Volume 9: Chapter 9 - Kindhearted Little Beast

Volume 9: Chapter 9 - Kindhearted Little Beast

Since my magic went back to its previous state, she was unable to talk. Her beautiful large eyes were teary as she gave a pleading look.

I asked, “You have done many malicious things. Why do you feel wronged if I kill you?”

The demon beast unexpectedly shook her head with all her might. It was as though I really had wronged her. Su He said, “Hmm, she seems to have something she wants to say.”

Zhan Hu said, “What else can she say? She is just seeking forgiveness. Zhang Gong, kill her. We’ve to carry on our journey.”

Seeing her beautiful large eyes, my heart softened. I relaxed the light halo that was restricting her. “If you want to run away, I’ll make sure you die without an intact...

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