Volume 9: Chapter 43 - War God's Book

Volume 9: Chapter 43 - War God's Book

Three enormous Demon beasts were gradually annihilated under our powerful attacks.

Night slowly descended with the sky gradually darkening. Everyone found a flat rock to start cultivating. Xiao Rou turned back into her squirrel form as she stayed by my side. She fell into a deep sleep, lying down  on her large tail.

I looked at Mu Zi, who wasn’t far from me, sitting cross legged like a dignified gem. Mu Zi‘s figure emitted a faint dark aura, causing her body to be barely discernible. Even though she had changed her appearance, it didn’t lessen my desire for her. Ke Lun Duo had sat on a stone beside her, giving off a similar dark aura. I knew that he was still vigilant towards his surroundi...

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