Volume 9: Chapter 41 - Xiao Rou's Transformation

Volume 9: Chapter 41 - Xiao Rou's Transformation

I walked through the boundary to Mu ZI’s side before calmly saying, “Princess, I’m sorry for what I’ve just done. I must have offended you.”

Mu Zi looked at me with a complicated glimmer in her eyes. “The rain has already stopped. Please let me out from the boundary.”

I was eager for her to distance herself from me as I couldn’t completely control my emotions currently. If we were to do what we did previously, only heavens knew whether I could stop myself.

I dissipated the boundary and watched Mu Zi slowly walk away. She suddenly stopped  10 meters away from me and turned to face me, “I’ll use facts to prove myself to you.” Upon saying that,...

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