Chapter 37 Double Breakthrough


In a certain room, Qi Yue’s eyes were entirely red as he smashed everything he could get his hands on. It was a long time later before he finally stopped, panting for breath with a twisted face that was menacing to the extreme.

Qi Yue violently punched a hole in the table as he snarled through gnashed teeth, “Zhou Yuan!” 

By the side, Liu Xi waited till he finished venting before approaching as she consoled, “Qi Yue, there’s no need to be angry. Zhou Yuan was just lucky this time. If it was a real fight, he would be no match for you. He merely relied on his meagre attainments in the Spirit.”

Qi Yue’s jaw was clenched. Of course he knew that Zhou Yuan would not be nothing in a real fight, but he did after all lose the bet. Moreover, he had lost in a such an unsightly manner in front of all of the Great Zhou Institute students.

It was easy to imagine how his popularity and fame in the institute would be destroyed after this affair.

Especially when he had lost 3 of the 4 hours of Jade Spirit Waterfall training the B class had. One could easily imagine how the B class students might not dare to openly say anything, but would surely blame him in their hearts.

When he recalled those gazes, the proud Qi Yue felt so sullen that he almost vomited a mouthful of blood.

Liu Xi said, “The class ranking exam is fast approaching. During the class ranking exam, you will openly defeat him and let him know exactly how great the gap between the both of you is. When that happens, you will take everything back.” 

Qi Yue took in a deep breath, suppressing the fury in his heart as he slowly nodded and said, “Don’t worry. I will make sure that he returns everything to me in the class ranking exam!”

“However, there’s something very odd about that brat so I can’t afford to relax. I need to redouble my training and make sure that he will not even have the slightest chance to make a come back.”

Liu Xi nodded, gratified by Qi Yue’s words. In the end, he had not allowed his anger to overwhelm his rationality and instead began to view Zhou Yuan as a rival. She believed that with Qi Yue’s talent, as long as he no longer looked down on Zhou Yuan like before, it would be impossible for the latter to vie with Qi Yue.

The most dazzling person in the year-end class ranking exam would be Qi Yue!

Additionally, she was not wrong to have called Zhou Yuan a toad back then!

Qi Yue’s fists gradually loosened as he eyes narrowed slightly, flickering maliciously.

“Zhou Yuan, you’d better remember this!”


The following ten days were exceptionally good for the A class members. The time they had to train in the Jade Spirit Waterfall had grown from 6 to 8 hours, allowing the channel opening rate of many students to rise and several were even attempting to unblock their next channel.

The formerly high and mighty students of the B class quickly made themselves scarce whenever they saw an A class student and no longer mocked the latter. This made the A class members feel rather carefree. As for the students from the other classes, they were extremely friendly to the A class students due to Zhou Yuan’s actions. For a time, the morale of the A class members soared and they sincerely admired Zhou Yuan in their hearts a little more than before.


In the Jade Spirit Waterfall, Zhou Yuan’s eyes were shut as he allowed the boundless water to wash over him. Meanwhile, strands of quartz energy were continuously absorbed by his body.

While Zhou Yuan was quietly training, he suddenly heard cheers from the lakeside.

“Wow! Youwei, you are really too awesome! You’ve unblocked your fifth meridian channel so quickly!”

Zhou Yuan was somewhat startled when he heard this. He opened his eyes and looked through the curtain of water and was barely able to make out Su Youwei’s figure surrounded by numerous A class students at the lake bank.

“Oh? Su Youwei has unblocked her fifth meridian channel? That’s really fast!” Zhou Yuan could not help but sigh in admiration. Su Youwei’s talent was indeed superb. The fact that her achievements were so outstanding even without much cultivation resources was truly amazing.

“Good job Youwei. Very well done indeed!” At the lake side, Chu Tianyang was all smiles as he looked at Su Youwei with a joyful expression. With this, their A class now had three five channel students.

Su Youwei smiled faintly. Her pretty eyes looked towards the Jade Spirit Waterfall and saw a familiar silhouette give her a thumbs-up.

The smile on her lips grew wider, making her even more attractive and enchanting.

“Youwei has even opened her fifth channel, I cannot fall too far behind. Fortunately, I’m almost there!”

Zhou Yuan very quickly calmed his heart as his senses peered into his body. The fourth meridian channel had been growing increasingly loose over the past few days of training and he was extremely close to being completely unblocked.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes slowly closed once again as he began to increase the rate of quartz energy absorption.

This lasted for two whole hours.

The sun gradually set, casting rays of light on the Jade Spirit Waterfall, making it turn a rather darkish red.

Within the waterfall, Zhou Yuan’s figure began to tremble at this moment while he tightly gritted his teeth as if bearing tremendous pain.

Inside his body, waves of quartz energy were ruthlessly charging into the final sliver of blockage in his fourth meridian channel under Zhou Yuan’s guidance.


A tiny sound was heard. Almost immediately after, Zhou Yuan’s eyes abruptly opened as the surrounding Genesis Qi surged over and poured into his body.

Cackle crack!

Genesis Qi rumbled and his flesh and blood seemed to boil while faint vibrations were emitted from his skeleton. Like a set of firecrackers, the quality of Zhou Yuan’s body soared once again as waves of Genesis Qi washed over it.

Surging heat flowed in his four limbs and skeleton. 

The fourth meridian channel had finally been unblocked!

Strands of Genesis Qi light swirled on the surface of Zhou Yuan’s body, stopping even the torrential waters from touching it. A carefree smile emerged from the corners of his lips as he felt the sharp rise of power in his body.

After more than an entire month of tough training, his fourth meridian channel was now open!

Zhou Yuan mumbled to himself,  “With my fourth meridian channel unblocked, I no longer have to fear a direct clash against Qi Yue. However, at the very minimum, Qi Yue will definitely reach the seventh channel by the year-end class ranking exam. Thus, the fourth channel is still not enough to take first place.” 

The current him had at last began to catch up to Qi Yue, but Zhou Yuan was still not absolutely sure of comfortably beating Qi Yue in the class ranking exam. After all, Qi Yue was not staying stagnant while Zhou Yuan was growing stronger, and it was very possible that the former would soon unblock his seventh meridian channel.

However, what made Zhou Yuan feel somewhat troubled was that as his fourth meridian channel was unblocked, the effectiveness of the Jade Spirit Waterfall was growing worse and worse. It should be because his body had absorbed too much quartz energy and had now become rather resistant to it.

Hence, it was likely that he could not count on the Jade Spirit Waterfall to open his fifth meridian channel.

Zhou Yuan was rather vexed as he massaged his head and mumbled to himself,

“Looks like I have to find other methods. Or else, I’m afraid that my fifth meridian channel will not be open when the class ranking exam arrives…”

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