Child of Light

Child of Light

37 Reviews
Tang Jia San Shao (唐家三少)
Hyperdimensional Space Vampire
The lazy Zhang Gong decides to learn light magic, a magic often ridiculed as useless for it’s defensive nature. However, he eventually becomes the legendary Grand Magister. While trying to end the continent’s east and west separation in order to unite all of the different races, he becomes every race’s Child of Light.
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37 Reviews
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4 years ago
Not recommended
the writer is the greatest Jedi I have ever seen.

you can fill your time as its a casual daily life type story but still, there is better stuff to read.

not blaming the writer though, it's his first story which he released in his 23s, we all have one or two of them which we wrote casually during highschool.

characters feel empty and unreal. the plot is extremely forced and romance is like absolute trash. sry, I couldn't hold back here. the main character is the worst of all. he changes moods, attitude, etc (well, he eats like Luffy but that's all).

system of power doesn't make the slightest bit of sense as the author changes his mind again and again in the first few chapters. plot armor is none-existence as there is no true foe for overpowered mc as he defeats someone in a higher realm of power. but the author has tried to cover this by making mc tie with someone in a lower realm. so unreasonable.

fighting scenes are ok at best. you need a good deal of experience to imagine the fighting scenes. well, they won't take more than a single paragraph so no complain XD.

this is my 38s novel and if you haven't already read 38 novels then there is still better stuff to read than this because this certainly gets the wort score among my arsenal. oh w8, I give the worst score to MGA, that young-master-beater plot loop was an absolute suffer.

4 years ago
It was enjoyable, but as the first novel by its author, it has a great many flaws and does not compare to his later works.

If your standards for a novel are high, don't bother reading it. Really, only read it if you want a simple story or to see where Tang Jia San Shao began. I really recommend his later works.

More critique on the story's writing without spoilers:

1) Makes use of a lot of cliches

2) Plot progression is simple with some of it being easily predicted

3) Not all story elements are used well after they're introduced

4) Characters don't have much depth to them

5) The relationships aren't written that well

Again, only read for the sake of the author or for something simple, because this isn't very good. If you're looking for great stories, I know his Douluo Dalu (also known as Combat Continent series is amazing)

4 years ago
Not recommended
Hasta el cap 25 que leí estuvo muy bueno, parece un poco rápida la trama.

Aún así me gusta la forma en la que está narrada.

El personaje va creciendo de a poco en sus ideales, aunque en realidad la mayoría de las veces se ve obligado a cambiar su actitud perezosa y sacar a relucir su brillante intelecto , pero esto es lo que la hace divertida a esta novela.

Es un prota no muy frecuente, si bien es op. Se ve limitado, al menos al principio, por su propia personalidad perezosa, sin embargo siempre terminará esforzándose por azares del destino.

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