Chapter 7: Holding Onto Original Intentions

Chapter 7: Holding Onto Original Intentions

The night passed uneventfully.

However, the next morning, Night Demon’s expression was a bit strange, though Night Demon’s silliness quickly manifested itself again.

Night Demon’s silliness once again manifested itself. She didn’t notice anything and talked with everyone just like before.

After eating breakfast, they embarked on their trip. As they walked, Su Chen could sense Kong Cheng’s poisonous gaze boring into his back as they walked.

He just smiled slightly and paid it no mind.

The Lonely Swan Ramparts were tall and far, while the surroundings were totally desolate. They had to walk a number of days before finally appearing in Island Abyss.

After entering Island Abyss, the vegetation became much more plentiful, and the number of travelers also noticeably increased.

Today, as the caravan advanced, a group of Sand Race individuals suddenly appeared,...

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