Volume 9: Chapter 5 - Zhan Hu displays his might

Volume 9: Chapter 5 - Zhan Hu displays his might

Zhan Hu moved in a flash to stand before him, and said angrily, “Who are you calling son of a bitch? Seeing as you're a person yet not, and a bear yet you aren’t, you should be a son of a bitch instead, bastard.” I whispered, “Big Brother, don’t cause trouble.”

The werebear eyes reddened as he roared in fury. He directly raised his large palm towards Zhan Hu. It seemed that it would be impossible to avoid it. I said, “Big brother, spare his life and only teach him a lesson.” I also didn’t want to cause any trouble. We were in someone else's territory after all. Moreover, we had a special mission.

Zhan Hu coldly snorted, and moved like lightning,...

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