Chapter 26 Rise


The moment Zhou Yuan’s words faded, his body had already swiftly lunged forward like a cheetah. Threads of flowing Genesis Qi light swirled on the surface of his body, allowing his power and speed to soar.


“You’re courting death!”

Cold light seemed to overflow from Lin Feng’s eyes when he saw Zhou Yuan begin his counter attack. Lin Feng was after all a four channel practitioner and this response from Zhou Yuan was really belittling this four channel status.

“Since you are so confident, I will completely obliterate this confidence of yours in front of everyone!”

Lin Feng’s five fingers slowly clenched tightly as flowing Genesis Qi light emerged on the surface of his body. His clothes flapped while the muscles beneath his skin vibrated as explosive power rapidly converged.

An imposing aura spread from Lin Feng’s body. The power of four channels had been displayed to the limit at this moment.

The crowd below the arena also felt Lin Feng’s aura, their expressions changing slightly in response. Even Su Youwei’s pupils shrank slightly, her fair hands tightly clenched as a look of worry flitted across her pretty face.

Lin Feng’s strength was top tier even amongst four channel openers.

Zhou Yuan was likewise able to feel his opponent’s presence. However, he had no intentions of withdrawing and instead stamped his foot on the ground as the glow of a Genesis Rune emerged from the bare part of his leg.

“Light Body Rune!”

His speed instantly rose sharply once again.

“Metal Skin Rune!” His arms glowed with black light as if they were made from metal.

“Rampaging Bull Rune!” Zhou Yuan’s shoulder shook as a faint bull cry rang out, bringing with it rampaging power.

Three Genesis Runes had been simultaneously activated, causing Zhou Yuan’s aura to surge. His ferocious appearance let everyone know just how formidable his counter attack would be.

This sight also made the numerous boys and girls below the stage cry out in surprise.

On the tall platform however, the corners of Qi Yue’s and the girl called Liu Xi’s mouths lifted to form mocking smiles when they saw this scene.

Qi Yue’s ten fingers were clasped together. He watched Zhou Yuan menacingly pounce towards Lin Feng as he said in a mocking voice, “Looks like our prince does not know that Lin Feng’s specialty is not attack, but defence…”

“Among those at the four channel level, no one has been able to break Lin Feng’s defence.”

“That’s why the more powerful his attacks, the more miserable his defeat will be. Hehe, I truly look forward to it.”

Under the attention of numerous tense gazes from the crowd, Zhou Yuan and Lin Feng were practically inches away when the corners of Lin Feng’s lips raised slightly. Suddenly, he took half a step forward as he body leaned forward. 

“Mid grade Genesis technique, Metal Demon Wall!”

A roar abruptly emerged from Lin Feng’s mouth. One could only watch as the flowing Genesis Qi light on the surface of his body whizzed out, forming a faint membrane of black light in front of him.

Although this light film was extremely thin, its dark luster gave off a feeling of indestructible solidness.

Upon seeing the black light membrane that had appeared on the surface of Lin Feng’s body, the expression on Su Youwei’s pretty face immediately changed drastically. She knew that this Metal Demon Wall was considered top tier amongst mid grade Genesis techniques. Not only did it possess extremely strong defensive power, it was even able to reflect a portion of the enemy’s attacks.

In other words, if it was not instantly destroyed, the more powerful an attack, the greater the backlash on the attacker.

In addition, even Su Youwei did not have absolute confidence in instantly destroying this Metal Demon Wall.

“Making you lose to your own attacks, prince Zhou Yuan, your miserable appearance will spread throughout the entire Great Zhou Institute.” A smile of disdain emerged from the corners of Lin Feng’s mouth as he watched as Zhou Yuan grow closer and closer.

Under the numerous gazes of the crowd, Zhou Yuan’s eyes similarly detected the black light film that had appeared on the surface of Lin Feng’s body. The power surging within it caused the former’s brows to raise slightly.

“So he plans to rely on a tortoise shell…”

Zhou Yuan coldly chuckled as coldness surged in his eyes. “Since you are so confident in this tortoise shell, I will have to insist on breaking it!”

His figure shot forth and appeared right in front of Lin Feng. In the next moment, he suddenly breathed in and everyone saw a rune of light appear on his throat.

“Another Genesis Rune?!” Lin Feng’s pupils shrunk when he saw this.


While Lin Feng’s heart was in shock, Zhou Yuan’s mouth abruptly opened, and a deafening tiger roar ferociously swept out in a wave like fashion.

“Grade 1 Genesis Rune, Tiger Roar Rune!”

The crowd around the arena hastily covered their ears. The feeling of Qi and blood in their bodies churning about immediately caused them to turn pale with horror. The power of this Genesis Rune was definitely not at the elementary level!

Even the bystanders had been affected. As the main target, Lin Feng’s head was buzzing. The black membrane on the surface of his body rippled violently and seemed to freeze for an instant.

It was at this same instant that Zhou Yuan closed-in on Lin Feng. Zhou Yuan’s five fingers tightly grasped together and swung forth in an incomparably heavy manner. Even the air seemed to explode in the face of this punch.

“Dragon Tablet Hand, shatter the mountain!”

Genesis Qi swirled around his fist as it smashed into the black light membrane.


The light membrane pulsed violently as ripples frantically spread. It was at this moment that Lin Feng finally recovered from the tiger roar sound wave and his expression immediately changed on the spot. He could feel a frightening power surging towards him.

The source of that power was Zhou Yuan’s fist.

“How can his strength be so terrifying?!” Lin Feng’s heart shook as terror appeared in his eyes.


Zhou Yuan’s icy roar rang out at this moment.


The moment he roared, everyone was overwhelmed with shock to see the layer of black light on the surface of Lin Feng’s body shatter in response.

“I admit…” Terror filled Lin Feng’s face as he hastily tried to cry out.

However, Zhou Yuan did not wait for him to finish. The fist containing all of his power heavily slammed into Lin Feng’s chest.


A mouthful of fresh blood spurted out as Lin Feng’s body was sent flying backwards under many shocked gazes. His body flew past several arenas before heavily landing on the ground, smearing a long scar in the dirt before fainting on the spot.

Following Lin Feng’s fall to the ground, the entire field was blanketed in silence. Everyone was stupefied as they watched this scene. Even Su Youwei’s eyes were wide open, her hand over her mouth.


Everyone mumbled to themselves, their faces full of disbelief. Just moments ago, they had been admiring Lin Feng’s solid defence and a split second later, that seemingly indestructible Metal Demon Wall had been smashed to pieces by a single punch from Zhou Yuan…

Just how powerful was that punch?

Was this really what a two channel opener was capable of?


Chu Tianyang burst out on the viewing platform. He quickly rose to his feet, his eyes flashing brightly, his face filled with amazement. The power of Zhou Yuan’s earlier punch was definitely not that of a two channel practitioner.

Looks like this prince of theirs had finally started reveal his extraordinariness after so many years of silence. This was undoubtedly a tremendously joyful occasion for Great Zhou.

Meanwhile, Xu Hong’s face twitched slightly, bewilderment flickering indeterminately in his eyes as he stared at Zhou Yuan.

On the tall platform, Qi Yue’s and Liu Xi’s smiles froze.


Qi Yue’s hands suddenly clenched, crushing the railing in front of him. His handsome face had become turned white with rage.

“How could he have broken Lin Feng’s Metal Demon Wall?!” A pale face Liu Xi spit out between gnashed teeth.

The Metal Demon Wall that no four channel practitioner had been able to break had now been shattered by a mere two channel Zhou Yuan. How could anyone not be stunned by this?

Was this still the same crippled prince they knew?

Qi Yue’s gaze was tightly glued to the young figure on the nearby arena as murder surged in his eyes. In the past, he had treated Zhou Yuan as a joke, yet at this very moment, Qi Yue could genuinely feel a very faint feeling of threat.

Cracking sounds could be heard as Qi Yue’s five fingers tightened. His eyelids twitched as he muttered in a low and raspy voice, “Could it be that the Zhou clan’s crippled dragon really intends to rise from the ashes?”

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