Chapter 25 Battling Lin Feng

The field was over-saturated with people. The intense battles on each of the various arenas would cause deafening cheers to erupt from the many boys and girls from time to time. It was a pretty explosive atmosphere.

As time passed, more and more new students were eliminated. However, the remaining students were becoming increasingly elite, causing the battles that followed to naturally become even more amazing.

Over this period, Zhou Yuan had another two matches. There were no surprises to the outcomes. His three channel opponents were utterly defeated at his hands.

Hence, he entered the top twenty.

In front of a certain martial arena, Zhou Yuan gazed at the stage where two figures were criss-crossing at high speeds. Genesis Qi light flowed around their bodies and every clash of fists and legs would cause the air to make ear-piercing noises.

The one on the stage was naturally Su Youwei, and her opponent was similarly a four channel practitioner.

If she won this match, Su Youwei would advance to the top ten and possess the qualifications to enter the A class.

Su Youwei’s beautiful figure moved nimbly like a willow in the wind. Her opponent was a well-built youth whose attacks were wild and free, extremely barbaric like a ferocious ape.

In response to her opponent’s wildness, Su Youwei chose to not meet him head-on. Instead, she borrowed the force of her opponents punches and strikes to agilely dodge.

This went on for a long time until the strong youth’s ferocious attacks finally grew weary. Su Youwei’s eyes flashed as she changed her strategy, her pretty figure abruptly closing in on her opponent.

However, it was at this moment that a bright light flashed in the youth’s eyes. His originally somewhat weary attacks were suddenly revived. With a loud shout, Genesis Qi light swirled around a hard fist containing alarming force whilst accompanied by a faint sonic boom as it powerfully struck at Su Youwei. 

Formidable fist-wind rushed over, causing Su Youwei’s fine black hair to fly. However, there was no trace of panic in her eyes. Her two fingers jutted out like a sharp sword and violently thrust forward, beating the youth by half a beat as it landed on his chest.

The fist-wind came to an abrupt halt. The youth’s eyes were wide with fury, his body faintly trembling and his face flushed red as he said through gritted teeth, “You’ve actually mastered the Jade-Breaker Finger?”

Su Youwei smiled faintly as her outstretched hand gently pushed and the well-built youth’s body immediately fell to the ground with a loud thud. At the same time, the crowd finally saw a jade-like luster on Su Youwei’s slender fingers. It sparkled in a translucent manner while giving off a formidable aura of coldness.

The numerous watching boys and girls surround the arena exploded into cheers.

“That is the Jade-Breaker Finger, right? A mid grade Genesis technique said to be very difficult to master. I never imagined that Su Youwei would actually succeed.”

“This technique concentrates power at a point to break through and has extremely great destructive power. A moment ago, there was a gap in Zhao Feng’s powerful assault which was exploited by Su Youwei’s finger attack, resulting in his defeat.”

“So awesome, as expected of the fastest channel opening genius of our Great Zhou Institute.”


Numerous boys lamented, their gazes turning even more passionate when they looked towards Su Youwei. There was also thick adoration within their eyes.

Under those passionate gazes, Su Youwei got off the stage and headed straight for Zhou Yuan. There was no longer any trace of the decisiveness and ruthlessness from the recently ended fight in her current smiling appearance.

“How was it?” Su Youwei lightly hoisted her snow-white chin like a young child showing off candy.

“Very formidable. The power of that Jade-Breaker Finger was fairly shocking. Even the body of a four channel opener will not be able to withstand it.” Zhou Yuan sincerely praised. He would likely be unable to take the might of that finger attack if it landed on his body.

Upon obtaining Zhou Yuan’s praise, the corners of Su Youwei’s ruddy little mouth turned upwards. Just as she was about to speak, a referee’s shout was suddenly heard from a nearby arena.

“Zhou Yuan, Lin Feng!”

The moment this shout was heard, the originally noisy field instantly fell silent. Soon after, booming cheers exploded as practically every person flooded towards that particular arena.

After winning the previous few matches, Zhou Yuan had undoubtedly become the most dazzling black horse in the newcomer exam. However, the opponent he encountered this time was Lin Feng!

Lin Feng was hugely popular amongst the new batch of students and was rumoured to be the most likely candidate for the number one position in the exam.

Amongst the new batch of students, Lin Feng was definitely one of the very best.

Would Zhou Yuan be a black horse till the end, or would he be stopped by Lin Feng just outside top ten? Everyone was burning to find out.

Su Youwei’s expression also changed drastically at this moment. It was obvious that it had never occurred to her that Zhou Yuan and Lin Feng would meet. One must know that even she would have prepare for a hard fight against Lin Feng, what more the merely two channel Zhou Yuan?

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly. He lifted his head and looked towards the nearby tall platform where Qi Yue revealed a smile at him. Subsequently, the latter reached a hand and tapped Lin Feng’s shoulder.

Lin Feng also looked towards Zhou Yuan with an expressionless face. However, there was coldness and disdain in those eyes of his.

Lin Feng seemed to smile and say something to Qi Yue before pushing off the ground with the tip of his foot, causing his body to rise into the air. He landed on the arena in a confident manner that drew cheers from the surrounding crowd.

A cold smile also emerged from the corners of Liu Xi’s lips when she saw this. “Let’s see how he will win this time!”

Qi Yue also smiled and nodded. Lin Feng’s strength was top tier amongst four channel practitioners. Dealing with a mere Zhou Yuan should not be too difficult.

On the viewing platform, Chu Tianyang frowned a little upon seeing that Zhou Yuan and Lin Feng had been matched. Soon after, a cold glint flitted across his eyes as he beckoned to a guard and said in a flat voice, “After today, fire the one who’s in-charge of the arrangements for this exam.”

He had already realised that it was rather strange for Zhou Yuan repeatedly encounter formidable opponents. Now that even Lin Feng had been matched with the former, how could he possibly fail to grasp what was going on. Fury instantly flooded his heart. To think that these people actually dared to target Zhou Yuan in front of him.

By the side, Xu Hong’s expression remained unchanged as he asked, “Isn’t this a little too much?”

Chu Tianyang coldly chuckled and replied, “All of you know full well what you have done. Besides, I am the headmaster and do not need the likes of you to teach me how to do things.”

There was a little anger in Xu Hong’s eyes, but in the end, he only snorted and did not speak any further. Although Qi Yue had exposed some of Qi Manor’s men, it did not affect the the grand scheme of things.

Under numerous gazes of pity from the field, Zhou Yuan also stepped onto the arena.

Lin Feng stood with his hands behind his back, looking rather tall and handsome. He looked at Zhou Yuan and said with a superficial smile, “Your highness is truly surprising. To think that you were actually able to come all the way here.”

Zhou Yuan glanced at Lin Feng and replied in an indifferent tone, “You will be even more surprised later on.”

Lin Feng let out a cold laugh. “I look forward to it.”

Sparks were already flying in the exchange of words between the two like two needles clashing at their tips.

“Match begin!” The referee’s shout rang out in the arena, breaking the exchange between the two.

On the arena, Zhou Yuan and Lin Feng stared at each other, cold light flashing in both of their eyes.


In the next instant, Zhou Yuan’s and Lin Feng’s bodies shot out at practically the same moment.

With a stamp from Lin Feng’s foot, his body rose into the air. A whip-leg ripped through the air with a ‘chi la’ sound, filled with astonishing force. Like a whip, it viciously snapped at Zhou Yuan’s head.

This kick could shatter even rock.

Zhou Yuan’s arm swept out horizontally, blocking the kick. The powerful force caused his arm to be violently jolted, while his other arm had already thrust forward, five fingers curling into a fist as it headed straight for Lin Feng’s chest.


Lin Feng’s body abruptly swivelled in mid-air as his five fingers also formed a fist that smashed against Zhou Yuan’s like a javelin.

Thud thud thud!

In a short span of less than a dozen breaths, the two already exchanged a dozen blows. Each strike was deadly and aimed at the vitals, causing the onlookers outside the arena to be greatly disturbed.

Strong winds unfurled on the arena, sweeping up the dirt as Zhou Yuan’s and Lin Feng’s bodies were jerked back time and time again.

Waves of noise rippled from below the arena. The crowd now looked at Zhou Yuan in a new light. Both of the participants had not used any Genesis Qi in their earlier exchanges and fully relied on the quality of their respective bodies.

However, Lin Feng’s four channel body was not able to obtain even the slightest advantage over Zhou Yuan.

This caused them to be rather shocked. No matter how much they racked their brains, they could not understand why Zhou Yuan’s body would be so strong.

The commotion below the stage also caused Lin Feng’s expression to become somewhat ugly. The cold light in his eyes immediately became colder as he took in a deep breath and no longer held anything back. “Four channels open!”

The moment Lin Feng’s shout rang out, Genesis Qi surged over from all around and poured into his body.

Strands of Genesis Qi light swirled around Lin Feng’s body, and faint cracks started to grow on the stone arena below his feet. It was very intimidating.


Lin Feng’s foot stomped, cracking the stone floor of the arena. His speed soared and he instantly appeared in front of Zhou Yuan, palm-wind screaming as a strike powerfully swept towards Zhou Yuan.

The powerful wind that pounced towards Zhou Yuan caused his heart to shiver a little. The fact that Lin Feng was able to become one of the top students amongst the new batch was definitely proof of his strength.

Zhou Yuan’s steps inclined at an angle, activating the Dragon Step, as his figure turned mist-like and blurry.

Lin Feng’s palm swept past but only managed to brush Zhou Yuan’s chest.

“What a strange body-type support skill!” Lin Feng’s pupils shrunk slightly. He had previously seen Zhou Yuan’s bizarre auxiliary technique. When his body became blurry, it seemed as if any attack would land on empty air.

“Mid grade Genesis technique, Demon Bull Stomp!”

Bright light flickered in Lin Feng’s eyes as his foot suddenly stamped on the ground. Stone was immediately shattered as a ripple that could be seen with the naked eye unfurled.

Regardless of how amazing Zhou Yuan’s auxiliary technique was, he was still affected by the shockwave area attack. His body immediately jerked, freezing for an instant.

“Time for you to get off the stage!” Lin Feng instantly grabbed ahold of this opening. With a loud shout, his five fingers curled into a fist as he threw a punch at Zhou Yuan’s chest like an angry lion.

As wind whistled towards him, Zhou Yuan did not dare to tarry as his foot stamped on the ground. “Two channels open!”

Genesis Qi poured into Zhou Yuan’s body as flowing Genesis Qi light appeared on the surface of his body.

Zhou Yuan’s crossed his arms in a defensive posture.


Lin Feng’s fist heavily landed on Zhou Yuan’s arms, power pouring out in torrents. Zhou Yuan’s feet shook as his body rapidly slid backwards, only coming to a stop dangerously close to the edge of the arena.

Cries of alarm immediately exploded from below the arena. Su Youwei’s hand covered her mouth, her pretty face filled with anxiety.

Lin Feng sneered, “You are really tenacious.” 

Zhou Yuan lightly shook his numb arms as he replied, “The power of four fully open channels is indeed formidable.”

If he had not braced his lower body earlier, the explosion of power would have likely thrown him off the arena.

Lin Feng coldly said, “You’re going down next time!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly, the expression in his eyes gradually growing sharper as he stared at Lin Feng. The former took a step forward, his body bending forward slightly, like a tiger that was about to go all out and rip its prey to shreds.

A dangerous feeling spread from Zhou Yuan’s body as he grinned at Lin Feng, revealing a set of eerily white teeth that made one’s heart beat a little faster.

“I feel that you will not have another chance!”

The instant his voice rang out, Zhou Yuan’s figure had already shot forward!

His full power counter attack had begun.

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