Episode 207. The True Power of the Dragon Knight (1)

Seon-Hyeok demonstrated what it meant to go on a rampage with his own body.


Each time he took a step, the demonic beings screamed and were pushed away.


Each time he lunged with his spear, an opponent fell.

It was neither flamboyant spearmanship nor mighty skills that felled these enemies. They were simple, concise stabs with his spear.

He pulled back the hand holding the spear and took a step. He then stepped forward with his other foot as he thrust vigorously. Those simple motions were enough to slay the demonic army.

The loss in battle strength he feared might occur in Redvern’s absence was nowhere to be found, and his momentum was incredible.

“How the hell…”

His face was full of incredulity as he showed incredible strength in tearing apart his foes.

An endless strength surged through him - something inexplicable by just his innate energy.

That wasn’t just a metaphor?

The Mother Tree had told him that he would have a constant stream of vitality so long as he remained on the ground, and it seemed she had not been exaggerating.

The true value of the Earth Spirit King’s gift was displayed when he remained rooted to the earth. Right now, after having been forced to send Redvern away, was the perfect time to enjoy these perks to the fullest.

Seon-Hyeok exclaimed in admiration as his body and mind constantly felt rejuvenated.

This is completely broken.

He never imagined that it would be such an advantage to never become fatigued.

By now, he had stabbed hundreds of times with his spear. He advanced so forcefully that in any other situation, he would be tasting bile from sheer exertion. But despite this, he felt more energetic than ever as he continued the fight.

He almost worried that these lesser demonic beings would be completely annihilated before he could draw in his true enemy.

However, he did not want to intentionally dull his senses at this point. He wanted to enjoy this great satisfaction just a little bit more.

Seon-Hyeok clutched his spear and quickly exhaled.

His spearmanship, honed to combat enemy knights, began to slowly change.

He took a step forward.

His footwork, initially awkward due to his propensity to fight while mounted, slowly began to support the movements of his spear.

He reached out.

The unnecessary movements of his waist, shoulders, and fingertips began to disappear and become more compact.

An unknown force rose up from the tips of his toes. The energy passed through his legs, rose through his waist, and finally reached the tip of his spear.


At that moment, the creature pierced by his weapon exploded.


The energy at his fingertips dissipated, and the lingering sensation was so moving that Seon-Hyeok found himself exclaiming, forgetting he was in the midst of battle.

At that moment, Seon-Hyeok’s spear stopped for the first time after endlessly weaving in and out of enemies, and the remaining enemies rushed towards him at once.

In an instant, his body was covered by the hideous bodies of the demonic beings, but it only lasted a moment.


The creatures jumping him were scattered with a tremendous noise.

And having appeared from the middle of the creatures thrown about, Seon-Hyeok looked to be a completely different person.

His armor, crushed and broken thanks to his constant fighting since arriving in the west, was nowhere to be found, replaced by a new, red armor.

Somehow, the color of his new armor seemed identical to the wooden spear he wielded.

“In the past, there were Cataphractos among our tribe. These warriors were the embodiment of bravery at the time, equipped with heavy wooden armor and long spears, and riding unicorns as their mounts. This spear is an imitation of the weapons used by those Cataphractos.”

The valiant warriors Mahomed mentioned, the Cataphractos, had emerged after all this time.


Having instantly exterminated 100 of the demonic beings, Seon-Hyeok staggered before barely regaining his balance. It looked like he used a significant amount of energy in this single attack.


The three demons, having survived the terrible explosion, saw this and attacked, their eyes flashing fiercely.

And at the same time, the great malice lurking nearby waiting for him to tire finally appeared.

Got you!

Seon-Hyeok, pretending to be pushed back by the demonic creatures as though he was spent, quickly squinted towards the black dust clouds rising in the distance.


However, the enemy’s appearance was far different from what he imagined.

A black knight with armor as black as night and a greatsword as big as his own body. Seon-Hyeok imagined a horrific monster when he sensed the terrible malice, but it was an ordinary human.

The distinguishing features were just that his horse and armor were both all pitch black.

But he could not grow complacent just because his enemy looked like an ordinary knight. The great malice he felt was more sinister and exceeded that of any demon he faced up to this point, and it felt even greater now that he finally approached.

The hair on his body stood on edge from the ominous energy that penetrated into the wooden armor containing the energy of the Spirit King.

Not yet.

Seon-Hyeok wanted to immediately shake off the demonic creatures and aim his spear at the black knight, but he suppressed his rising fighting spirit.

He waited for the black knight to approach.

Just a little more.

Even while continuing to step back from the fierce attacks of the demons, he did not let the black knight out of his sight.

And when the knight had approached to the point where he could no longer turn and flee, Seon-Hyeok’s attitude suddenly changed.

The first to hit wins.

His long-held secret for a guaranteed victory.

He swung his spear fiercely to shake off the monsters before tucking it under his arm.

It was the charging stance that made countless knights fall to their knees. A strong wind began to wrap around his body.


He pointed his spear at his opponent as he spoke in a low voice.


He took a step forward as he finished his incantation. The knight running towards him with his sword immediately gathered a dark energy around his weapon.


With a sharp noise, Seon-Hyeok stabbed towards the black knight using his spearmanship honed by slaughtering the countless demonic beings.

The black light wrapped around the enemy’s greatsword collided with the power of the earth contained within the tip of his spear. The black energy dissipated surprisingly easily despite its ominous aura, and the greatsword, now laid bare, was pushed into the air.

As the hands holding the sword rose up, the knight’s chest became exposed. Seon-Hyeok’s spear immediately pushed into the defenseless knight’s armor.


The sensation of his spear piercing his enemy’s armor and penetrating into his flesh was conveyed through Seon-Hyeok’s fingertips.

Contrary to expectations, the black knight allowed access to his vital areas far too easily, but Seon-Hyeok did not feel the joy of defeating his opponent.

The moment he saw the eerie red glow from within his opponent’s black helmet, Seon-Hyeok realized that something was amiss.


The black knight, skewered through his chest, raised his hand and grabbed the spear.


And began to forcefully pull at the weapon.


The screeching sound of the spear scratching the broken breastplate was horrible.

Seon-Hyeok instinctively twisted his spear to widen his enemy’s wound and induce bleeding. However, despite his chest being torn apart, the knight continued to grab onto the weapon and pull himself closer.

The wound grew, and his spear became faster as it pierced through the knight.

After a point, Seon-Hyeok could practically smell the stinking breath coming from under the balck helmet. It was at this moment the black knight finally spoke.

“Are you Kim Seon-Hyeok?”

Seon-Hyeok frowned at the terrible voice. It sounded like the wails of the damned crying out from hell.

The fact that he was addressed not as Drachen, given to him in this world, but his name from the other world meant....

“So you’re a foreigner.”

It meant that his opponent was a foreigner.

“I hoped I’d meet you someday.”

“For someone who feels that way, you sure took your time circling around instead of confronting me.”

As Seon-Hyeok mumbled, the black knight spoke in a lowered voice.

“You’re too dangerous.”

“How cautious. But what to do? Even after waiting for your chance, you ended up like this.”

“I’m sure you know this isn’t over.”

Seon-Hyeok coldly responded to the black knight’s words.

“That’s what you think.”

He tightened his grip on his spear and forcefully twisted his weapon. At his movements, the spear moved and further enlarged the black knight’s wound.

Now, the gaping hole in the knight’s chest was enough to fit a man’s fist, but surprisingly, there were no signs of blood. A black smoke flowed out in its place.

“So, you’ve been completely consumed by demonic energy.”

Seon-Hyeok realized that his enemy had truly become a monster upon seeing that his bizarre body was nothing like that of humans.

“Demonic energy?”

The knight snorted.

“This isn’t just demonic energy.”

As he spoke, the knight twisted with a disturbing cracking noise. He suddenly merged with his black mount, which had been kneeling on the ground, its front legs broken from the force of Seon-Hyeok’s powerful charge.

“It’s a more fundamental and pure power.”

A centaur. Having transformed into this bizarre monster, the black knight’s visor rattled, revealing the gruesome, sharp teeth underneath every time it moved.

“It’s the great Chaos.”

The black knight straightened out his broken front legs and looked down at Seon-Hyeok with his crimson eyes.

He tried to crush Seon-Hyeok with a dense, blanketing malice much greater than before.

However, Seon-Hyeok remained calm despite being exposed to this terrible aura.

“Is that your final form?”


It was a playful tone that did not match the situation.

“I’m asking you if you finished transforming.”

The black knight did not respond.

“Do you know why I waited for you to return to your original form?”

Seon-Hyeok did not wait for an answer.


The moment he spoke, Seon-Hyeok’s entire body became surrounded in a brilliant, golden light. When it dissipated, there was a giant draconian looking down at the black knight-turned-centaur.

“I was curious.”

A fierce voice resembling a beast’s cry came from the draconian’s maw.

After twisting and turning his body to regain his senses following his gigantification, Seon-Hyeok smiled with satisfaction.

“I’m not normally like this.”

Perhaps sensing this imminent threat, the black knight quickly pulled away from the spear digging into his chest. He increased the distance between them and pointed his greatsword, ready to attack.

“But I’ll have to test it on you.”

It felt like Seon-Hyeok’s sulfurous breath was becoming stronger, and at a certain point, sparks began to fly from his powerful jaw.

“And see how strong I am right now.”


Before he could even finish, the black knight let out a terrible scream to work up his fighting spirit. However, his roar was completely overwhelmed by the far more powerful cry of the draconian.


It was a roar fiercer and more majestic than that of any animal. At that moment, flames poured out of the draconian’s mouth.

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