Chapter 105. The Named: Oga

The formidable Lightning Hunter, Caraco, appeared on the screen.

It possessed the face of an eagle, the lower body of a horse, and four black wings. There was a gem embedded in its forehead and it wielded a glimmering golden spear!

Then, subtitles briefly appeared.

[Lightning Hunter Caraco / Kaistan Canyon's hidden raid boss]

Caraco charged, kicking off the floor with its four legs. 

"You lightning thieves!"


The golden spear, which was longer than 5 meters long, came flying at them, and Kang Oh, Sephiro, and Eder fanned out. 

The battle had begun in earnest.

Seeing Caraco, through the TV screen reminded him how strong it was.

It excelled in both strength and speed, and was skilled in the use of a spear as well. Not only that, but it could cause lightning to drop from the sky. 

Yet they fought Caraco with a party of three. 

Time passed, and the fight eventually moved to the cave.


Jae Woo caught his breath.

Kang Oh was this close to getting skewered, but had barely gotten out of it alive through the Baramut set's Wind Shield.

'That really was dangerous.'

It truly had been.

After that...

Caraco, having lost its ability to fly, became the very incarnation of lightning, and Kang Oh had responded with Devil Trigger. 

Kang Oh’s face was covered by a mask resembling a red-eyed beast; a jet-black tail, which glimmered with starlight, jutted out from behind and darkness, as well as Ubist’s shadow arose from his shoulders like a haze!


Jae Woo clenched his fists. He looked really cool. He truly was the incarnation of darkness!

He suddenly felt curious as to how people were reacting to him.

Jae Woo quickly accessed GBS's website and entered the chat room of <The Named: Oga>.

- What am I seeing right now?

- This is crazy.

- Wow. He's fighting a raid boss one on one?

- Isn't it 3 on 1?

- Don't you see them just standing there?

- But isn't that archer Sephiro?

- Who's that?

- He's the Wind Archer and he's a ranker too.

- The boss seems weak. I could take it down too.

- Even though it's a raid boss? You're a newbie, aren't you? Agree?

- Yeah. An attention whore.   

- Wow. Did you just see that golden tiger?

- What ability is that? Does anyone know?

- It's an ability that shoots out an aura. But it looks kind of special.

- Who is this person? Is he one of the Numbers?

- He's not one of the Numbers. The Numbers are out of his league.

- He's Oga, a player who got popular from clearing the impossible Fight Against 100 Men quest.

- Of course there's no way he's one of the Numbers.

- But this makes me think back to Raon of the Numbers fighting a raid boss 1 on 1.

- Man, this is lit.

- OO. He cleared the Fight Against 100 Men and defeated a raid boss all by himself. He'll get more popular from now on.

- Most likely.

- But he's still not as strong as the Numbers.

- Agree.  

- Obviously.

Jae Woo shut his phone.

'Numbers, huh...'

The Numbers were separated into two groups: combat and noncombat.

Arth's ranking system ranked characters by combining their level, strength, achievements, influence, fame, money, etc.

Because of this, the Numbers had to be divided between those who could fight and those who couldn't.

The representative of the noncombat Numbers was the Gold Master, Wang Seo Rim. They were Chinese, and were considered Arth's richest millionaire.

On the other hand, Dukeram, who was known as the Emperor and the guildmaster of the Empire Guild (one of 5 great guilds), was the representative of the combat Numbers. 

Aside from them, there was Crazy Higherschooler Bart, Blood Witch Helena, Sage of Satinel, Black Lion Raon, etc. 

Every single one of them was extremely famous and possessed abilities befitting of their station.

Jae Woo recognized their abilities, power, wealth, and influence. To be honest, he was kind of jealous of them.

'Is that what they called them? Walking businesses?'

The Numbers' names were their brand, and it was said they made a considerable amount of money.

Anyway, the mere fact that the viewers were even comparing him to the Numbers meant that he had created a lasting impression.

'Not bad.'

Jae Woo focused his attention on the TV once more.

The battle was heading towards the climax.

Caraco's lightning filled the screen, yet Demon Kang Oh charged through it like a comet.

Whenever he swung his demon sword, his blade would unleash a jet-black aura.

Eventually, Kang Oh gained the upper hand.

"Just die already!"

Kang Oh stabbed its neck and it finally fell to its knees.

He struck Caraco's face and then immediately used Abyss Transfer, teleporting atop its head.

"This is the end!"


The tip of his blade pierced Caraco's forehead-embedded gem.


"Life is filled with impossibilities. Rest in peace."

"How vex..."

It died, unable to finish its last words. 

After that...

The screen focused on Kang Oh; he wore the Baramut’s set with the jet-black blade in his hand. 

'Looking good till the very end.'

The original footage was good, but the editing was superb. Jae Woo smiled in satisfaction.

"Wow. What an amazing video!"

The screen changed, returning to Seo Yoon Ha.

"The formidable raid boss, Caraco! You saw how Mr. Oga pretty much defeated it one on one! There was nothing boring about it, right?"

She continued, "Whoever’s seeing this must be applauding Mr. Oga's powerful and lively fight... Unfortunately, this is all we have on Mr. Oga. However...!"

She paused before adding, "Mr. Oga will be appearing on GBS's Dungeon Conquering Man tomorrow, so please look forward to it! Moreover, Triple Lower's Soo Ah will be his partner, so you really can look forward it!"

Seo Yoon Ha smiled and waved.

That was the end of the broadcast.

After that, there was a certain post uploaded on Arth's largest community site, Arthtory.

[Fighting a raid boss 1 on 1. Must see. This is crazy.]

There was a highlight video of Kang Oh defeating Caraco in the post.

The post soon became the talk of the town and appeared on Arthtory's main page, drawing quite a bit of interest.

At the same time, Oga's name started to get more and more popular.

* * *

A few days later...

Jae Woo was at GBS's broadcasting station for his second shoot of Dungeon Conquering Man.


Jin Cheol passed him his helmet.

"Thank you."

"The Named wasn't bad, right?" Jin Cheol asked.

"It was great."

Jae Woo gave him a thumbs up.

"It really helped to promote Dungeon Conquering Man."

Jin Cheol smiled.

The viewership for <The Named: Oga> wasn't bad and had become the topic of conversation.

Because of that, it garnered people's interest in <He Who Conquers Dungeons, Dungeon Conquering Man> as Oga would appear on the show.

"Do you have any other footage for me?"

Jin Cheol's eyes gleamed.

Clearing the Fight Against 100 Men, annihilating the Death Potion Guild, and defeating a raid boss one on one...

Every single one of Jae Woo's videos had been a huge success.

Thus, Jin Cheol couldn't help but ask in anticipation.


Jae Woo shook his head.

"If you bring me any good footage, then I'll be sure to pay you handsomely."

Meaning, 'If you have any good footage, bring it to me.'.

Jae Woo nodded his head.

"Let's make this a good shoot."


Jin Cheol left, and then Jae Woo headed for Soo Ah's waiting room.


Jae Woo bowed his head.

Soo Ah's manager and her beauty stylist were in there with her, so he made sure to greet them properly. 

"Ah, Oppa. You came?" Soo Ah greeted happily, seeing Jae Woo’s helmeted appearance. 

"Have you been doing ok?" Jae Woo asked after slightly entering the room. 

She seemed fine. It didn't seem like last time, when Yoon Se Hwa had come and stirred up trouble.

"Yes, I've been doing fine."

Soo Ah smiled.

'Then again, her manager and beauty stylist are here, so...'

Jae Woo nodded his head and sat in the empty chair beside her.

"Oppa, I saw the program."

"What program?"

"The Named. The one you show up in."

"Ah, you did?"

Jae Woo scratched the back of his head.

"It was amazing! But how did you manage to beat the raid boss all by yourself?" Soo Ah asked with beady eyes.

"I wasn't alone..."

When he had hunted Caraco, he hadn't been alone; Sephiro and Eder had been with him.

"You pretty much did everything yourself. And isn't beating a raid boss with only three people a tremendous feat in and of itself?"

"Yeah, it is."

Soo Ah pointed out and Kang Oh tensed his shoulders.

"So how are you so strong, Oppa?" Soo Ah asked once more.

"I have ESP?" Jae Woo replied with a half-truth, half-lie.

'I may be skilled, but I do also have ESP.'

"You're just saying that you're good at games. Do you have any tips?"

"Just develop your character properly and control them well."

'Like me.'

"Oppa, have you heard of the book, 'Studying is the Easiest.'?"

"I think I've heard of it before."

"You sound like the author of that book."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

'Is she saying I'm smart?'

"You're too cocky."

She glared at Jae Woo. 

He just smiled and said, "Ah, you're right. So have you seen it too?"

"The first broadcast of Dungeon Conquering Man?"


"I couldn't watch it when it first aired, but I watched the vod. What about you?"

"Yeah, me too."

Dungeon Conquering Man was a program in which four teams of two conquered dungeons.

Therefore, Jae Woo had mostly watched the sections pertaining to him and Soo Ah.

But he had seen some footage of Yoon Se Hwa in the process. He wanted to see what she had been doing.

Yoon Se Hwa was a low level Priest. There was nothing special about her.

'That guy's name was Park Tae Gyu, right? He’s pretty strong.'

Yoon Se Hwa's partner, Park Tae Gyu.

His basic movements, the power/speed of his attacks, his use of skills at just the right place and the right time, his split-second decision-making, etc. clearly showed that he was as skilled as a ranker.

"How was it?" Soo Ah asked.

"Overall, it wasn't bad."

What was the right way to say it? The sight of the teams working together to defeat monsters and clear their objectives was quite interesting.

"There were a lot of our parts too," Jae Woo added.

Perhaps it was because of Soo Ah's popularity, but Jae Woo's team was focused on the most. 

"I liked it too. The other members who saw it liked it too."

Soo Ah beamed.

At that moment, the door to her waiting room opened and in came a staff member.

"We'll start in 10 minutes. Please standby."

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