Demon King of the Royal Class

Demon King of the Royal Class

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The Demon King dies and the entire Demon Realm perishes in the prologue of “The Demon King is Dead,” and I have become the Demon Prince of that novel.
… Somebody save me.
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164 Chapters
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WriterS / TITAN


Status in Korean: Completed @ 703 chapters 

Editor: Frostdancer

Original work ©WriterS / TITAN

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11 Reviews
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4 months ago
This is a review based on what I've read on sites that were not Wuxiaworld, but this is a very good novel. I don't think it's written by the same author as Novels Extra, but it has a lot of similarities. It starts off fairly light hearted, but as the story progresses it gradually becomes much darker. Like the Novels Extra, misunderstandings between the Mc and other important characters causes a lot of the conflict in the story, but it's done very well. I do think the story became less enjoyable at about the 2/3 mark, and I kinda just rushed through it to finish it, but it is enjoyable. Reaper Scans is translating the manwha so I'd reccomend reading that to get an idea of the story and then come back to the novel once it's been translated a bit farther. It's a solid 8/10, and I'm sure other will enjoy the last few arcs more than I did, though its gonna take a while to get there.

3 months ago
Not recommended
The premise is fun and the beginning is good, but after about 50-60% of the novel things start going downhill, quickly. The author forgets all about the initial development in the first half of the novel and the shipping you think should happen doesn't happen. The ending is lackluster, and we don't even see the main love interest at the end. The initial gamification and other perks that were available to the MC are not touched on in the end. It becomes a pity fest. Sad. If only the last bits were rewritten with a better ending this would have a been a novel to remember.

4 months ago
I picked this story up in sneak peek and enjoyed it so much that I bookmarked it as soon as it launched! The main character is so jaded but he is totally justified because his AI system has an S-Rank in snark and “seems” to hates him. It’s hilarious to read some of the comments it makes to him. This guy was a total slacker in his job and his AI is determined to make him work for his happily ever after. Dude just doesn’t want to die ….. again. This story is fun and entertaining reading. I recommend giving it a try. Happy reading ✌🏾

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4 months ago

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