Chapter 8: Infiltration

Chapter 8: Infiltration

After journeying for twelve days, the party finally arrived at Castle Garrison.

West Laina Castle was located there, which was where the name ‘Castle Garrison’ came from.

The castle itself was located atop a small mountain outside the city. Because it was the leader’s castle, outsiders were not allowed entrance easily. Every day, people from within the castle came out to buy things.

The entire Castle Garrison was built for the sake of serving those within the castle.

Even though this territory belonged to the Sand Race, many humans also lived here. Quite a few traveling merchants wandered back and forth, hawking their wares; as a result, Su Chen and the others didn’t seem out of place.

Su Chen had also left the wildebeest behind a long time ago, exchanging it for a Camel Wolf so that they didn’t...

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