Volume 9: Chapter 47 - Flying Across the Allied Armies

Volume 9: Chapter 47 - Flying Across the Allied Armies

Dong Ri said worryingly, “Neither method would work. But we can’t just stay here forever, right?”

I said, “Everyone, calm down and let me think.” Upon hearing my words, everyone went silent.

After a long time, I asked Zhan Hu, “Big brother, do you still have that signal flair from Big Brother Shan Yun?”

Zhan Hu replied, “It was long taken away from me when we got caught by the Demons.”

Without the signal, we couldn't get Big Brother Shan Yun’s help to divert the enemy from us. There really weren’t any good methods available.

I sighed and said, “For everyone’s safety, let’s make a disturbance before we use our greatest speed to fly over, with the dark night as our cover. Only Mu Zi used wind magic to fly among our group. I could...

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