Volume 9: Chapter 42 - Nine Tailed Demon Fox

Volume 9: Chapter 42 - Nine Tailed Demon Fox

I frowned as I didn’t understand what she was doing. The most sensitive part in the human body was the brain. Even with my cultivation, I wouldn’t casually surge magic powers or battle spirit towards it. There must be a reason for her action, but it was extremely risky. A rictus of pain gradually formed on Xiao Rou’s face as white smoke was slowly released from her head, giving off a burned smell.

It couldn’t be that her head was burning up right? It shouldn’t happen; Xiao Rou’s cultivation was gentle in nature, so she shouldn’t have any offensive powers. Even when blending her powers with mine, it shouldn’t be possible for Xiao Rou’s head to be set alight.

Xiao Rou’s expression showed intensifying pain....

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