Episode 252 The Opposite Side of the Tilted Scale (2)

Before he left the central region, Kim Seon-Hyeok had told Park Joon-Min to not seek out the Demon King until he reached level 70. The Warrior had promised several times, so there was no way he would have rashly headed west. 

The fact that Park Joon-Min, the Warrior, headed west meant that his level had exceeded 70. 

It made sense, since the Warrior had almost reached level 50 when Seon-Hyeok was leaving the Central region. Considering the Warrior's unusual rate of leveling, it wasn’t strange at all that he had now reached level 70, just five months after they had parted.

Seon-Hyeok also had no idea what kind of strength and power the Warrior would have now that the latter had reached level 70.

If the Warrior was aided by the fully awakened Holy Sword, as well as the monstrous regenerative ability that mocked even death, then at the very least, the Warrior wouldn’t be so terribly defeated by the Demon King that he wouldn’t be able to walk away if necessary. 

No, even if he were to lose, the Holy Sword would revive the Warrior so there was nothing for Kim Seon-Hyeok to be worried about. 

So why on earth was his chest so tight?

Kim Seon-Hyeok frowned at the groundless ominous feeling. 

But the Warrior was already heading west and currently, Seon-Hyeok was located too far to reach the Warrior. Right now, the only thing he could do was hope that the Warrior would safely complete his mission and return. 

“Report to me immediately If there is any news related to the front lines in the central region.”

Befitting the Imperial Guards, the knights who closely guarded the Imperial family had tremendous capability in intelligence gathering. As soon as Kim Seon-Hyeok made his request, he was told every detail of the political landscape on the continent. 

“Except for the northern kingdoms of Arias and Narhon, which suffered heavy damages in the early stages of the war and can no longer afford to fight on the frontlines, almost all the other kingdoms are on the offensive, sir. It is said that just the number of mobilized troops alone is 117 regiments, almost 210,000 soldiers and more than 3,000 elites consisting of knights and mages.”

It was analyzed that should Adenburg, having reached its peak national power, abandon defenses in the north, east, south, and west, and pull out as many troops as possible, then there would be about 50,000 troops available. 

This number took into account the Imperial family’s northern, eastern, southern, and western forces, the national defense force defending the capital, and the private soldiers of the nobles. However, this number was only calculated based on a ‘what-if’ possibility and would never be mobilized unless there was a crisis that would shake the very foundation of the country.

But a whopping 210,000 troops were mobilized for this offensive. It was an enormous force capable of destroying the Adenburg Empire, who had emerged as the powerhouse in the East, in an instant. 

“Did the Central region still have that kind of power?”

It was even more surprising that the central kingdoms had been able to send that many troops considering how much they’ve lost due to the long war.  

“The Holy Kingdom drew its sword, sir. I heard that the Pope sent an official message to each country saying he would excommunicate all lords who did not take an active part in this war, sir.”


Since the olden days, the Central region didn’t have the same religious freedom as the Eastern region, where the Temple held little influence, had. Now that it was revealed that the only means to resist the demonic energy was the Holy Spirit, it was now clear that all the kingdoms in the Central region had basically become vassal states of the Holy Kingdom and had to be careful not to offend them. 

In the current situation, if the Holy Kingdom declared someone to be excommunicated, then that meant that on a smaller scale, social isolation, and on a bigger scale, it meant completely losing the means of protecting themselves from the demonic energy from the demons and demonic creatures. 

“It seems like the greater lords[1] browbeat the nobles underneath them and obtained considerable troops. Then added their own troops and mercenaries to send to the front lines, sir. In fact, it’s safe to say that more than half the troops mobilized in this offensive are private soldiers of nobles and mercenaries hired by the greater lords, sir.”

“That’s insane. Who the hell designed this offensive arrangement? Is the central region planning on betting on one country with this offensive?”

Even now, the Central region was barely maintaining the foundation of the countries with the strength of the great lords. In such a situation, if they were to take more troops from the lesser nobles, as well as the troops maintaining security from the greater lords and send them to the front line, then the spark of chaos that was being barely suppressed had the possibility of being revived. 

Even if they were lucky enough to profit from this offensive, it was inevitable that the security of the whole country would deteriorate to an extreme degree. In the worst case, the countries that suffered heavy losses in the war may even collapse from within. 

At Kim Seon-Hyeok’s words, an Imperial Knight gave additional information. 

“Right now, making up for the war’s casualties is secondary, sir. Due to the long war, the financial and security situation of each country has reached its limits. It would be more accurate to assume that if not now, they would not have another chance.”

Ultimately, it meant that the central kingdoms were launching an offensive with their full strength in order to find a breakthrough.

“That’s insanity.”

Now wasn’t the time to worry about the Warrior. If the Central region collapsed, then the East would be next.

“Griffindor and several other kingdoms that share a border with the central kingdoms are already raising their voices that the East must come up with a more substantive support plan, sir. If the Central region were to collapse, they would be the first to be embroiled in war, so it seems they’re in a hurry, sir.”

It seemed like it wasn’t just Kim Seon-Hyeok who thought that.

“Ha, it seems like we can only be thankful that we didn't attack when the central region was weak. What does Her Imperial Majesty say about the present situation?”

“Likewise, Her Imperial Majesty has initiated a meeting with the highest ranks of the allied countries to prepare for future events, sir.”

Kim Seon-Hyeok had barely managed to escape the battlefield and come back to the East, but now, the East was about to be involved in a war. It was to the point where he was getting confused whether he was chasing after war or war was chasing after him. 

“We’ll have to hope they win, then.”

With heavy faces, the Imperial Guards agreed with his words.

“With the number of troops there are, we won’t know the results right away, sir. Perhaps this offensive will have the power to bring the Demon King to a stop.”

Although it would be difficult to expect 210,000 troops to act as smoothly as one unit, the number of troops was unprecedented in the history of the continent, so it wasn’t unreasonable to expect victory. 

But the unfounded foreboding feeling continued to bother him. 

Joon-Min, the peace of the continent rests on your shoulders. 

Kim Seon-Hyeok sighed as he thought of the warrior fighting for the peace and safety of the continent. He was really worthy of being called the Warrior. 

After that, reports on the situation of the frontline continued to fly in one after another. 

‘Except for the portions of the frontline that are tied up, all other fronts are advancing.’

‘Warrior Park Joon-Min defeated fifteen greater demons and 30,000 demonic creatures. Quickly advancing.’

‘The long-distance wide range magic prepared by the mages from each of the countries is indiscriminately bombarding beyond the front lines. The reinforcements of demons noticeably slowed down.’

‘30,000 Northern cavalry marched forward with irresistible force. Southwestern region is suppressed.’

Contrary to his fears, the winning streak continued once the offensive began. 

The commanders of the Central region slowly and calmly eradicated the Demon King’s creatures and the Warrior, Park Joon-Min cleaned up the lands that had been swept clean of the demons and returned the lands to their original state. 

Already, news was spreading that the Demon King’s influence had been erased from a considerable number of areas.

“Did I worry for nothing?”

Kim Seon-Hyeok breathed a sigh of relief at the news of victory that flew in quite often every day.[2]

Since it was a war in which the central kingdoms were risking their existence and sending in superhumans and masters that were the cream of the crop, it seems like he had been overly anxious about the whole thing. 

At this rate, based on news of victories, the Central region of the continent would recover more than 30% of the contaminated land within half a year, at the earliest. 

‘Someone calling himself the Herald of Chaos appeared in the southwest. But Mirhachi’s warchief Darun and his cavalry defeated him after a fierce battle. The Herald of Chaos fled.’

Kim Seon-Hyeok had been nervous the whole time, but when he heard the news that even the Herald of Chaos, someone who could be called the Demon King’s closest aide, had been defeated, he was able to put his mind at ease.

“Marek, let me ask you a question. There’s something I’m curious about.”

After that day, Kim Seon-Hyeok and the Sword Star, who had been separated by secular customs, treated each other comfortably as they called each other by their name.

Of course, that didn’t mean the two of them were immediately best friends or trusted each other.

They simply thought it was meaningless to treat each other based on worldly titles or reputation when they both held unique positions.


It seemed like Marek thought there was nothing more to hide after his identity had been revealed because he answered questions relatively easily.

“If there are Adjusters like you in the north, east, south, and west, then why did the Adjuster in the west leave the Demon King be?”

Kim Seon-Hyeok had been curious about this for a while. If the Adjuster was someone who got rid of those who could harm the balance of the world, then the Demon King was someone who had completely destroyed the balance in the West. And yet, the western Adjuster had neglected to deal with the Demon King. Kim Seon-Hyeok was dying to know the reason. 

“I hope you’re not going to tell me that what the Demon King has done is nothing. Countless people have been devoured by the demonic creatures and many are still dying today. If I were the Adjuster, I would have prioritized finding the Demon King and broke his neck.”

Marek responded with a dry look at Kim Seon-Hyeok’s rather aggressive words.

“The one who guarded the seal so that Chaos would not awaken in the world was the western weight.”

Seon-Hyeok’s eyes grew big at the unexpected answer.

“No, can’t be…”

“No, you’re correct. The fact that the Demon King was able to acquire Chaos means that the western weight is no longer able to carry out their Adjuster’s duties.”

“But back then, the Demon King was incomparably weak compared to how he is right now.”

The Demon King was only able to wield influence and power after completely acquiring Chaos. Before then, the Demon King lacked the ability to declare war on the continent. So it didn’t make sense that the Adjuster lost to the Demon King back then.

“I don’t know exactly how the Demon King got the Chaos in his hands. After all, even I haven’t been watching over the entire process. I am merely guessing at the outcome in light of the current situation.”

“But even so, it doesn’t seem possible to take whatever I want from monsters like you.”

Whether it’s a ruse or a ploy, it only works if the opponent is reasonable. If the western Adjuster held a similar strength and power to the eastern Adjuster, then no matter what the Demon King did, he shouldn’t have been able to get Chaos in his hands. That would be natural.

“You’re unconventional, but you’re not very clever, are you?”

Kim Seon-Hyeok frowned at the sudden criticism from Marek, but he quietly waited for Marek’s next words.

Unless Marek suddenly wanted to judge someone’s character, he wouldn’t bring up something pointless.

“You said that I followed to observe you, and if I considered you to be dangerous to the balance, eliminate you.”

Seon-Hyeok nodded his head, indicating that he still thought the same thing.

“However, you’re wrong. I am not here to judge whether you’re dangerous or not.”

“Then did you really follow with the intention of crossing swords with me?”

Marek shook his head.

“Then why did you approach me?”

At that question, Marek opened his mouth.

“I came for you.”

The unfathomable Adjuster looked him straight in the eye.

“I came to see if you’d be a suitable person to be my successor.”

What nonsense was this? Kim Seon-Hyeok looked at him with a bewildered face as he asked.

“Why are you suddenly telling me this?”

“I will also make a request.”

Once again, Marek abruptly spoke of something else instead of giving an answer.

“If you lose the duel, my successor will be you, not the Countess of Mangsk. That way, it'll be a fair bet, wouldn’t you say?”

Just as Marek said, it wouldn’t be fair if only one side bet on the outcome of the duel. Since Seon-Hyeok had made unreasonable demands on his opponent, it was only fair for him to take risks as well.

“I accept.”

At his answer, Marek seemed slightly satisfied.

“Let me ask you one more thing. Why did you have me in mind as your successor?”

As Marek had said, Kim Seon-Hyeok was unconventional and daring, but not very clever. The only time he shone was when he was facing enemies on the battlefield. Other than that, he wasn’t very motivated or particularly witty or talented.

If it hadn’t been for the full support of the House of Adenstein, he would have been at the mercy of the people around him. 

Personally, Kim Seon-Hyeok didn’t think he was suitable for the Adjuster’s duty.

“Your question is wrong. You shouldn’t be asking why it’s you.”

Marek rejected the question itself.

“You should be asking why you’re here in the first place.”

Seon-Hyeok felt like he received a sudden blow to his head. Unconsciously, he got up from his seat as he stared at Marek.

“What do you mean…”

“You must be confused. I understand.”

Strong emotions appeared on Adjuster Marek’s face.

“Because I was too.”

1. 대영주 - I think the author is referring the leaders of the other countries as the greater lords instead of kings because they’re under the Holy Kingdom.

2. 하루가 멀다 is the Korean idiom used. It means that a day is too long to wait, so something is done repeatedly and frequently.

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