Chapter 9: Arrest

Chapter 9: Arrest

Even though he had been captured, Sun Mao’s vicious attitude didn’t change. He yelled loudly, “Bastard! Bastard! You dare interfere in my business and even ruin my arm? You’re going to die! Die, you hear me!?”

Yu Chengshui had stood up again. His entire body was covered in burn wounds, but he stared at Su Chen with rage. “You dare attack us? Do you know who we are?”

“Perhaps you should ask me first who I am,” Su Chen replied.

He pulled out a jade pendant and swung it in front of them. “I’m Su Chen, the new Knowledge Executor of Clear River City. You guys fought in a public market and harmed many innocent bystanders. I’m going to take you into custody now.”

Both of them paused upon hearing that Su Chen is a Knowledge Executor.

But that didn’t give them any fear. Rather, a fierce expression appeared on both of their faces...

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