Volume 9: Chapter 39 - Everyone Assembles

Volume 9: Chapter 39 - Everyone Assembles

The Demon Emperor laughed before saying, “Alright, let’s stop talking about this. I still have some things to give you so come with me to the study room.”


I waited nervously with Uncle Firewood at the west entrance of the city the following day. Xiao Rou had stayed in the same squirrel form on my shoulder. I initially wanted her to stay in the Demon race, but she persistently refused and wanted to follow me no matter what. Meanwhile, I saw the restored peace of the Demon race’s Royal city, and was deeply moved by its peace and harmony.

Uncle Firewood said, “The task that you’re to accomplish is extremely important and difficult. You’ve got to be careful in whatever you do.”

This old man, who was...

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