Dragon Poor

Dragon Poor

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Geulump (글럼프)
BananaOoyoo & Yojj
He fell into this world without knowing why and became a dragon rider.
“There are no dragons in this world.”
There was magic, there were spirits, and there were monsters. There just weren’t any dragons.
However, there was no way in the world he could just give up and die.
And one day, a voice spoke in his head.
[I will guide you until the day you are truly worthy.]
Translator's Introduction:
Dragon Poor is a fantasy novel set in an alternate world where groups of people are mysteriously transported to and follows a male protagonist, Kim Seon-Hyeok, as he attempts to navigate this new, medieval reality.
The newcomers to this new world are blessed with awakenings, phenomena in which they receive a new class. These classes, complete with abilities and hidden stats, determine their standing and treatment within this world, as prestigious, high-tier classes find opportunities to enjoy lives of luxury, while the rank-and-file struggle to survive. The protagonist, despite receiving an exceptional sounding class, finds himself disregarded as a dragon rider in a world without dragons. He is left to fend for himself as he tries to find a place in this world and realize his potential.
This novel maintains the familiar ideas of leveling up and improving one's standing in the world. At the same time, it also offers a lens into someone who is seemingly abandoned by the system, and how the experiences in clawing out of such a situation can affect one's worldview. It celebrates individuality, persistence, and compassion, with a few twists and turns along the way!
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341 Chapters
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Total: 340 chapters (306 chapters + 34 side stories)

69 Reviews
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3 years ago
***Start of Updated Review***

Once this was officially released, I didn't pick it up till chapter 99 was released so I can provide an impartial review of the first 100 chapters as promised previously.

A few corrections to make about my original review made during the first 5 chapters during VIP sneak peak (which I shall leave untouched)

- There is possibly only 1 True Dragon, but a few dragon-like existences like Drakes, Fairy Dragons and Sea Serpents.

- Kingdom didn't summon them, and can't send them back. They just took advantage of the summoning.

- MC is one of the more realistic we've seen so far in a transmigration novel. He doesn't remember complicated schematics/technology from the modern world and can only come up with rudimentary things like using collected human waste as manure/fertilizer, creating a water mill with the help of a local etc. Its quite refreshing having an MC that isn't suddenly an expert siege engineer or a supreme scheming commander with tactical acumen like Alexander.

- MC suffers from PTSD, and consistently express his distaste and rejection of war and killing. He pukes after killing, have nightmares, goes on drunken rage and cries from the things he had to do to survive. This is a far cry from other novels where they are suddenly ok with killing people, making you wonder if the MC was a psychopath before transmigrating.

Pacing of the novel is a bit slower than typical, but it doesn't take away from the plot and often times was due to the MC self reflecting his situation and mental state (his spirits are all taking the form of women he met, some times stark naked LOL).

Overall, I would maintain my recommendation of Dragon Poor, and am quite happy that the quality doesn't drop drastically after the first 30 chapters. Will look forward to all 300 odd chapters.

***End of Updated Review***

MC's premise is quite interesting though I'm quite sure the unfolding story will be fairly cliché - a guy who gets an awesome sounding class only to be told there are no dragons. Likely there are Dragons, only in hiding with it being a secret known only to a select few and of course MC would have to prove himself worthy of riding a dragon, which he will through tenacity, hard work and compassion. Then of course the Kingdom will be like "Hey, we supported you a little bit when you were growing, so you have to do us favours".

The hook is quite a common trope you can find in other Korean novels like Shield Hero, Memorize, Divine Thrones etc. where people are blatantly kidnapped to another world and force to 'train and fight' for their kidnappers with them being promised they'll be sent home once they have satisfied some impossible criteria. Some of these victims will likely suffer from Stockholm syndrome by the time this novel is done, choosing to stay in this world instead of returning to their old life, assuming it was possible to do so.

Overall, I'll be keeping tabs on this novel, at least for the first 100 chapters or so. We still don't know whether the MC disposition is like Weed, Grid or Cale (Selfish till the end, Greedy at first then character growth makes him awesome or Bad Ass from start to finish respectively), so that will likely drive how popular this novel ends up.

I'll edit this review once I've read 100/306 chapters and give a final verdict, of course based on my humble opinion.

3 years ago
Somewhat generic story that begins with MC being looked down on for his class in a sword and magic world, but it doesn’t mean the story has no potential.

I’ve only read seven chapters, but so far I think the story could be interesting despite the cliched beginning. It looks like it’s setting up for MC to gain lots of power after lots of hard work, a trope that I always enjoy. Then again, I’m a sucker for Korean OP MC game lit novels so it’s not too surprising that I’m happy about this one!

So far: I can say I reasonably recommend.

UPDATE: As of Chapter 25, wholeheartedly recommend!! This just gets better and better. It’s also got a lot of soul, and I find myself really feeling the emotions of the MC and even of the other characters. One reviewer said it has a ‘rock solid foundation’ and I can’t help but agree.

It’s got realism, the characters react in reasonable ways, the power system and magic are interesting, and there’s even hints of political intrigue which I’m sure will make their way into the story in the future.

Agh I really like this one!

3 years ago
I have read this on a fan translation before. It takes awhile to get going but once it does it is pretty good. I am so glad to see it get a proper translation and release.

It does take around 50+ chapters to get started and its only 340 long so it will flow much like moon labyrinth. I do recommend it for a nice time filler. Dont expect a lot of deviation from any tropes. Dont expect the people around MC to have a brain. The story is pretty paint by numbers but that is not always a bad thing.

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