Chapter 41 Auraflare Technique

“That’s all that’s left?”

Zhou Yuan blankly stared at the jade scroll Tuntun had spat out before he suddenly understood. That unlucky fellow had been swallowed by Tuntun.

“What an unfortunate way to die.” The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips twitched as he felt a huge amount of sympathy. What a tragic fate, he wondered just how much mental damage the poor soul had suffered towards the end.

Zhou Yuan bent over, picked up the jade scroll and took a look, only to be stunned. He had seen a glow emerge from the jade scroll and was barely able to make out the numerous words contained within.

Yaoyao off-handedly said, “It’s probably used to record a Genesis technique.”

“Eh?” Zhou Yuan’s eyes brightened when he heard this. It was not worthwhile for ordinary Normal tier Genesis techniques to be recorded in such a manner. Could those two thugs actually possess something good?

Zhou Yuan poured Genesis Qi into the jade scroll, causing the light on it to flicker. A ray of light was projected onto the air above as clear words began to flow downwards.

Zhou Yuan scanned it as his eyes narrowed slightly. “Low grade Black tier Genesis technique, Auraflare technique?”

“It’s a Black tier Genesis technique?” Zhou Yuan was a little emotionally moved. A Black tier Genesis technique was considered a treasure even to the royal treasury and was normally used to reward those who did great services for the country.

“Why does this Auraflare technique sound a little familiar?” Zhou Yuan pondered. He had a faint feeling that he had heard of it somewhere before.

“I remember! Qi Manor! This Auraflare Technique is one of best Genesis techniques of Qi Manor and it is said to have been bestowed onto them by the Great Wu Empire.” Zhou Yuan’s expression fluctuated indeterminately. Were these two thugs from Qi Manor? But given their strength, how could they possibly be in possession of one of Qi Manor’s top Genesis techniques?

Zhou Yuan shook his head, unable to understand.

However, although he could not figure it out, Zhou Yuan still let out an icy laugh and shoved the jade scroll into his clothes. He recalled that Zhou Qing had once told him that Qi Manor’s Auraflare technique was extremely formidable. Although it was only a low grade Black tier Genesis technique, its power was great enough to match techniques at the mid grade Black tier.

Since such an item had landed in his hands, don’t even think about letting him spit it out.

“But why is captain Lu not here yet?” Zhou Yuan raised his head and peered into the distance as he frowned. Given the sharp senses of a Heaven Gate stage expert, he should have felt that something was wrong, right?


An hour earlier.

Lu Tieshan had dispatched two imperial guards to protect Zhou Yuan, but after a long time, he sensed some activity in the nearby forest.


Lu Tieshan frowned and suddenly stood up. Without saying anything to Qi Ling, Genesis Qi surged around his body as his transformed into a flash of light that shot towards the direction of the disturbance.

Several minutes later, Lu Tieshan’s figure appeared and gazed at an empty clearing to his front where four people were fighting. Two of them were the guards he had sent to protect Zhou Yuan earlier.

“What are you doing?!” Lu Tieshan waved his sleeve as a torrent of Genesis Qi light burst forth, splitting up the four people.

When the two imperial guards saw Lu Tieshan, they hastily said, “Sir, we were rushing to his highness location when these two appeared and obstructed us.”

“Are you two seeking death?!” Lu Tieshan’s turned eerily cold when he heard this and immediately looked towards the other two individuals.

“Please do not be angered captain Lu. They are from Qi Manor and I previously instructed them to search for the thieves. They might have mistaken your men for the thieves.” Qi Ling rushed over from behind with an apologetic face. He then turned towards the two individuals and scolded, “Still not going to scram? You hindrances!”

Lu Tieshan’s eyes were ice-cold as he watched this, before his stare turned towards Qi Ling. “Qi Ling, what exactly are you plotting?”


Qi Ling chuckled. Just as he was about to speak, the roar of a tiger suddenly emerged from the nearby forest.

“Tiger Roar Rune?! Oh no! It’s his highness!” Lu Tieshan’s pupils abruptly shrank when he heard the tiger roar. He suddenly seemed to understand something at this moment as his twisted face turned to Qi Ling. “How ballsy of you Qi Ling!”

“Hehe, I do not know what captain Lu is talking about.” Qi Ling smiled. It was likely that those two thieves had already succeeded by now, right?

 Lu Tieshan thundered, “If anything happens to his highness, I will not let you off!” The Genesis Qi around his body suddenly erupted as his foot stomped on the ground, splitting the earth as his figure rose into the sky like a rainbow, heading straight for the valley.

Qi Ling watched Lu Tieshan’s hurrying figure as a sneer emerged from the corners of his lips. With a wave of his hand, he swiftly followed with his men.

The group travelled as quickly as they could and reached the valley after some time.

Qi Ling was all smiles as he walked out of the forest and looked towards the valley. He believed the place should be a mess and expected to see a half dead Zhou Yuan.

With such thoughts in mind, the smile on his lips grew even wider.

However, in the next moment, he suddenly saw something nearby. A thin youth was staring at him with a smile.

Qi Ling’s smile froze.

“Zhou Yuan? Why is he fine?!” The corners of Qi Ling’s eyes twitched slightly as he cried out in both rage and disbelief in his heart.

Meanwhile, Lu Tieshan sighed in relief as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders before he kneeled on one knee and said, “Punish me for my late arrival your highness!” 

“Please stand captain Lu, I am fine.” Zhou Yuan smiled.

Lu Tieshan stood up, his eyes brimming with an ominous light as he cast his gaze at the unconscious Luo Tong and frostily said, “Is this the one who attacked your highness?”

“It’s the thief!”

However, before Zhou Yuan could speak, a furious howl emerged from behind Lu Tieshan. Qi Ling swiftly walked forward, grabbed Luo Tong and sent a slap flying towards him.

“Speak! Where is the item you stole from Qi Manor?!”

The unconscious Luo Tong was slapped awake. When he saw Qi Ling’s twisted face, he hastily struggled as he tried to speak, “Qi…”

“Stubborn pig! Die!” However, before he could finish speaking, Qi Ling’s eyes turned frosty as a force spurted out from his hand and crushed Luo Tong’s neck.

Luo Tong’s wide-opened eyes stared at Qi Ling as if he was unable to believe what had just happened.

Qi Ling ignored the dead man’s gaze and ripped apart the corpse’s clothes, searching all over for something. Moments later, he stopped with an extremely ugly expression.

“Qi Ling, why does it seem that you are silencing the culprit?” Lu Teishan’s eyes were eerily dark. With a wave of his hand, the dozen imperial guards stealthily encircled Qi Ling. 

Qi Ling’s expression remained unchanged as he replied in an indifferent tone, “What is captain Lu saying. The fact that this thief dared to touch his highness warrants a death sentence. What’s more, they even stole Qi Manor’s Auraflare technique.”

“Auraflare technique?” Lu Tieshan was stunned. Qi Manor’s Auraflare technique had been stolen?

Qi Ling looked towards Zhou Yuan and cupped his hands together, “Your highness, there were two thieves. Do you know where the other thief is? Qi Manor’s Auraflare technique should still be in his hands.”

Zhou Yuan smiled upon hearing this. “That I have no idea. I only saw one person. The other one might have escaped with the treasure.”

Qi Ling’s face twitched as he said in a certain manner, “Impossible!”

Zhou Yuan seemed to smile as he said, “Why is housekeeper Qi so certain that he did not escape?”

Qi Ling’s heart jumped, the expression in his eyes fluctuating indeterminately.

“I really have not seen the other person. Housekeeper Qi can continue to search for him.” Zhou Yuan waved his hand as he continued in an indifferent voice, “It’s rather messy here so I shall not insist on housekeeper Qi staying.”

Upon seeing that Zhou Yuan was chasing them away, Qi Ling’s expression turned extremely ugly. They had originally planned on dealing with Zhou Yuan today, but not only was the latter safe and sound, the Auraflare technique had even gone missing. This was practically a double whammy. King Qi would definitely be enraged when he returned.

Although Qi Ling did not know exactly what had happened here, he had a feeling that the Auraflare technique was now in Zhou Yuan’s hands. But what could he do? How could he possibly forcibly search Zhou Yuan? Did they think he was blind to how Lu Tieshan was eyeing him as if the latter wanted to swallow him whole?

As these thoughts churned in his heart, Qi Ling could only clench his jaw and cup his fists together. Without saying another word, he waved his hand, and led his men away in a dejected manner.

He knew that Qi Manor had suffered a  truly huge loss this time.

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