Volume 9: Chapter 46 - Mu Zi's Agreement

Volume 9: Chapter 46 - Mu Zi's Agreement

I didn’t think that she would reply so sharp. I subconsciously said, “Mu Zi, I…..”

She smiled with satisfaction. I knew that I had lost this round.

Mu Zi turned around, with her back facing me.She continued to say in a gentle and touching voice, “Zhang Gong, when I found out that you’d come to the Demon race to find me, my heart had already flown to your side. Do you know that when Big Brother Wa Leng told me that you’d died, my heart shattered?”

Her words moved my heart. “Princess, I’m not worthy of you.”

Mu Zi suddenly turned around with an angered expression. “Haven’t we settled that you’ll call me Mu Zi?” Faint, had I agreed to that?


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