Chapter 19 Channel Opening

To fully master a Genesis Rune was not easy at all. This was because it was not simply drawing the rune. One needed to use one’s spirit as ink for every Genesis stroke. At times, when the spirit was just the tiniest bit too strong when the brush landed, the Genesis stroke would be unable to withstand it and become defective.

Moreover, a single defective stroke meant that the entire Genesis Rune would become a failed product.

Hence, a tremendous amount of practice was needed to reach perfection and ultimately allow the Genesis Rune to form.

Therefore, in the following days, besides practicing the ninety eight forms of the frolicking dragon and the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method, Zhou Yuan also took some time to practice the ‘Tiger Roar Rune’.

Meanwhile, Zhou Yuan also squeezed out some time to learn some basic spear techniques. This was for the sake of familiarizing himself with the Heavenly Yuan Brush as a weapon so as to avoid the scenario where he had zero fundamentals and no idea what to do when he wielded it.

This arrangement allowed Zhou Yuan’s time to be amply utilised. However, he knew that time was of the essence and diligently worked hard every day.

Under his efforts, an important juncture swiftly approached.

On this day, the practicing Zhou Yuan in the flower park was solemn-face while a trace of excitement and anticipation leaked from his eyes. He could feel that the first meridian channel in his body growing looser and looser over the past few days. If nothing unexpected occurred, it was very possible for the channel to be completely opened today.

“This day has come at last.”

Zhou Yuan’s fists were tightly clenched. He had dreamt of the day he would open his meridian channel for many years.

Zhou Yuan took in a deep breath, allowing his emotions to calm down a little. Subsequently, his fists were raised and the ninety eight forms of the frolicking dragon were very naturally displayed.


As the final form was completed, the Qi and blood in Zhou Yuan’s body boiled and his skeleton vibrated. His back undulated up and down as a faint dragon roar emerged from within his body.


Zhou Yuan sucked in and the surrounding Genesis Qi was immediately drawn towards him. It surged over, transforming into a white mist that was swallowed into his body with a single gulp.

Once the Genesis Qi entered his body, Zhou Yuan directed it towards the final bit of blockage in the first meridian channel and ferociously attacked.


The last bit of blockage did not pose much of an obstruction. A faint sound was heard as if an invisible membrane was broken.

At the same time, Zhou Yuan could feel that the first meridian channel in his body was completely opened at this very moment!

Zhou Yuan felt as if the surroundings had become very quiet. The Qi and blood in his body boiled with gurgling noises, while the first meridian channel seemed to have come alive, slowly squirming as it continuously devoured the Genesis Qi that poured into the body as if it had been starved.

The meridian channel absorbed Genesis Qi and swiftly fed it to the flesh.

Waves of piercing pain pulsed within Zhou Yuan’s body, but he did not panic. Instead, ecstacy overflowed on his face.

Along with the piercing pain, a feeling of transparency filled his body. His entire body seemed to grow lighter at this moment while a numbing sensation washed over his muscles, skeleton and skin.

It was an indicator that his physical body was strengthening!

This feeling lasted for a dozen minutes before Zhou Yuan’s eyes slowly cracked open. He immediately smelled an odd odour from his body and lowered his head, only to find that his skin was covered in filth. It was the impurities that had been expelled from his body when it had been strengthened earlier.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes seemed to become much brighter at this moment while the world around him also grew much clearer.

“Is this channel opening?” Zhou Yuan’s five fingers slowly closed as he felt the increased power in his body, while his eyes filled with happiness.

The scene he had yearned for even in his dreams had finally become reality.

“Go inform father and mother.” Zhou Yuan entered a room to wash his body while instructing a nearby servant girl.

By the time Zhou Yuan had cleaned himself and reemerged, he saw that Zhou Qing and Qin Yu were already waiting. Their faces were filled with both surprise and joy.

“Yuan’er, you’ve unblocked your first meridian channel?!” Upon seeing Zhou Yuan emerge, Qin Yu quickly walked forward, emotions stirring on her gentle face.

Zhou Qing also walked over, flames seemingly burning within his eyes as he looked at Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s heart warmed when he saw the emotions on their faces as he nodded his head. With a thought, the first meridian channel in his body vibrated and a suction force was emitted. The surrounding Genesis Qi immediately flowed into Zhou Yuan’s body through his pores, causing the surface of his skin to glow a little.

“Drawing Qi into the body. He has indeed opened his channel!” Zhou Qing’s eyes flickered brightly. Even he seemed to have lost some self-control at this very moment as he heartily laughed and said, “Good, good. As expected of the sacred dragon of our Zhou clan. You’ve opened your first meridian channel in the short span of ten days. No one in Great Zhou has ever achieved such speed before!”

Qin Yu’s eyes were red as she hugged Zhou Yuan and choked out between sobs, “Yuan’er is able to cultivate. The outbreak of Dragon’s Resentment Poison three years later will be suppressed!”

Zhou Yuan gently patted Qin Yu’s back as he consoled with a smile, “Don’t worry mother, your child will definitely dispose of that Dragon’s Resentment Poison.”

“Come, Yuan’er. Let father see how strong your body has become.” Zhou Qing beckoned to Zhou Yuan. Every time a channel was opened, the quality of the channel opener’s body would improve, allowing it to far surpass an ordinary person’s.

Zhou Yuan eagerly nodded upon hearing this. Cang Yuan had said before that although opening his channels for the second time would be far more difficult than normal, it would also benefit him much more once they were opened.

Now, he wanted to test exactly how much more beneficial it was.

Zhou Qing casually stood on the spot and beckoned at Zhou Yuan. The former’s seemingly careless posture and position rippled with a presence that made Zhou Yuan’s breathing stifle slightly.

“Father is indeed worthy having broken through the Heaven Gate and reaching the Alpha-Origin stage.”

For Genesis Masters, channel opening was the beginning. After all eight meridian channels were unblocked, the Qi Dwelling could be opened, allowing one to advance to the Qi Nourishing stage. At the perfect Qi Nourishing stage, Qi could be used to attack the Heaven Gate, and once broken, Genesis Qi will be able to leave the body to move mountains and overturn the seas. A power that was unmeasurable.

The Alpha-Origin stage was what came after the Heaven Gate stage.

Channel Opening, Qi Nourishing, Heaven Gate and Alpha-Origin. These were the first four greater stages for Genesis Masters.

The current Zhou Yuan had only opened his first meridian channel. Thus, he was naturally awed by the presence of an Alpha-Origin stage expert.

Zhou Qing extended his hand and said, “We’ll test your power first. Use all of your strength.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. His foot powerfully pushed off the ground as his body shot out like an arrow. With a twist of his hip, power surged in his body and converged at his fist. Fist winds immediately emerged as a punch filled with vigorous power heavily slammed into Zhou Qing’s extended hand.

The soil beneath Zhou Yuan’s feet was sent flying while Zhou Qing’s body remained unmoved. His hand had likewise not budged a single inch, but an expression of surprise appeared in his eyes.

Zhou Yuan massaged his fist, a little dejected as he withdrew. His full power had not been able to move Zhou Qing’s hand at all.

“How did I do father?” Zhou Yuan raised his head and looked towards Zhou Qing.

Zhou Qing did not respond but said, “Let’s test your speed.”

With a twirl of his hand, a dozen pebbles rose from the ground and revolved above his palm. A sudden wave of his hand and the pebbles shot towards Zhou Yuan like a torrential rain storm.

Every pebble was akin to an arrow and the sound of rapidly speeding through the wind could be faintly heard.

The tip of Zhou Yuan’s foot pushed off the ground as his body swiftly backed away, avoiding the majority of the pebbles. However, several pebbles still shooting towards him at a crafty angle, making it impossible for him to dodge.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes faintly shivered. At this moment, the spirit between his brows jumped and his senses instantly became extremely sharp, making the trajectories of the pebbles exceptionally clear.

As a result, he suddenly reached out and caught all of the pebbles with two soft ‘pluck’ sounds.

The force from the pebbles made Zhou Yuan’s hand hurt somewhat. He grinned as he swung his hand and said to Zhou Qing, “Almost wasn’t able to catch them.”


Zhou Yuan sudden realised that Zhou Qing blankly staring at the hand which had caught the pebbles.

Zhou Qing came back to his senses upon hearing Zhou Yuan’s voice and looked at him in a strange manner. Zhou Qing had intentionally increased the force of behind those few pebbles from before to measure Zhou Yuan’s resistance to strikes, in other words, the toughness of his body.

However, he never imagined that Zhou Yuan’s eyes would be so sharp. He had seen through the trajectories of the pebbles and caught all of them. Was this a coincidence, or something else?

Zhou Qing shook his head and shot a glance at Zhou Yuan. The former’s finger suddenly flicked and a red bolt of lightning shot out. In the blink of an eye, it blasted Zhou Yuan’s chest.


Zhou Yuan was sent flying and smashed into a tree. He covered his chest with a hand and cried out in pain.

Qin Yu hastily walked over and helped him up before angrily looking towards Zhou Qing. “Why did you use Flame-Lightning Qi?”

After an awkward laugh, Zhou Qing walked forward and looked at Zhou Yuan’s chest. Although it was bruised somewhat green, this was clearly a superficial wound. Zhou Qing’s eyelids immediately twitched. How did someone who had only opened a single meridian channel be so sturdy?

“How was it?” Zhou Yuan massaged his chest and asked with a pained face.

Zhou Qing looked at Zhou Yuan oddly and replied, “Are you certain that you’ve only opened 

one meridian channel?”

Zhou Yuan could not help but roll his eyes. Did his father think that you could really open two meridian channels at one go?

Qin Yu also sensed that something was amiss and nervously asked, “What is it? Is there something wrong with Yuan’er?”

“Something wrong?”

Zhou Qing bitterly chuckled. “Something is indeed wrong, because regardless of whether it is power, speed or toughness, let alone a single channel opener, even a two channel opener cannot compare to this child’s body.”

“This is the first time I’ve seen such a thing in many many years. To think that the body quality of a mere single channel opener would be so great.”

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