Chapter 20 Genesis Technique

“Better than a two channel opener?!”

Zhou Yuan’s and Qin Yu’s eyes involuntarily opened wide when they heard Zhou Qing’s words.

“Master Cang Yuan did not lie. Although it is more difficult to open my channels, the benefits are indeed greater.” Excitement flooded Zhou Yuan’s eyes. From his father’s evaluation, it seemed that the quality of his body was even higher than a two channel practitioner and far surpassed normal one channel practitioners.

If he added in the Genesis Runes he knew, in terms of battle power, even a three channel practitioner might not be able to defeat him.

“If I master the Tiger Roar Rune, victory will practically be ensured as long as I don’t encounter a four channel practitioner.” Mumbled Zhou Yuan in his heart as a wave of happiness washed over him. His hard work over this period had indeed achieved rather pleasing results.

Most importantly, this had given Zhou Yuan hope, a hope that he could continuously climb till the day that he would be able to change everything.

Zhou Qing’s eyes seemed to sparkle as he looked at Zhou Yuan. The only arm he had was extended as he heavily patted Zhou Yuan’s shoulder while the latter could see unconcealable excitement and hope in the former’s eyes.

“Yuan’er, You’ve done very well!”

Zhou Qing’s voice was somewhat shaky at this moment, and even his eyes had become red. “King Wu believed that stripping you of your sacred dragon blessing would plunge our Zhou clan’s sacred dragon into an endless abyss, but from the looks of it, he has underestimated you!”

Zhou Yuan’s mood fluctuated somewhat as he gazed at the emotional Zhou Qing. The former knew that the years where he had been unable to open his channels had caused his father’s lofty aspiration to be slowly and cruelly grinded away by reality, while his father’s heart had perhaps also started to despair.

Reality had made Zhou Qing unable to see even the slightest hope.

The Great Zhou Empire was at death’s door, while the Great Wu Empire grew increasingly prosperous and powerful. He knew that once the deadline of king Wu’s vow arrived, Great Zhou would have to welcome its end.

Now however, at the very moment when Zhou Yuan opened his meridian channel, the despairing Zhou Qing had finally seen a glimmer of light.

Even if this glimmer was still extremely faint, Zhou Qing believed that there would eventually come a day when this glimmer would transform into a great blazing sun. The fires of revenge would thoroughly incinerate Great Wu, taking back everything that Great Zhou had once lost.

Currently, Great Wu was waging war against two other nearby empires and could not spare any attention to Great Zhou. Hence, this was the best time for Zhou Yuan to grow.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath, pushing down the emotions in his heart. He knew that there was still an immeasurable gap between him and Great Wu. Thus, he needed to pull back his sights from such a distant place.

What he needed to do now was to enter the A class through the newcomer exam and ultimately ruin Qi Manor’s scheme targeted at the position of Great Zhou Institute headmaster.

“Practically all of the hopefuls for the top ten spots in the newcomer exam have the strength of four channels. I may be unafraid of any three channel practitioner, but my chances against a four channel practitioner are not great.” Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered. To make certain that no mishaps would occur, he needed to improve again in the time before the newcomer exam and unblock his second channel.

As long as his second meridian channel was opened, Zhou Yuan would have nothing to fear. It was likely that he would have some chance even if he encountered the one who was said to have the best odds at first place, Lin Feng. 

“Looks like I can’t relax if I intend to enter the A class.” Zhou Yuan secretly thought.

“Yuan’er. Now that your first channel has been opened, you can learn some Genesis techniques and bring out the full potential of your power.” Said Zhou Qing after regaining his calm.

Genesis techniques were techniques that utilised one’s Genesis Qi in a more powerful manner. In this world, Genesis techniques were similar to Genesis Weapons and were divided into four tiers, Normal, Black, Heaven and Sacred.

However, the higher the grade of the Genesis technique, the greater its requirement on the body. Most Channel Opening stage practitioners could only learn Normal tier Genesis techniques.

“I’ll get someone to send you some suitable Genesis techniques from the royal treasury for you to try.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. Although he had now opened his channel, it could only be said that all he had was power that he was unable to fully utilise. The root cause was that he had never learnt any Genesis techniques.

Therefore, a new module was added to his daily cultivation routine from this day.


Zhou Qing was highly efficient. Thus, several Genesis techniques were swiftly sent into Zhou Yuan’s hands.

In the stone pavilion, Zhou Yuan browsed through the Genesis techniques. The most formidable amongst them were the Universe Origin Fist and the Bright Air-Shattering Fist. Both were mid grade Genesis techniques.

Zhou Yuan was deep in thought as he stared at these two Genesis techniques. Although they were naturally not too complicated, they were better than low grade Genesis techniques. Of course, the Genesis Qi one had at the Channel Opening stage was not overly abundant, hence even if a more profound Genesis technique was learnt, one would be unable to bring out its true power.

While Zhou Yuan was immersed in the two mid grade Genesis techniques, he suddenly smelt a light fragrance. His expression immediately changed a little as he lifted his head, only to find that Yaoyao was standing beside him as she cast an indifferently glance at the two Genesis techniques in his hands.

“Very ordinary Genesis techniques.” Yaoyao quickly withdrew her gaze and heedlessly remarked.

Zhou Yuan helplessly smiled and said, “They’re only Normal mid grade Genesis techniques, how complicated do you expect them to be?” 

“You want to learn Genesis techniques?”

Zhou Yuan’s gaze remained on the manuals as he nodded and said, “Now that I’ve opened my first meridian channel, I am able to use some Genesis Qi and naturally intend to learn Genesis techniques to supplement my battle power.”

If one did not learn any Genesis techniques, there would be no other option than to clash with the quality of one’s body in battle.

Yaoyao could not help but give Zhou Yuan a strange look when she heard this. “You already have superb techniques on you, why do you still look through these ordinary ones?”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes suddenly focused. He lifted his head and looked at Yaoyao as his brows furrowed. “What do you mean?”

Upon seeing this appearance of his, Yaoyao’s ruddy little mouth frowned slightly. “Stupid.”

Zhou Yuan clenched his jaw and said with a hateful tone, “Has all my good liquor been drunk in vain?”

Yaoyao placed her hand on her cheek and lazily replied, “Have you not realised anything after so many days of frolicking dragon forms practice?”

A look of thought emerged on Zhou Yuan’s face. After a long time, he suddenly stood up, walked out of the stone pavilion, raised his fists and slowly started to do a set of ninety eight forms of the frolicking dragon.

He did not quickly complete the set this time. Every action and movement was done rather slowly.

Half an incense stick of time had already passed by the time he finished the entire set

He stood on the spot and seemed to immerse himself in each and every movement. A long while later, his pupils suddenly shrunk as shock appeared on his immature face.

Subsequently, he raised his head and looked towards the stone pavilion at Yaoyao, his voice containing a tone of disbelief.

“This… this frolicking dragon forms hides Genesis techniques?”

A small smirk emerged on Yaoyao’s exquisite as an autumn moon face. “Although you’re a somewhat slow, you are not beyond redemption.”

Next, she extended two slender fingers and coolly said, “To be precise, there are two Genesis techniques hidden in the ninety eight forms of the frolicking dragon.”

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