Volume 9: Chapter 45 - A Sorrowful Farewell with Xiao Jin

Volume 9: Chapter 45 - A Sorrowful Farewell with Xiao Jin

Xiao Rou hastily hid behind me and shivered even more violently.

I said, “Don’t be scared, Xiao Rou. Xiao Jin won’t hurt you. Xiao Jin, how can you call her little sister? She’s older than you by a few hundred years. You should call her older sister.”

Xiao Jin was stunned, then he hastily corrected his words. “Older sister Xiao Rou, I’m known as Xiao Jin. Please take care of me from now on. If anybody bullies you, you can tell me. I’ll stick out for you.”

Smiling, Zhan Hu said, “Xiao Jin, when did you join the criminal underworld? It’ll be great if you join our bandit group. Haha!”

When Xiao Rou saw that Xiao Jin didn’t have any bad intentions, she...

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