Chapter 58: Stroll

Chapter 58: Stroll

Su Chen ended up staying with the Zhu Clan in Mountain Overlook City for three months.

During these three months, Zhu Xianyao helped Su Chen with his research as much as she could, so they were together almost every night. Because Su Chen was also modifying the medicine almost every day, they needed to indulge in their passion basically every night, sometimes even multiple times a day.

The first and perhaps the second time could have been considered an accident, but after that it became a habit.

Su Chen felt guilty about Gu Qingluo the first and maybe the second time, but that feeling soon began to fade.

Things were always like this. Once you fell through your bottom line, it would be adjusted and broken over and over again.

The situation even reached the point that, even without the medicine, the two of them might have had a go at it for no reason in particular.

It had to be said that both Su...

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