Chapter 125: Surprise Attack (1)

Chapter 125: Surprise Attack (1)

Su Chen did not know that his battle with Demon Blade and his looking at the map would result in such a large effect.

Of course, even if he knew it didn’t matter much.

The current him was very different from the him in the past. He had not intended on continuing to pretend acting like he was blind, yet he did not specifically intend on revealing it either. Everything would progress according to its natural order.

To the people that like him, this was undoubtedly a great, happy surprise.

To the people who didn’t like him, this was undoubtedly a huge blow.

No matter which party they belonged to, this was the response that Su Chen wanted.

Currently, he was still focusing all his attention on his path forwards.

After experiencing the battle with Demon Blade, Su Chen was able to accept the situation. Nighttime was Demon Blade’s realm, but it was similarly the realm of a “former blind person”.

He had been blind for three years, and...

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