Volume 9: Chapter 6 - Earth Bear

Volume 9: Chapter 6 - Earth Bear

Su He said sheepishly, “It seems that I can’t keep any secrets from you. There’s only one S ranked demon beast that is tamed. It is the Dark Demon Dragon that serves as the mount of the Demon Emperor.”

“Dark Demon Dragon?”

Su He replied seriously, “Yes, my Royal Father’s Dark Demon Dragon is almost impeccable in the demon race. It is also one of the main reasons why the Mo Clan can secure its position as Emperor.”

Dong Ri asked curiously, “Is the Dark Demon Dragon that powerful?”

Su He respectfully nodded his head. “The Dark Demon Dragon is the highest Ranked Demon beast. It’s about hundred metres long, and definitely possesses the power to destroy the heaven and Earth. It is also absolutely loyal...

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