Chapter 124: Shock

Chapter 124: Shock

The black-clothed person finally ran, only leaving Su Chen with an additional sixteen points.

However, to Su Chen, what was really hard for him to forget was that fierce, vicious battle. It was the most dangerous battle that he had encountered since entering the exam grounds. His opponent’s moves were all intended to harm, and he showed no mercy whatsoever. That was also to say that if Su Chen’s reactions had been any slower, he would already be a dead man.

Su Chen didn’t know if this black-clothed person always fought so viciously, but he knew that people were allowed to die in the exam grounds.

The path of cultivation was not always smooth sailing. There were difficulties, and there were countless more dangers. If there was battling, one could not avoid injury. If even this was not allowed, then there wasn’t really a point to doing battle in the first p...

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