Chapter 110. New Weapon's Power

[Leather Belt for Projectile Weapons]

A leather belt crafted by a renowned leatherworker. This belt is designed to hold projectile weapons. 

+ Projectile Weapon Registry: If a projectile weapon is hung or placed within the belt, then it will automatically be registered into the belt. 

+ Automatic Return: Registered projectile weapons will automatically return to you when the enemy is killed or the battle ends. 

Rank: BB

Abilities: Defense +20

Minimum Requirements: Level 100

With this belt, he wouldn’t have to worry about picking up his projectile weapons; he wouldn’t have to worry about losing them either. 

Plus, it only cost 200 gold!

Kang Oh bought the belt immediately.

The belt was yellow, as it was made of natural cowhide, with pockets and loops made of string.

Kang Oh equipped the belt and hung his daggers on the loops. 

[Gladion's Dagger has been registered.]

[Automatic Return has been activated.]

The belt was comfortable and the daggers didn’t move around either. 

"It feels just right."

Kang Oh smiled satisfyingly, and used the auction interface once more.

He didn't need anything else, but he wanted to check up on his own auctioned items.  

'Let's see... Shurak's Cold Bearing Blade, transaction complete. Sold for 1,280 gold.'

Kang Oh collected his pay, and then left the auction house. 

He went to a nearby training center and practiced throwing daggers at a target dummy. 

At first, he missed more than he hit. But practicing for the entire day helped him get a feel for it. 

"Alright. I think this is good enough."

Kang Oh spun Gladion’s Dagger in the palm of his hand. It felt like the dagger glued itself to his hand.

"Now then."

Kang Oh's eyes gleamed. It was time to fight the Red Beards once more.

* * *

Kang Oh and Eder arrived at Helm Mountain, and were greeted by the sight of a sword-wielding Red Beard Bandit. 

"Quietly follow me."


Kang Oh discreetly moved behind the bandit.


Fortunately, the bandit didn't notice Kang Oh or Eder.

Kang Oh drew a dagger and forcefully threw it at the bandit's back.


The dagger, shaped like a devil's horn, spun through the air.

Realizing that something was coming his way, the bandit quickly spun around. 

He was too late.


Turning his body did, however, keep the dagger from hitting his back; the dagger struck his shoulder instead. 


The dagger sparked.


The bandit's body momentarily went rigid. The dagger's electric shock ability had activated.


Kang Oh quickly dashed forward.


Eder kicked off the floor.

With his right hand, Kang Oh drew his sword and with his left, he drew another dagger. 

He threw another lightning dagger whilst maintaining his sprint.


The dagger spun through the air, flying towards the bandit.

It seemed like the electric shock was still affecting him, as the bandit arduously raised his blade. 


The dagger bounced off the bandit's sword.

Meanwhile, Kang Oh managed to close the distance. 


He swung diagonally.


His jet-black blade struck the bandit's sword.

Kang Oh pushed the bandit's sword away; it felt like the bandit hadn't been able to use their full strength. 

Then, his Hyper Intuition marked the bandit's weak point.

Kang Oh didn't hesitate, and quickly swung his sword horizontally.

Tempest Tiger!

A roaring tiger aura appeared right in front of the bandit. 

The bandit tried to protect himself, but he was too late.


The bandit was struck head-on by the Tempest Tiger and was flung away.

Normally, Kang Oh would've rushed forward to finish his opponent off, but he had other ways to attack now. 

He drew his third dagger and threw it at the downed bandit.


The dagger embed itself in the bandit's forearm.


The bandit's face contorted in pain.

At that moment...


Lightning fell from the sky.

The dagger's second ability, Lightning Mark, had activated.

Five shards of light burst out. It looked just like a blooming flower.

Kang Oh pressed his offensive and Eder, who'd been watching, belatedly stomped on the floor.

Ruined Ramparts, the curse which lowered an enemy's defense, spread from his feet.

Kang Oh swung downwards at the downed bandit.


His sword hit nothing but dirt; the bandit had dodged his blade by rolling to the side.

The bandit stood, despite his body still tingling from the lightning. 

"You bastard!"

The bandit slashed, his voice enraged.

Brave Strike!

The bandit's blade glowed with green energy; he attempted to fell Kang Oh in a single blow.

Kang Oh positioned his sword straight.

Once their swords met, Kang Oh was pushed two steps back. His hands tingled as well.

'He really is strong.'

Though he’d struck first, it didn’t change the fact that the bandit was still strong and over level 200. 

Then, Eder passed by Kang Oh and swung his mace at the bandit.


The mace was spewing a green, poisonous mist.

"That’s not gonna to work!"

The bandit fiercely swung his sword with both hands.


He deflected the mace.


Then, he attacked with the corner of his skull shield.

Shield Bash!

The bandit lowered his sword, allowing him to block the incoming shield. 


The shield’s edge grazed the blade, the friction creating sparks.



The bandit's expression contorted.

Kang Oh had, at some point, thrown his fourth and last dagger, piercing the bandit’s side. 


Yellow sparks erupted from the blade.


Kang Oh kicked off the floor and leaped into the air. He swung downwards with his sword, aiming for the top of the bandit's head.


He heard a 'whack' and felt his hands tingle. Kang Oh's attack had definitely gone through.

The top of the head was a vital point!

Red shards of light exploded out of the bandit’s head like a fountain of blood.

Eder wouldn't let himself be outdone; he struck the bandit's stomach with his mace.

Kang Oh simultaneously cut through the bandit’s chest using Slash.

It just so happened that Darkness Strike activated as well.

The bandit was ravaged by the slash of entwined white and black. 


The mighty strike caused the bandit to topple over once more. 

Then, Kang Oh and Eder proceeded to attack without interruption. 

"Crush him!"

"Yes, sir!"

It became a one-sided beat down. The bandit, who'd barely regained his bearings, briefly tried to fight back.

However, the fight was already in Kang Oh and Eder's favor, with no hopes of turning things around.

The bandit dropped his head, and his sword fell to the floor. 

[You have defeated a Red Beard Bandit.]


Kang Oh caught his breath.

"Man, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be," Eder said.

"We were able to surprise him with my new skill."

Kang Oh used Automatic Return, which returned the daggers to his belt. Then, he stared at Gladion's Dagger.

Gladion's Dagger.

It was a masterpiece that sold for a hefty price.

If Kang Oh’s proficiency in Throw Projectile, as well as his actual throwing ability increased, then the skill’s effectiveness would only improve from here on out. 


Kang Oh grinned.

Getting stronger was such a joyous occasion.

* * *

Kang Oh would start each fight by throwing his daggers, and managed to keep killing Red Beard Bandits.

The two of them could defeat one bandit with ease, but fighting two was tough.

Of course, they would win, but they would only win by a narrow margin. 

After all, Eder's body was in tatters and Kang Oh's HP bar was flashing red.

Whenever they saw three or more bandits on one area, they would move somewhere else. 

Like right now.


Eder pointed at three bandits passing through the trees.


Kang Oh and Eder moved discreetly, so that they wouldn't be discovered. 

They moved far enough away such that they couldn’t see the group of bandits anymore, but then, an arrow came flying by. 


Kang Oh turned his head and an arrow whizzed past him, embedding itself in a tree.

"Hamir is here!" Eder shouted.

The bearskin-wearing, named member of the Red Beards, Hamir shot a second arrow.

Kang Oh used both his Hyper Intuition and his evasion to their maximum potential to simultaneously dodge the arrow and run forward.

'Not yet.'

Hamir was still too far away for him to use his trump card, Gladion’s Dagger. 

'I have to get close enough to throw the dagger.'

Kang Oh clenched his stomach and kicked off the floor even more forcefully than before. Eder was also rushing towards Hamir as well.

Whizz. Whizz.

Hamir shot two more arrows using his Continuous Shot skill.

He shot one at Kang Oh and the other at Eder.

Because Eder didn't possess Kang Oh's Hyper Intuition or his level of evasion, he was forced to guard himself with his shield.

Kang Oh drew a dagger with his left hand and threw himself forward, leaning towards the left.

An arrow grazed his leg, and he received a message indicating that he'd taken some minor damage.

Kang Oh stood up immediately.

"Take this!"

He forcefully swung his left hand.


The dagger left his hand, spinning towards Hamir.

Hamir notched several arrows and used Multi-Shot.

The dagger and arrows passed each other.


A rain of arrows fell upon him.

At the same time...!


Kang Oh's dagger pierced Hamir's calf.


It emitted sparks, causing Hamir's body to shake. 

"Attack!" Kang Oh yelled.

This was their only chance to close the distance.

Kang Oh and Eder dashed towards Hamir.

Hamir was getting shocked, so he couldn't control his body properly.

In the end, he couldn't stop Kang Oh and Eder from getting close.

"Get behind him."

Eder immediately got behind Hamir, preventing Hamir from escaping. 

Hamir placed his bow on his back and drew two hand axes from his waist.


It was like a bear’s roar. 

Hamir didn’t look like he was being shocked anymore. He charged at Kang Oh first. 

'He's fast!'

Hamir was faster than the over level 200 Red Beard Bandits.

He attacked with his dual axes, alternating between them. They were coated in a deep, green energy, indicative of a skill's effect.

Brave Strike!

Brave Strike!

Kang Oh quickly used his demon sword like a shield.

Clang! Clang!

Kang Oh gritted his teeth. Hamir's strength was tremendous. He was way stronger than the normal Red Beard Bandits!

Then, Eder attacked Hamir's back.

However, Hamir evaded his attack, as if he had eyes on the back of his head, and counterattacked immediately.


Eder was struck by the hand axe and fell.

Meanwhile, Kang Oh swung his sword.


Hamir slightly pulled back, and Kang Oh's demon sword merely struck air.


Hamir quickly counterattacked.

His attacks were heavy! Moreover, he was aiming for the neck, one of the body's weak points.

He kept feeling a chill at his neck. Kang Oh bent over backwards. 

Then, Hamir swung downwards with his other hand axe.


Realizing he wouldn’t be able to dodge the blow, Kang Oh swung his sword. 


His sword pushed the hand axe upwards. 

Hamir stopped attacking and pulled back.

'This guy!'

Kang Oh's eyes dimmed.

After fighting him, Kang Oh realized that Hamir wasn't a bow specialist; he specialized in close-range combat instead, like how he was fighting him with two hand axes right now. 

Which meant that closing the distance and fighting him close-up didn't actually offer him an advantage.

'I can't beat him easily. If this goes on and another bandit shows up, then... It'll spell trouble.'

If that's the case...

Kang Oh took out the 'Cursed Eyepatch of the Dead' that he'd bought from the auction house some time ago.

"Devour, Ubist!"

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