, Duka, wasn't much different from the other Troll Warriors they'd fought thus far. It was only slightly stronger than the rest.

Thus, they were able to take it down with ease.

'One down.'

Now there were only two named monsters left.

Kang Oh and Asu exited the 2-story wooden building and headed for the next one.

"It's an enemy!"

A Troll Warrior popped out. Another troll wielding a wave-bladed dagger in both hands accompanied it.

"Be careful of the dagger one. It's a Troll Assassin, and its daggers are coated in a potent toxin."


The battle began right after her reply.

The warrior charged, while the assassin moved to Asu's side.

'Let's take care of this guy first.'

Kang Oh was worried about the assassin, but decided to take down the warrior first.


He cleaved a white line through the air.

The Troll Warrior protected itself with its shield.


The troll was forced back by the blow.

Kang Oh kicked off the floor, getting up close and personal.


He followed up with another attack!

Kang Oh slashed the warrior's forearm, causing it to burst with shards of light.

At that moment...

Asu, who'd been watching the assassin, yelled, "Oppa!"

The assassin was on the move. 

Its target was Asu.

Kang Oh kicked the Troll Warrior away and turned around.

The assassin, now right in front of her face, swung its black liquid coated dagger. 

Asu defended herself with her sword.

The assassin's dagger struck the top of her sword. 


Its wavy blade made it sound like it was grating against her sword. 

At that moment...

Kang Oh came flying through the air, aiming for the assassin's throat.


The assassin quickly swung its dagger, deflecting the dagger.


Kang Oh swung downwards, and the assassin retreated.

"I'll take care of this guy; you fight the warrior!"


Asu rushed towards the warrior. Then, Kang Oh began to fight the assassin for real.

The assassin pointed its poison-coated dagger at Kang Oh in an attempt to intimidate him. It reminded him of a small scorpion pointing its tail at him.

However, Kang Oh wasn't intimidated in the least. Demonic Swordsman was a class that was highly resistant to poison. Not only that, but his skill in evasion was unparalleled, and he had his Hyper Intuition too. 


Kang Oh kicked off the floor and charged.

The assassin likewise rushed towards him.



Sword and dagger crossed.

Kang Oh's demon sword was heavier, but the assassin had two daggers.

He pushed its dagger away, but the assassin then struck with its other one, aiming for a vital point.

Kang Oh tilted his body back. The dagger, which had been aimed at his Adam's apple, hit nothing but air.

He smelled something smoky. It was probably the smell coming from the toxin.


Kang Oh counterattacked. However, he wasn't swinging his sword; he was swinging his offhand instead!


He made a split-second decision, feeling that his fist would be more effective than his sword in this situation.

His decision had been right.


He struck the assassin's jaw, forcing it back.


He swung his demon sword diagonally.


The white line left a lengthy wound on the assassin's chest.


The assassin quickly covered the wound with its arm and retreated.

"Where do you think you're going!?"

Kang Oh quickly drew a dagger and threw it while pursuing the assassin.


The dagger spun in the air like a windmill!

The assassin quickly ducked, dodging the dagger. But Kang Oh caught up with the assassin and had appeared right in front of its face.

It gave up on defense and swung both of its daggers.

That wasn't a good decision.

Kang Oh had struck first.


He struck the wound, causing its chest to explode with red shards.

That was the end of it.

All that was left for it was death.


He briefly caught his breath. Then, he rushed towards Asu, who'd just barely blocked the Troll Warrior's attack, and finished it off as well.

Assassins continued to pop up after that.

Kang Oh calmly defeated the assassins while safeguarding Asu.

In the end, they reached the second 2-story building. 

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