Chapter 38 Black Forest Mountain Range

The sun rose into the sky as its rays enveloped the entire Great Zhou royal palace.

“Not bad. As expected of our Zhou clan’s sacred dragon, you’ve opened your fourth meridian channel in such a short period of time.” At the dining table, Zhou Qing watched Zhou Yuan drain a bowl of Nine Beast Soup with a face full of gratification.

Zhou Yuan cleaned out the entire bowl with a single gulp and began to feel a rising heat within his body. He licked his lips as he picked up a bowl of Mysterious Crystal Rice and wolfed it down together with the meticulously prepared Genesis Beast meat dish on the table.

As the quality of his body increased, more and more nutritious Genesis Beast meat was added to his diet to make up for the energy used during his daily training.

Only after finishing his food did Zhou Yuan finally smile at Zhou Qing. A short while later, the former regretfully shook his head and remarked, “However, the effectiveness of the Jade Spirit Waterfall is growing worse and worse. I need to think of other methods to quickly unblock my fifth meridian channel.”

The difficulty of opening his channels was far higher than an ordinary person and normal methods would be far too time consuming, something that he obviously could not afford.

A thoughtful look appeared on Zhou Qing’s face when he heard this. By this point in time, he already knew that it was way harder for Zhou Yuan because it was the second time he was opening his channels.

From the side, the quietly eating Yaoyao suddenly said, “I have an idea to more quickly open your channels.” 

“Eh?” Zhou Yuan and Zhou Qing looked towards her in shock.

In response to their gazes, Yaoyao’s face remained expressionless as she elaborated, “I know of a Genesis Rune called the Thirty Six Beasts Channel Opening Rune. Using the blood of thirty six kinds of grade 1 Genesis Beasts as an anchor, it can be inscribed on a person’s body, allowing the person to borrow the savage energy within the Genesis Beasts’ blood to unblock his channels.”

“However, this method is somewhat dangerous. If one’s will is not strong, the savage energy contained within the blood of the Genesis Beasts will sunder one’s mind.”

In simple terms, one would become nothing more than a simple fool.

The moment these words were said, Zhou Qing’s and Qin Yu’s expressions changed slightly.

In contrast, joy flitted across Zhou Yuan’s eyes. He was extremely confident in his willpower. After all, he had survived even the torture of the Dragon’s Resentment Poison and there was thus no reason to be afraid of the savagery of a few grade 1 Genesis Beasts.

Zhou Yuan said without hesitation, “Big sis Yaoyao, we’ll use this Thirty Six Beast Channel Opening Rune!”

Qin Yu wanted to say something but Zhou Yuan smiled at her. “Don’t worry mother, I will be fine.”

There was nothing else Qin Yu could say upon hearing this and she could only slowly nod her head.

Zhou Qing also nodded as he slowly said, “I will not stop you since you are so determined. I will get someone to gather the fresh blood of thirty six grade 1 Genesis Beasts.”

He was very happy with the determination that Zhou Yuan had shown.

After all, the road of cultivation was a hard one. If one did not have great courage and drive, it would be difficult to travel very far on this road.

Yaoyao shook her head as she softly said, “It will be better to let him gather the blood himself. He currently lacks actual combat experience and his battle awareness is not strong. If he continues to train in this manner, he will become a barbarian that relies solely on brute force.”

Zhou Yuan was stunned, but soon after, a look consideration surfaced in his eyes. Yaoyao was right, he had far too little combat experience and his battle awareness was weak. This was the reason why he had failed to make much progress with regards to the Dragon Tablet Hand for some time and was ultimately still unable to master the second level of the technique.

If this situation persisted, even if he managed to raise his strength, it was very probable that he would end up encountering an unexpected failure in a true life and death struggle.

As his thoughts reached this point, Zhou Yuan looked towards Zhou Qing and said, “Father, I will be spending some time in the Black Forest Mountain Range.”

The Black Forest Mountain Range was a grand mountain range in the vicinity of Great Zhou City. Countless Genesis Beasts lived within it and it was a rather dangerous zone. The ability to fight was essential to survive there.

Zhou Qing fell silent for some time before he slowly nodded his head. “It is good that you have such thoughts. One will ultimately appear rather immature without experiencing some life and death struggles.”

“You may go, but I will get Lu Tieshan to follow you with some men. Don’t worry though, they will not interfere and will be there purely for your safety.”

Lu Tieshan was a captain in the imperial guard, a Heavenly Gate stage expert and was deeply trusted by Zhou Qing.

Zhou Yuan knew from Zhou Qing’s expression that he would not give in, hence, the former could only nod his head.


The next day.

Early in the morning, when Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao arrived at the palace gates, a tanned and muscular metal-tower-like figure greeted them.

“Your highness!”

The welcomer’s face was cold and impassive like a block of ice. Faint wisps of a metallic bloody aura rose around his body, evidence that he was a veteran of the battlefield. It was Lu Tieshan, a captain of the Great Zhou palace imperial guard.

“We’ll be troubling captain Lu. Let’s set off.”

There was no delay as Zhou Yuan faintly smiled and nodded at Lu Tieshan. 

Lu Tieshan nodded. With a wave of his hand, a dozen strong-looking figures rushed over and escorted Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao out the palace gates. The group merged into the flow of the crowd and swiftly disappeared.

The Black Forest Mountain Range was half a dozen miles from the city. The mountains that sprawled across the land contained countless Genesis Beasts and various natural treasures. This was why the Black Forest Mountain Range was one of the popular locations in the vicinity of Great Zhou City.

Numerous Genesis Masters gathered here from all over in hopes of chancing upon some luck in the perilous mountain range, trying to see if they could change their destiny and become one who stood above others.

At the entrance to the mountains, many Genesis Masters were seeking companions or groups to join. However, Zhou Yuan’s entourage did not stop and headed straight into the mountain range. After all, with a Heaven Gate stage expert like Lu Tieshan with them, there would not be much problems unless they encountered grade 3 Genesis Beasts.

Zhou Yuan and gang stopped after venturing about fifteen miles into the mountain range. This was the outer layer of the Black Forest Mountain range and majority of the Genesis Beasts here were grade 1.

They set up two tents in a randomly chosen valley before Lu Tieshan withdrew with his men, leaving the place to Zhou Yuan and Yaoyao.

As Lu Tieshan and the rest left, Zhou Yuan breathed out deeply as he gazed at the dark forest, smelling the faint scent of blood in the air while his hand slowly closed around the Heavenly Yuan Brush at his hip.

He knew that he needed to train here in the following period of time and hoped that he would be able to unblock his fifth meridian channel here.


Qi Manor.

In a certain room, Qi Yue’s gaze was chilly as he looked at the middle-aged man before him and slowly asked, “Zhou Yuan has gone to the Black Forest Mountain Range?” 

“Yes. Lu Tieshan personally escorted him and it’s likely that he plans to train there.” The middle-aged man’s eyes were deep set and his skin a rock-like faded yellow.

This person was housekeeper of Qi Manor, Qi Ling.

Qi Yue could not help but let out an icy chuckle when he heard this. Cold light flickered in his eyes as he mumbled to himself, “I won’t be able to do anything if you stayed in the city, but you’ve actually voluntarily went to the Black Forest Mountain Range. You are truly reckless.”

“Does second young master intend to take action against him?” Qi Ling frowned as he continued, “If we are discovered, the royal clan will surely retaliate.”

Qi Yue faintly smiled, “That’s why I need a very meticulous plan. Moreover, I do not intend on killing him. Leaving him half dead to relieve some of this pent up anger is fine.”

He thought for a while before he said in an emotionless voice, “Get two people to fake a robbery at Qi Manor. After which, you will lead some men and go after them, chasing them all the way to the area where Zhou Yuan is where you will find an opportunity to delay Lu Tieshan. As for the rest, leave it to our two ‘robbers’.”

“If anything happens, those two will take the blame and it will have nothing to do with us. After all, Qi Manor was the victim of robbery. Make sure to silence them as soon as possible so that no one will be able to say anything.”

Qi Ling was stunned. Soon after, he smiled and said, “It’s a pretty good plan.”

Qi Yue let out an icy laugh as he retrieved a jade scroll form his clothes. A faint radiance was emitted by the scroll as if ancient text had been carved onto it. “But we must ensure that everything is done properly in order decrease suspicion. Hand this item to the two that will carry out this task.”

Qi Ling recieved the scroll and glanced at it, causing his expression to change drastically. “The Auraflare technique? This is one of the most powerful Genesis techniques of Qi Manor and was obtained by master from the Wu Empire.”

“I retrieved it from the treasury earlier. It is even more suitable because it is important. When the two have completed their mission, you will assist Lu Tieshan to kill them and retrieve it.”

“This can be considered an explanation of sorts. After all, I expect that the royal clan will have nothing to say since our Qi Manor narrowly lost such a treasure. As they saying goes, a mute that eats a bitter gourd will be unable to complain. The royal clan will have no choice but to suffer in silence.”

Qi Yue’s voice was sinisterly cold. His vicious plan made even Qi Ling involuntarily nod in approval.

“Excellent. Second young master’s plan is very thorough.” Qi Ling grinned evilly. As a follower of king Qi, he no longer cared about the Great Zhou royal clan and showed no fear even when they were plotting against Zhou Yuan.

Qi Yue laughed and raised his head. There was a venomous look in his eyes as he looked towards the direction of the Black Forest Mountain Range.

“Zhou Yuan. Since you made me lose face in the Great Zhou Institute, I will take half your life!”

“Fight me? Humph, you are still too inexperienced!”

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