Chapter 40 That’s All That’s Left


Moments after a tiger roar rang out in the forest, a fist surrounded by strands of swirling Genesis Qi blasted through the air with violent power as it ruthlessly smashed into its head.


Zhou Yuan watched the beast corpse before him gradually turn rigid and breathed a sigh of relief as if a heavy burden had been lifted from his shoulders. Subsequently, he conveniently wiped his bloody fist on its fur.

It was a Wind Tiger. An extremely quick Genesis Beast that was considerably difficult to deal with amongst the grade 1 Genesis Beasts. Fortunately, Zhou Yuan had the Dragon Step. Its ability to make him akin to the mist had just barely brought him victory.

“This is the thirty sixth grade 1 Genesis Beast…” Zhou Yuan smiled as he bent over to lift it up.


It was at this moment that a flash of cold light suddenly shot out from the darkness, heading straight for Zhou Yuan’s heart at a crafty angle.

However, just as the flash of cold light was about to hit Zhou Yuan, his arm jerked, causing the tiger corpse to slant and block his heart. The flash of cold light pierced the corpse, the entire blade of the dagger firmly lodging itself into its flesh. From this, one could see just how powerful the force behind it had been.

“Eh?” A cry of surprise involuntarily echoed from the darkness when the hit missed.

“Who is it? Come out!” The sudden ruthless sneak attack caused Zhou Yuan’s expression to change. With another jerk of his arm, the tiger corpse was sent smashing towards the darkness.

A figure swiftly shot out from the darkness, pushing off on the tiger corpse with a foot before landing in front of Zhou Yuan like a feather.

Zhou Yuan frowned as he looked at the bulky man with an ominous look in his eyes and asked, “Who are you?”

“The one who has come for your life.” The one who had come was naturally Luo Tong. He gazed at Zhou Yuan, a look of contempt rising from the corners of his mouth as he icily said, “Kid, obediently receive your death. The little beauty back there is still waiting for me to enjoy her!”

Zhou Yuan expression immediately changed upon hearing this, but he quickly regained his calm. Although Yaoyao might seem as powerless as a bound up chicken, Zhou Yuan knew how deceiving that appearance was. Moreover, there was an enigmatic Tuntun at her side protecting her.

It was likely that Yaoyao would be fine even in the face of a Heaven Gate stage expert. Heaven Gate experts were the most powerful practitioners in Great Zhou and would not appear so easily.

Although Zhou Yuan had calmed down, cold light flickered in his eyes. These bastards that dared to have designs on Yaoyao truly deserved to die.

Zhou Yuan’s five fingers slowly clenched as he said, “I guarantee that you will not be able to walk out of the Black Forest Mountain Range alive today.”

“You overestimate yourself brat! Watch how I kill you with a single punch!” Luo Tong grinned hideously upon hearing this. In a flash, his figure had already charged forward, five fingers turning into a fist surrounded by flowing Genesis Qi as a sonic boom rang out. Luo Tong had the strength of six channels and the power of his punch was definitely astonishing.

However, Zhou Yuan’s expression was calm in the face of Luo Tong’s ferocious punch. The former’s tightly clenched fist also ferociously thrust forward.

“A mere four channel dares to exchange fists with me?” Luo Tong’s hideous smile grew even wider when he saw this, believing that Zhou Yuan was making a mistake due to his immaturity. Luo Tong immediately put more power into his attack, intending to break Zhou Yuan’s arm with this punch.


However, the hideous smile on Luo Tong’s face turned a little rigid when their fists collided. He could feel that the power from Zhou Yuan’s fist was not any weaker than his own six channel power!

“How is this possible?”

Luo Tong’s heart shook slightly, knowing that he had encountered a tough foe. As such, he no longer dared to show any more contempt. His fist abruptly changed into a claw, finger-winds ripping through the air as an attack that seemed to flicker with cold light slashed at Zhou Yuan’s throat.

Zhou Yuan’s feet inclined at an angle and moved, displaying the Dragon Step, while his body seemed to flicker, appearing somewhat blurry.

The formidable finger-winds missed Zhou Yuan’s body by three inches while he quickly followed up with a powerful punch aimed at Luo Tong’s face. The attack was both fierce and direct, not showing even the slightest mercy.

The rapidly growing fist reflected in Luo Tong’s eyes caused alarm to shoot through his heart as his body suddenly jolted. “Six channels open!”


The surrounding Genesis Qi surged over and poured into Luo Tong’s body. His clothes immediately began to flap about as Genesis light flowed out from his pores, covering him in a faint glow.


Zhou Yuan’s fist slammed into the Genesis Qi light flowing on Luo Tong’s face, but was unable to advance any further. Instead, Zhou Yuan was catapulted backwards by the threads of Genesis Qi.

“To have forced me to open six channels to deal with you, you can die with no regrets!” Luo Tong gnashed his teeth in rage. The fact that he had almost suffered a lost against a four channel brat had made him extremely angry.


Luo Tong shot forward once again, his speed even greater this time. A night-black glow emerged from his fingertips as the faint foul smell spread.

“Mid grade Genesis technique, Black Ghost Palm.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly and extended his hand in a slow and heavy manner as if he was carrying a giant mountain. However, every tiny shift of his hand would cause piercing sounds to emerge from the surrounding air.

“Four channels open!”

The meridian channels in Zhou Yuan’s body vibrated, emitting a suction force that continuously absorbed the surrounding Genesis Qi into the body, turning it into surging power that poured into Zhou Yuan’s hand.

A faint but imposing pressure spread from Zhou Yuan’s body.

“Dragon Tablet Hand, split the earth.” A soft voice was gently spat out from his mouth.

Over this period of fighting and killing Genesis Beasts, Zhou Yuan was finally able to use the second level of the Dragon Tablet Hand.


The ground beneath Zhou Yuan’s feet seemed to shake violently as his fist flew forward. The air in front of it was ripped apart as an overwhelming force spurted out.

“Genesis Qi leaving the body?!” Luo Tong was astonished. Such a phenomenon could only be done with the strength of the Qi Nourishing stage or through a Black tier Genesis technique that far surpassed ordinary Genesis techniques.

But how could a four channel brat possibly master a Black tier Genesis technique?

However, no matter how shocked he was, the faintly glowing deadly fist-winds had already surged over and slammed into his chest without giving him any time to dodge.


Luo Tong’s body was sent flying backwards like a cannonball as he wildly vomited a mouthful of fresh blood. Ignoring his heavy injuries, he crawled up and started to run. After the previous exchange, he had already realised that the battle power of the mere four channel youth was terrifying.

Iciness flashed in Zhou Yuan’s eyes when he saw Luo Tong run. A Genesis Rune emerged on his throat as Zhou Yuan opened his mouth and roared.

Grade 1 Genesis Rune, Tiger Roar Rune!

A sound wave rippled outwards, causing Luo Tong’s body to stiffen momentarily. His head was spun while the Qi and blood in his body churned.

By the time he regained his senses, it was too late to even cry out as Zhou Yuan’s hand slammed into his head, knocking him unconscious.

Zhou Yuan glanced at the now unconscious Luo Tong, picked him up and started running towards the valley. Although he knew that Yaoyao had many tricks up her sleeve, he was still worried that something might happen.

He ran to the valley as if there was a fire under his feet while panting heavily, painting an extremely miserable image.

When he arrived at the valley however, he was immediately stunned by the sight before him. It was still peaceful and Yaoyao was seated on a rock, lightly tilting a jade bottle to sip from it while Tuntun yawned as it lay on the ground beside her.


Zhou Yuan was a little dazed. Not even the smallest traces of a battle could be seen.

Zhou Yuan walked over and asked through pants. “Big sis Yaoyao, are you alright?”

Yaoyao could not help but smile slightly when she saw the anxious eyes of the rather miserable looking Zhou Yuan. There was a sliver of warmth in her smile as she shook her head and replied, “I’m fine.”

She paused before continuing, “But a little accident happened to a rather unlucky fellow.”

Zhou Yuan hurriedly asked, “Where is he?”

Yaoyao extended a finger and pointed at Tuntun. In response, it wagged its tail and spit out a jade scroll. She then pointed at the jade scroll and smiled, “That’s all that’s left.”

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