Chapter 57: Bewitched

Chapter 57: Bewitched

After the procession stopped to rest for a bit, they continued advancing. However, the atmosphere was now a bit strange.

Anyone whose eyes were working could tell that something about Zhu Xianyao had changed, and they all easily realized what had happened

Different people had different ways of looking at it.

Zhu Baiyu stared at Zhu Xianyao, deeply troubled. He knew about Zhu Xianyao’s feelings for Su Chen, but he hadn’t anticipated that those feelings would reach this point in the end. On the other hand, Zhu Xianyao’s expression indicated that she didn’t care at all, as if it were just a layer of skin that had been accidentally broken. Actually, that was the most superficial truth in terms of what had physically happened.

You Tianyang curled up into a ball and cried, hiding in his carriage. His tears had completely soaked through three different handkerchiefs, but he still did not charge out to fight Su Chen.

Shi Mingfeng went looking for Su Chen...

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