Chapter 10: New Demands

Chapter 10: New Demands

After handing over the two Origin Qi Scholars over to the Origin Bureau, Su Chen returned to his residence.

He had just arrived when Li Shu came to greet him. “We’ve found the corpses of those stillbirths.”

“Oh?” Su Chen’s interest was piqued. “Let’s go and take a look.”

Soon, Su Chen was standing in front of an earthen pit. They were in a desolate area of land outside of Clear River City.

Inside the pit were a number of tiny corpses, along with the corpses of two adults. Those had probably belonged to the mothers.

Because they hadn’t been dead for long, their flesh hadn’t fully decomposed yet. Maggots had infested the rotting flesh; paired with the deathly stench, the scene made people want to vomit.

Su Chen seemed to be completely unaware of it, however. He picked up a bone from one of the stillbirths using his hand, which he had wrapped in a protective cloth, and began...

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