Volume 9: Chapter 40 - A Pained Heart

Volume 9: Chapter 40 - A Pained Heart

Ke Lun Duo stood up and said awkwardly, “What I did to all of you was wrong. I hope that you can forgive me. We really are sincere in representing the Demon Emperor in this negotiation.”

When Zhan Hu saw the scars on my face, he shook his head. “Since Zhang Gong, the one who suffered the most, doesn’t mind, what else can we say? However, Ke Lun Duo, you brat, remember that our matter remains unfinished. If there’s a chance, I’ll definitely fight you fair and square and if you use any more tricks, I won’t be forgiving.”

Ke Lun Duo became the yes-man. He could really endure, which was probably the most terrifying part of him.

When everyone saw my expression has turned...

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